Achievement "Professor Lesson Plans Completed I" issue

I am a level 6 Professor having opened 114 of the 134 nodes yet I have not been awarded the achievement of completing 1 Professor Lesson Plan. When I contacted Niantic I was told I had to complete the entire Professor Skill Tree before I would receive this achievement. Does that seriously mean that in order to receive the bronze level award I have to somehow find 223 restricted books in addition to all those scrolls and spell books? Has anyone else been awarded this achievement? If so, did you complete the skill tree or should I ask Niantic to fix a glitch?

Hi, this tag is for bugs and feedback for the site. Why not ask someone in the community?

Yes, I believe it was designed this way so that it would take an extended period of time to complete one lesson plan. With a possibility of two Brilliant events a month you will eventually get the needed restricted books. Unless something changes, Red/Brown spell books will be even more of a bottleneck for completion purposes.