Achilles vs Ivan

So who is a better rider .I don’t have any major support so as a stand alone rider who is better??

Ivan makes my eyes bleed

Better be Achilles


They’re differend but to break em down

Ivan is a buster/arts servant (with a little star gen on the side)
His main unique atribute is that he can remove his enemy’s buffs and his own debuffs making him quite potent on difficult quests.
He has amazing uptime on his buffs/debuffs all lasting for 3 turns and having on max cooldowns of 5/6 turns. So he’ll stay buffed at least half the time

Achilles meanwhile is an arts/crit servant. If there’s any rider who makes the most of that star weight, it’s him.
While not all his abilities share Ivan’s uptime, he does have it on his important quick/crit up skill.
Once you get the stars flowing, it’s not hard to keep up his NP, and he has a taunt skill.

And in general both have quite good bulk with an invicibility skill.
Ivan lowers the enemy team attack, helping his team as well (and clears their buffs)
Achilles more helps himself with the 2 hit invicibility and selfish def up (he does have 1 turn CD less), but the taunt is there to protect his allies.

And overall I’d say both don’t need a support, even though they like it.
Ivan works better with Merlin (especially with extra star gen CEs)
Achilles is better with Skadi.

Gameplay aside, I love both as servants for how they look
Ivan is an absolute monster that almost doesn’t fit on the screen and I love it
While Achilles has the rougish greek hero charm.


Or if you want a TL;DR

Ivan: More unique with his debuff/buff clear. (and buster/arts)
Achilles: Not unique, but the better fighter. (and quick/arts)

In many other aspects the two are quite similair

Achilles has charge, so he will be more useful for daily farming. If you have Drake already then it is moot though.