Activities for a dead week - Auto optimization

Outside of events and during CC we’re just going to be using our daily sanity reserves to farm story stages. However because the levels can’t be skipped, running the levels unoptimally can end up wasting precious time.

Why not invest some time now to save time later? Saving even one second from your auto-deploy once will save that second from all your future runs too!

The next time you run a level on auto-deploy, keep an eye out if you could implement these improvements:

  1. Spawn camp: Instead of letting the last enemy run a victory lap before running into your choke point, kill them right as they spawn.

  2. Low OP squad: Loading a level takes longer if you have a full squad, at least according to this year old video. On my previous phone the slowness was more noticeable. Only bring what you need, unless you are also trust farming.

I suggest posting your new auto-deploy in this format:


Screenshot from your old clear to leave one last memory of how unoptimized it was. Either from the point of last enemy spawn or otherwise important moment. You can see that I was way too cautious for some small chumps.

Screenshot from the new clear along with approximate time saved. In my case it was ~7 seconds waiting for the big guy from top lane. In my new clear I positioned Silverash to reveal and kill the last invisible enemy early.


Spawn kill is a must in my book :ak_lappdumb:
And updating all of farming stages is already a routine, but only did that on which stages I need atm.

It’s getting even more easier thanks to the new sorting menu, we can easily pick any ops with the lowest trust.