Additional game mechanics you would like to see in the game

I’ve had this fun idea, and I didn’t want to necro an older thread, so here you go.

My starter idea is fairly simple: a new system that would give persistent buffs to servants depending on their relationship with the other party members, which would be based on lore and shared history in singularities and/or other media.
I have four simple categories in mind:l

  • Admiration: The “admired” servant would get a defense buff, so long as the admirer is on the field (eg.: Ozy/Nito, Mozart/Marie, etc.)
  • Solidarity: Both servants would get an NP gain buff (eg.: the Knights of the Round Table, the Gorgon sisters, Medusa/Parvati, etc.)
  • Rivalry: Both servants would get a crit Gen boost (eg.: Emiya/Cu, Emiya/Gil, Ozy/Lartoria, Edison/Tesla, Liz/Nero, etc.)
  • Grudge: The servant with the grudge would get an attack buff (eg.: Andersen/Kiara, Spartacus/kings, Carmilla/Liz, Vlad/Vlad, MHX/Saber faces, etc.)

On top of this, there could be other, extra bonuses between specific servants, such as Merlin/Artoria, Cu/Scathach, or Medb/Bersercu.


I said it before, for a next itineration of FGO it would be nice to have more than a Noble Phantasm available for a servant; like Artoria having Excalibur and Avalon, or Jeanne’s Luminosite Eternelle and La Pucelle and you can choose one of them at the moment or can be activated under certain conditions


Well, kuro’s interlude skill enhancement gives specifically illya a buff… A itty-bitty baby step in that direction.

What category would you give Jason and his argonauts? Especially considering how ummm…helpful… Jason’s companions are in his animations :fgo_rinlaugh:


Do autobattle and/or skipping NPs count as additional game mechanics


Yeah there’s some special active buff-skills like gender, Illya and Argonaut. But I think @GabeZhul means are passive ones that are automatically activated under certain circumstances/party arrangements.

Heck. You can expand it and add buff-debuff according to enemie type like “threat to humanity” giving defense down, attack down or fear to “human” enemies, or allies if you’re facing against one.

I’d love this tbph. Add all of it in as flavor passives, except they actually do something instead of being pure flavor a la High Servant.


An interesting new game mechanic I’d like to see in the future is the ability to swap out your entire hand for single servant’s deck. We already got ways to manipulate our face cards by card lock, (Summer BB) and Card shuffle (Rulertoria). So the ability to choose what our face cards for the turn would be fun. If you want to put a restriction on this it could be something like the targetted servant is locked from using their NP for that turn or something. A bit niche and a nuisance to most servants but if given to someone like, say, Musashi or Chad Orion who’s face cards are quite impactful to their gameplay then you could see the dumb potential of having such an ability.


I’ve always been interested in the idea of making the Max Bond CE’s into permanent passives. If the passives had the full effect of the CE then there would be no reason to actually equip the CE so to also balance things out, these passives would have a weaker effect. Artoria’s CE gives the whole party +15% attack, a permenant passive version would give like 7.5% or 5% attack. Some of these CE’s also have demerits attached to them so I suggest the ability to toggle between having a permanent passive that has all the effects but weaker, and the original Max Bond CE that can freely be taken on or off and has the full effect.



Or some other type of chip damage at the end of a turn. Honestly, I’m not to picky as for how it’s explained, I just want chip damage.

I’m just tired of this happening so much…

It doesn’t even have to be a lot, just like 500 HP. So if they have that little HP they can get finished off without you having to wait for their turn to end to attack them


Well some of those couldn’t be translated well like the ones of Achilles, Astolfo and Arjona Alter for example


I was also thinking of the way to make bond ce actually viable for gameplay, Maybe allowing an unit to equip the bond ce on top of regular ce but after bond grailed and reach bond lv 12 or more maybe.


That’s both amazing and broken. Imagine Herc with his bond CE and say Volumen for even more Tankiness or L/ZO for much more dmg. Or St. G with his bond CE and Empieta or Zouken CE


A better account login system.

This transfer code crap is a pain in the ass for everyone.
Username and password would be so much easier!


It might potentially be too broken… but I hoped the bond grail thing would restrict its use, but it’s probably easy to reach for really dedicated players

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For effects that grant stuff like evade, invicibility, or guts I’d just adjust the number of turns or the number of hits that can be taken. Some rough ideas would be:

Achilles - grants party Invincibility for 1 attack, 1 or 2 turns
Astolfo - grants party Evasion for 1 attack, 1 or 2 turns
Arjuna Alter - grants self Invincibility for 1 or 2 attacks
Heracles - grants self Guts status for 1 time (Revive with 500 HP)

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Having 2 ce slots or atleast permanently having bond ce effect would be nice, bond ce’s giving 1k atk and def too.

Personally would love an ce that lowers np bar and restores hp or atleast does that after nping once (especially for servants like stheno, jekyll and saber gilles).

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Not really a game mechanic, but does have an impact on gameplay: the ability to send messages to our in-game friends list.

With how powerful the support system is, it would be nice to be able to message each other in-game and ask for specific servants or CEs. Heck, the extra social interaction might even help keep players from going inactive and having to be removed, which is always sad.


Or to tell them to DO THE RUQ/INTERLUDE ALREADY!!! (recently noticed one non GP long term friend still hasn’t done Waver’s :fgo_badciv:)


I have a friend with a lvl 100, NP3 Marie Rider but he still hasn’t done her Rank Up Quest.

Every time i go farm Doors he is there. I tried putting messages but there isn’t enough space for it


Honestly I’d like to see strengthening/interludes for passive skills on servants, both to improve the lackluster “may as well not even exist” ones strewn throughout the game, and to add passive skills to those who only have one (that may still be absolute trash despite being all they have.)

It’s an completely untapped idea so far, and I could see the devs doing really cool things with it.

EDIT: Looking at you, Beowulf, and your Madness Enhancement E- (+1% buster effectiveness.) I know there’s a lot more, but he’s the first one I actually facepalmed on.