Adjusting IVs and Hyper Training

If we were allowed to adjust IVs of a certain Pokémon, then it would be so much easier to get hundos, as well as PvP IVs for a certain league. Would Niantic add this? Leave all of your thoughts in the comments.

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We had this discussion a while ago and I think the best suggestion I heard was bottle caps (I know barely anything about the MSG but think that’s the right thing) that can increase an IV, or decrease it if you want it for UL/GL. I suppose, ultimately, the mechanism is only window dressing and it’ll do what it’ll do.

A rarity tier on par with ETMs would probably be alright - say you get 10-15 of them per year - you could turn 3 or 4 high IV shinies into shundos or vice versa with the PvP equivalent.

In terms of would niantic add it? Yes, I think they will, it’ll likely get a release when they need a new feature. Anything to encourage people to play and ideally, pay. I just hope it’s not solely a “play PvP or pay for it” feature like ETMs.

I’d be happy to get one for, say, doing 90 raids (1 free pass per day, 90 days = same period of time as each GBL season) but maybe it could be capped somehow to stop whales getting a million of them. Something along the lines of a Giovanni reward would also be workable.


They might, but with a cost of stardust or candy. Get ready thogh!

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I bet that PokéCoins may be involved too

Uh oh

And maybe XL Candy

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I will now redirecf you to another post. Ouch, that would be painful