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So… Thanks for you help and suggestions against the Rocket Grunts, when I needed the help. Now, I need help again, but this time, its against the admins.

I’ve been wanting to do something about the admins I’ve been seeing, since they (ESPECIALLY today) have been showing up at very inconvenient pokestops. The only problem is that, I’m too scared to fight them. I’ve seen videos of where people fought against the admins (Sierra at least), and they lose against them. And the kicker? The players used LEGENDARIES to try and defeat the admins, and they still lost (usually the Regis, i.e. Regirock)! There’s no way I can stand a chance against them! If you’re curious, here are some of Pokemon that gave the highest CP:

Not even with my best Pokemon (Metagross w/ Meteor Mash) do I feel confident in fighting them. Do any of you have any strategies against fighting the admins? I’ll deal with Giovanni later, because there’s not a chance in the Distortion World I can fight him!

The team leaders can be tough (oddly most people find Giovanni easier than the team leaders). Typing, needs to right and having a quick fast move to break the shields for your first battle.

Who is the easiest out of the admins? For Cliff:

I can beat Meowth easily and MAYBE Snorlax and Tyranitar with Hariyama, but I would bail if he had both Snorlax and Hariyama.

For Sierra:

Hariyama can take out Sneasel and my Rhyperior could possibly handle Houndoom. I’ve heard that the Sableye is a little butt, but I’m not sure, because I’m too scared to fight the admins.

For Arlo:

My Rhyperior and possibly Excadrill can take out Scyther, Charizard, and Magnezone. But, I’m unsure about the others. I’ve read some guides about good counters/optimal counters against the admins, but…

  • Don’t have Lucario
  • Don’t have Regice
  • Don’t have Melmetal
  • Don’t have Tyranitar, but I’m in the process of getting one, because I’ve been walking with a purified Pupitar. (Eevee is my current partner, because I’m doing the Celebi research quest right now, and one of the tasks is to get an Espeon.)
  • Definitely don’t have Mewtwo
  • Don’t have Swampert, but there is a massive community day coming up next week, to where I can possibly get a Swampert (and more good evolutions).

In my personal experience, Arlo is the most challenging of the three. Namely because his bloody Scyther often spams charge moves at a lightning-fast pace. It’s a pain when your shields are being depleted faster than his. Sierra and Cliff are easier, though your milage may vary depending on what they end up bringing. I’ve often found to be Sierra the easiest to beat of the three, though if she’s rocking Lapras and Gardevoir (especially if said Gardevoir has Charm), she becomes more difficult.

Also, don’t be afraid to try battling them. If you lose, you can always rematch them (at the cost of a few potions/revives). Most importantly, you’ll know their exact lineup and can plan more accordingly for the second round. Try to get an idea of what moves they’re using as well, as resisting their moves is just as important (if not more) as hitting them for super effective damage.

For the community day event next weekend, I’d definitely suggest focusing on getting a good Swampert with Hydro Cannon. The 2nd move unlock is pretty cheap, and with the Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/Earthquake moveset, this guy really puts in work. It’s pretty much an auto-include as the 2nd Mon in my lineup against any of the Rocket Admins.


Thanks :3
I’ll keep an eye out for Mudkip, this Saturday

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There are cheaper options than legendaries or a maxed Lucario. Aggron with Smackdown/Heavy Slam+Thunder is cheap and solid against most Rocket 'mon. Ursaring is the best pick against Snorlax (use Counter/Close Combat). Gyarados is solid in some cases too and it looks like you’ve got some decent ones.

For Grunt and Leader battles, resistances and bulk are more important than movesets. Your Metagross would do better against a Blastoise than your Exeggutor. Even though Exeggutor deals super effective damage (assuming it has grass attacks) it will die too quickly. Metagross will deal neutral damage but live longer. If your Aggron had Thunder, it may do better than Metagross if powered up because in addition to bulk and resistances Aggron will deal super effective damage. You don’t need legendaries to beat the Leaders or Giovanni. Hell, I beat Giovanni with a single Machamp (granted, it was a 100 IV maxed Machamp with two charges moves to eat shields).

You could honestly beat Cliff with one or two Machamp/Hariyama against Meowth/Snorlax/Tyranitar as long as the Snorlax doesn’t use Zen Headbutt. You can work around that by using an Ursaring with fighting type moves. And don’t be afraid to give your Pokemon a 2nd charge move if you have the stardust and candy for it. Leaders will use their shields on the first two charge moves you use. So if you had an Ursaring with Close Combat, throw Play Rough on it. It charges faster so you can throw out two Play Roughs to use up Cliff’s shields and then go to town with Close Combat on the rest of his Pokemon. Your Counters will chew through Meowth on their own.

My Aggron has Thunder

Perfect. Your Aggron is a good counter against Arlo. It’s resistant to bug moves and flying moves so you’re covered on everything Scyther has. Consider giving Aggron a second charge move at some point and going with Heavy Slam. You’ll get one Heavy Slam off before a Thunder so you’ll get Arlo to use one of his shields faster. You may even get another Heavy Slam off and go through both shields. If not, you’ll take down Scyther with Smack Downs and have energy saved up for whatever comes out next.

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Blastoise resists Steel moves, while Metagross takes neutral from Water. If that Blastoise happens to have Bite, Metagross is gonna have a real bad time. In this scenario, I don’t think Metagross will be the better performer.


True. Plus, as long as the Blastoise doesn’t have Ice Beam or Blizzard, then the Alolan Exeggutor would be fine, since Alolan Exeggutor is part Dragon.


Tyranitar with Smack Down shines against the Rockets, especially the leaders. Just pray that Arlo’s Scyther does not have Fury Cutter…

I’m walking my Pupitar so that it’ll eventually become a Tyranitar.

But you can only get Smack Down if you evolve it by 9pm today (your local time).

Darn… And I can only have 1 raid pass for the day, because I wanna save my pokecoins for a top that looks like Spark’s jacket

I know very little but I would of thought a CD ttar would be more useful than a top for now? :man_shrugging:t3:


Never seen this one before

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This grunt uses Ghost-types.

I beat Sierra with Machamp Snorlax Umbreon today (She had Lapras and Gardevoir) and the previous time I ran past both of her Pokemon with the same Umbreon.

As for Arlo, I run a Rhyperior in front and it usually prevents him from burning more than 1 shield.

Not sure how can the Regis fail because I’ve been using Registeel and it steamrolls through a majority of stuff I saw (Or instant death for at least 1 Pokemon.) They probably didn’t have dedicated PvP mons to begin with.


  • Aggron with Smack Down/Stone Edge and Heavy Slam = Arlo along with Rhyperior (Assuming it also has Smack Down/Stone Edge)
  • Snorlax should get lick and Body Slam, if you have no TMs, stick with SuperPower, Outrage or Earthquake, remove Hyper Beam or Skull Bash. I prefer earthquake but it took me 6 TMs.
  • Gyarados should get Dragon Breath/Outrage/Crunch.
  • If Metagross has Meteor Mash, give it Earthquake.

Sableye is the easiest one. I can kill it with Terrakion or even worse, Tyranitar or Rhyperior.

Usually has Shadow Duskull

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