Adrift Corrin (M) ideas?

Hi guys has been a while since my last topic.

I’m here because I want ideas for build adrift corrin (i get hatari azura and i like adrift corrin so the duo skill is useful) so all suggestions are welcome one important thing is that i don’t have dragon wall.

Here you have a build that i create say what do you think, maybe I can change mystic boost for a bond/solo.

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Draggin wall wouldn’t do much good on him anyway with his Res.

He’s got special acceleration and a breath effect, so that screams ohko machine. He’s got good Atk for it, and can fire off Luna or DA instantly after taking a single hit.

DC lends to him taking ranged threats, but again with mediocre Res he can probably be ohko’s even through that first hit DR. I’d go with any Unity or Ideal instead to boost his Atk as much as possible with little effort. 2nd to those would be a bond 4 since he’s likely going to be near allies anyway.

B slot: lull Atk/Res. Ensure that the foe can’t buff their way out of him doing massive damage. 2nd to that would be lull Spd/Res so he has a better chance at doubling or preventing a double if need be.

C slot: JDA. Or big brain it with TP so he can run dragon fang or Astra.

Seal: anything Atk boosting like a solo or form. Just make sure it lines up with his A slot.

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I have bond atk/spd 4, bond atk/res 4 and atk/spd unity but give him unity means kill brave marianne so i need think that carefully (the pros are that from her i can get unity and time pulse). Also what do you think about aether like special?

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Aether works, but requires him to double to use it, so Spd unity is your best bet. Funny/Sad to say Marienne is the perfect fodder to him for the unity and TP for more options (prime him with Atk/Spd bond 3 first), but think it over for awhile before pulling the trigger because Atk/Spd unity is tier 1 fodder right now.

I killed her for F!A! :corn: And it was a wonderful sacrifice.

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I don’t know if you are trying to +10 him or you are happy with him at +1, but I only give premium fodder to units I tend to max or big favourites.

I mean kill B!Marianne for unity or normal Marianne is something to think about. Maybe he’s ok with a more budget build, like NFU works just perfect on him. Try to find A/S Solo 4 or A/S Push 4 which is available on plenty of units and you are good to go.

Dragginz ideas are really good tho, it’s just a lot of investment


Yeah i’m going think carefully about b!marianne (no is a unit that i use much but her fodder like you say is t1) Ty for the help! :catlove: