Adrift Talks: Adrift's Origins

Hey! Welcome to the second Adrift Talks.
(This one is going to be a bit of a long one.)
As you may know, this is a new thing I am trying. I will be experimenting with what I talk about and how frequently I do this. I want to try two a month since one a month felt very… long.
If I feel like I can do more and have enough to keep talking about, I might do even more than that.
If you have any questions you want me to answer in the next one, let me know!
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Now, it’s story time. The origins of the man you know as Adrift.
I’m going to take you back 18 years.


A baby was born in California. That baby was yours truly, a young fellow named… Chance. I was a C-Section if I remember correctly. I was like any other baby, fairly normal. Until a couple of days later. Changes had begun to be noticed in my eyes. It had begun. I was born with Juvenile Retinoschisis, a genetic mutation that damages the retina. It had already taken my left eye and was on its way to my right. After being in an out of surgeries for most of my infancy, I managed to keep complete vision in my right eye.
For those wondering what it’s like, imagine not seeing color. No black, no white. No light, no dark. Absolutely nothing. Freaky, right? That was almost my life. A world that was only sound. It both scares and fascinates me what that would have been like.
Anyway. I lived in California for a couple years, then I moved to Kentucky where a good portion of my family lived. We moved there because my father was in the military and fixing to be sent to Iraq. My mother wanted to be around family during the time he was gone. I don’t remember much but I remember that I was a little sh… brat, and my mother called my father so he could yell at me through the phone. After that call, I was fine. One of my cousins actually made a dvd compilation of a family gathering we had so he could see. There was one scene where I had a sugar rush from A SINGLE BITE FROM A COOKIE. I didn’t get any sugar as a kid so. Yeah.
My father comes back and we move to South Carolina, where we traveled between Florida and Kentucky so we could visit family. We did these frequently. 1st Grade year, I was picked on a lot and heavily outcasted. Who wants to be friends with some half-blind goblin? Well, one girl did. I can’t remember her but she was my only friend. After that, we packed up one last time and moved to Washington where I currently reside.
Started 2nd Grade and made it to where I’m at now, graduating in two weeks. At first, making friends was hard. Being the new kid with some condition that everyone thinks could be infectious is kind of a scare for kids. However, enter 3rd Grade and a person who I thought hated me ended up being my best friend. Her and I, as well as another guy we hung out with, became a clique. But once we got into high school, things… changed. She changed schools, and the other guy and I stopped hanging out. We still talk every now and then but. I don’t know if he still considers me a friend.
You’d think after all I’ve said, I don’t have anything relatively positive to talk about. Well, I kind of don’t. I made friends and lost friends. I got picked on and protected. Unsurprisingly, after growing up around the same group of people for more than half my life, I’ve just become another face in the crowd. Everyone around me is fine with how I am, and hell, some even appreciate me for it. Occasionally, I get the curious “what happened?” question followed by an apology. They know I get asked a lot or don’t know if it’s a personally thing. But it’s something that I can put simply and they understand and seem fine with it.
Overall, my life was not normal, but as I got older, I understood that I don’t need to be normal to just be another face in the crowd. And honestly, that’s how I like it. Not too loud, but still enough of the curious passerby to make not too quiet.

This one was a little more personal, but honestly, I enjoyed writing it.
I understand it was a long read and I apologize for that.
Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will answer them in the next one.
Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the next Adrift Talks.


If that’s a long read I want to see what a short one looks like :feh_bklul:

You fake for not remembering your friend


I have poopoo memory and I was smol boy :feh_eirikabulli:


No excuses, only results :feh_felixperish:

Neat about where your father went though, funny since our family did the opposite.


I wish I was there for you in your childhood :pensive:
But amazing bio and I cant wait for more talks like this


I cant remember my childhood well, sometimes I wonder if its because it was dificult back then, maybe (trauma from constant stress and pressure) it looks like is the same with you? The lack of nostalgia or just the inhability to feel the connection, I feel like an alien when people miss those days and I’m just there wondering if I had a childhood.
I appreciate the friends I made later in life but I’m not the type of person that keeps contact if they need help I’ll help if I want help I’ll ask.
I atleast try to send them a message when they have their birthdays even though I never actually celebrated as a party just always like a normal day
If someone is special to you you’re most likely special to them might not be on the same level but atleast there’s a connection
(unfortunately its hard to make friends outside of colleagues from school or other mondaine activities)