Adventure Sync working again?

Like most people, my adventure sync would often not register more than 0.1 KM even after long walks if it even registered anything at all. After Google Fit’s recent update, as well as the recent Pokemon GO update, it seems to be getting a lot more from adventure sync than it ever has before. Nothing else has changed on my phone except for those two updates. So, has it all finally been worked out and actually working well? Anything change for anyone else?

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Is this issue only with Google Fit? I have an apple phone with my apple watch and Adventure Sync has worked well for me.

rarely do i have problems with it. It could definitely track better, but it works relatively well for me.

Most of the people I see complaining about it not working are android users with Google Fit. Usually Apple seems to work just fine. Also, a lot of people with Android say it works really well for them like eklinka said up there. Who knows really what causes people issues, but, it seems to be working a lot better. I know I wasn’t the only one with issues with it so I hope it has gotten better for everyone who was having problems. It is super helpful when working right. Just figured I would ask and see. Thanks.

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They might have upped the speed cap limit so adventure sync is simply picking up more background distance. I’ve seen posts about AS successfully recording cycling distance now where it previously didn’t and anecdotally I’ve been hatching more eggs via AS despite not making any major changes to my movement patterns.

That could be it with the biking thing. I do walk a lot to buses and whatnot but I take the bike a lot as well. It has been picking up a lot more than it was so perhaps it is finally getting all the traveling I do with walking and biking. Thanks for the info. This week especially those hatches are crucial lol. First time in a long time I’ve spent real money on the game to get incubators. Now, if I could just get something out of a 10k besides Slakoth…

Biggest issue would probably be hardware; android being an OS that is used a lot of devices while apple os is only used in iphones. A lot of complaints I’ve personally seen come from people using substandard phones. I use a galaxy s5 and s8 and they work great with AS.

I had minor issues with Adventure Sync and Google Fit. Google Fit would track steps but in small groups. I might walk 10km but Google Fit would show I walked 2km, 5km, and 3km and Adventure Sync would show only 7km walked.

Perhaps they worked on it some considering that news about the nearby pokemon push notification coming from AS now. My phone isn’t an s8, but it does the job. It’s such a useful thing. Just glad it’s working as it should now.