Advice about fever quest

I just would like to clarify some details from the fever quest. It shows on the guide that the best optimized way to gain QP, is to wait for the Camelot days to open

Would it be fine that we hoard the fever tickets for now until the Camelot fever quest are open on that specific date. I also notice that you could also add in the event CE that can increase the spawn rate of enemies. Also, Camelot fever quest first opening day should be on the 3rd day of the event

So would it be really advisable to just stock up on the fever quest tickets and get the spawn increase CEs first and wait for the Camelot day to arrive or just use them fever quest tickets on any day once they’re available? Any reply would be appreciated.


Not so much waiting for strictly Camelot days. Rather, you want to wait until you can get the highest difficulty unlocked to maximize your QP gains.

VIP Difficulty in Camelot will net you the most QP per run but at the moment it won’t be open.

To unlock higher difficulties, you just need to clear the Free Quests in that same Casino. Beginner Difficulty is unlocked by default. Once you clear the Beginner Free Quest, the Regular Fever Quest opens. And once you clear the Regular Free Quest, the VIP Free Quest and Fever Quests will open.

Also, I believe VIP only unlocks after you beat the Swordmaster of that Casino. Himeji’s VIP Quest only appeared after I beat Osakabehime. So at the moment, since the other Casino bosses are timelocked, the only VIP Fever Quest that’s available to us is Himeji’s.


I see and its understandable enough if that’s the case. Basically just finish up to the part where you can beat the Castle Camelot story boss and hoard the fever tickets for now for maximum QP gain. Thanks for the info!


Pretty much, yes. Though iirc the Camelot Casino only gets unlocked on the 7th day.

Just remember that Main Quests aren’t just time-locked but also QP-locked. So if you find yourself running behind on QP gain, there’s nothing wrong with running the Fever Quest a few times as opposed to running purely Free Quests.


I should be good enough on that. I only have 9M QP at the moment and I have at least Bella Lisa and Mona Lisa to use so I can just run some free quest at the mean time. I may have a lot of SSR and SR servants benched since I don’t have any embers as well to use the QP on.

The GP Guide is unfortunately unclear, where it should have simply stated:

  1. Hold onto Fever Quest tickets
  2. Beat the Camelot Swordmaster to unlock the VIP Fever Quest
  3. Do the Camelot VIP Fever Quest

I can follow that!


The gamepress guide says that its more efficient to go with QP ces rather than the spawn ones so you dont need to wait for them unless you dont have Mona and Bella Lisa.

I think I’m going to use a few fever tickets here and there before the Camelot VIP opens up. Used up two on Himeji VIP and I still don’t have enough QP for the next goal, should be able to reach it on natural AP before next time lock though. I’m guessing that saving up all fever tickets would increase regular farming and delay the progress on natural AP.

Did a camelot VIP - Got 5M QP.

I guess this is where I spend my rest to get 100GP. :fgo_insane: