Advice for building Limstella


Taking advantage of their Infantry status, could they use NFU to prevent forced doubles from faster units? It would also make their QR scarier.


It’s either EP tank, or one shot nuke, your choice.

Might as well special spam. Sadly no slaying, so no iceberg. Just aim to kill with +80 atk in a single shot.

I would honestly not suggest EP builds, even with their stats, due to lack of guard, cooldown accel, or any easy healing.

Guard especially hurts, unless going for a mage counter:

Still would recommend a PP focused one hit KO nuke.


They have Follow-up denial and debuff the attack by -15 in total so I do think they could work pretty well as a ranged tank. I use my Julius the same way and he doesn’t care much about specials or NFU because of the debuff stacking.

I would try to use them in AR-O together with a near save unit and supported by Kaden, who is basically their perfect partner. I imagine they’ll overkill most enemies on retaliation with that much fire power. If you can get null panic on Kaden this will be even better.


The problem with that is that the near save then needs to be one space away, and Limstella needs someone adjacent to them.

Otherwise the near save is going to take damage from their tome’s effect, and be weakened for combat.

But since they aren’t a save unit, units adjacent to them are at risk for being targeted.


There is a Near Save that can actually take advantage of this damage: W-Ephraim

As he has an EP Brave weapon and super high Atk he is surprisingly good at using Vantage. I stuck it on mine due to not really having any better options on hand and it comes in handy in a pinch

I don’t know how effective it would actually be, but it is an interesting option to turn Limstella’s downside into a positive


Yes, you are right. I didn’t consider the recoil damage on the Near Save unit, which sucks unless you also bring Medeus.

Medeus himself is a very good partner because he disables the recoil damage but also provides the atk/res buffs that Limstella needs.


Pp nuke with 3 escape route dancers.


… and … hear me out … double Breath of Life