Advice for filling higher damage caster role


So I just got done with Camelot and realized that my main casters (Nitocris and Hans) just don’t hit hard enough to deal with assassin bosses. Even spamming Nito’s NP doesn’t really do much given the high insta-death resistance. My initial thought is that I have a NP3 Babbage that I can level up for this specific role and I will also be spending several tickets and SQ rolling for alter-egos in a few weeks. However, we also have the free 4* ticket coming up soon. I’m planning to use this for Lalter, but are there any 4* casters that would be worth getting that pack a decent punch offensively?


Helena while not a ST NP Servant, does decent damage and is a good support and has a NP Battery. Why don’t you look her up cause my only other choice would be Caster Gilgamesh and he sucks from using him one time in the Babylonia Singularity.


CasGil falls somewhere between utility and semi-dps. Definitely not an offensive caster imo.
Need him to spam his NP and skills for him to be useful. Fun with Arts teams.


Honestly, just use berserkers and Avengers for these sorts of things.

Sanzang, Illya, and the upcoming Caster Nero are your foremost damaging Casters…Da Vinci’s NP packs a decent punch too, especially with an arts boost support. Otherwise, Caster Gil and Helena are your best bets.

But honestly, borrow a Raikou or a Cu Alter for the Hassan fights. They’ll outdamage the casters anyway.

Re:Alter Egos, they’re good, but if you Just Want An Alter Ego, we’ll get a welfare one at Halloween. So I wouldn’t roll just to have the class right now if you don’t particularly like any of the characters.

(Plus, Okita Alter comes with Gudaguda 3. Save for best girl evil Okita. She’s totally OP and an awesome farmer, unlike Kiara and Lip whose NP damage is a little lackluster.)


I currently use Sanzang and/or Blavatsky for Caster Damage.
Sanzang is probably the best since she’s available in the summoning pool and can NP back to back.
Blavatsky needs to trigger her NP buff, but still decent AOE damage and actually sort of surprising against single targets.

Babbagge will get an strenghthening soon I think, and he has good damage potential, but he needs tons of investment since he has very low stats and, well, Caster Modifier, so he’ll be a mess to set up properly.

Nursery Rhyme has good critical potential, but you need to feed her enough stars and build a critical team for that, but she’s pretty durable and can spam NP if things go well.

Still, you probably should use a strong Berserker for now and give them your own supports, will save you time, health and quartz maybe.


I have seen Babbage do good damage, but not that consistently. Casters in general aren’t that strong with the 0.9 atk modifier, which is why many folks use zerkers, provided you can support them properly.

DaVinci is my favorite offensive caster. The monk doesn’t punch as much as I expected for a 5* st, but she was my last choice from the GSSR so I am a tad jaded.

Of 3 stars, I like using medea and von hohenheim myself.


Don’t bother with offensive caster for the time being, just use berserkers. For now berserkers will out-damage almost all casters, so field a caster to support berserkers instead. If you really want an offensive Caster, Summer Nero will be your best bet in a few months (AOE but still insanely good).

Use the ticket for the servant that you like, since none of the free 4* Caster is extraordinary anyway.

Btw I think Hans himself told us to find a berserker and not field him against assassins in FGO lol (can’t be too sure since it’s been a while since I cleared London).


While I agree that zerks are an option bear in mind we are now starting to see more and more break bars. You will need a caster option because zerks are still zerks - glass cannons. NP1 Nero caster hits for about 45k with her self buffs, Helena hits at the same np level for about 42K with her self buffs across a couple of damage calculators once her interlude hits in after CCC. It’s nero’s tankiness that sets her apart. You really need np2 Summer nero to be hard hitting where her additional base stats start pulling her away. As she’s a summer servant she’s unlikely to get a strengthening or interlude.

Of the 4* Helena has the hardest hitting np - no questions asked. Her damage output is at least 1/3rd more on np than any other currently available 4* NA caster. Only Sanzang and illya have her beat but they’re st np. She’ll out damage da vinci quite handily on np. The bonus of having her is she’s a flex servant, if you don’t have your own waver/Merlin she can fill their role to some extent. Downside - she’s heavy investment to get good. you absolutely must 10/10/10 her

But if you want Lalter go get her. Helena is not story locked and can spook you at anytime.


To offer another perspective, have you tried an Arts stall team full of Casters? I admit most people don’t want to sit through 20+ turns, but these Assassin boss nodes only come once in awhile. I used this approach since I had far too many Casters to raise, and didn’t want to spend resources on an offensive Caster that would only come out once in a blue moon.

If I were in your shoes, I’d stick with Lalter for the 4* ticket, and just field a slow and steady team for these Assassins. You can even mix and match, doing a Berserker + Mash + friend Merlin + Hans backline. The Berserker will likely fall first, then your Hans can come in for you to slowly edge out a win.


evil okita


also er
hold on until the end of the year

circe and sheba are your single target caster that you want

but circe does meh damage, and her niche is just her being able to fire 2 np that can back to back stun

and sheba has wayyyyy too high of mat needs to bother lvling

if you wait another year
caster shuten is your best bet :S


I finished shinjuku with only Medea and Hans as my casters.

You don’t have to worry much about not having any good, offensive casters. You can always borrow from friends, anyway. It’s okay not to rush (unless you’re a whaler), they’ll come to you eventually.

Go for that Lalter!


While I enjoy using my Illya against assassins, her damage potential isn’t fully realized until her NP upgrade.
Nero caster would easily be the best offensive caster upon release, but it’s still a fairly niche role outside of farming in her case.
But since both are cute, it’s not bad at all to use either one :^)


Just wait and roll for Melt (Apr 24 PDT estimated) and call it a day if you get her.

If you don’t manage to, do you have Medea? Better choice than Babbage.

Another way is for you to max fou nitocris as well as grail her. She is actually very good if you bump her stats with grails. Its important to level up her NP gauge skill to level 8 and then equip either an projection or formal craft or heaven’s feel or black grail CE.

Nursery rhyme or helena are 4 star casters but i can’t recommend that you drop your 4 star ticket on them.

5 star scheherazade is coming out when agartha drops which you might consider rolling for.


Thanks for the advice on Nitocris. I always make sure I grab all of the attack up cards from event shops, so I will start dumping those into her. I have to start thinking through my grail ascension strategy as I will have several servants at max level within the next 1-2 months.


Kind of outside of the topic, but I wonder how Mecha Eli-chan compare to Melt or Kiara. If she is an extremely good welfare servant like kintoki or chloe then I might not be rolling during CCC. But if she is like Irisval or Altoria Lily then I would roll for a better Alter Ego. Any opinion from people who have used her on JP server ?


Single target. Buster. Has a 20% battery on a 5-turn cooldown but you need to max it and her mats are kind of steep, since she requires both rider and zerker gems. Eww. (Good thing it’s right after Umufest, right?)

She’s mostly a buster crit alter ego and tries to nuke things with her NP. Very bursty. Triple buster gorilla deck. NP gain isn’t awful but she’ll likely need outside help generating NP. Pretty middle-of-the-line stats, but the def buff on her innocent monster makes her tanky enough.

She’s nobody’s favorite, as far as alter egos and servants go—I’ve never seen her on my friend’s list in JP (no doubt because the extra class slot is full of powerhouses like Dantes, Hokusai, and Holmes)—but she’s workable. And helpful in Salem against a certain Foreigner.


So basically the diff between these Alter Egos is

  1. Melt is Quick-centric
  2. Kiara is Art-centric
  3. Mecha Eli is Buster-centric
  4. Passionlip is a tank

right ?


At a super basic level, yeah.

Think of Mecha Eli as a welfare, less tanky Passionlip with an ST NP. And weirder design.


think of eli as a fuck you dw created to all ego fans

where instead of buffing your buster servants, you just give them a meh gorilla deck servant, with even worse survability than no one complains about cause she can do np 5 damage, even tho every st and most aoe AEs are better than her

like most welfare servants bascially


Mecha Eli has one purpose, and that’s using her NP to hit really fucking hard. Free NP5 with massive in-kit steroids to buff her NP damage and even a small NP charge.

The other Alter Egos have much more interesting design than her, but she does exactly what she’s supposed to and she does it really well. 60k NP damage before class advantage is no joke, she easily shits on most servants in the game against Casters, Riders and Assassins despite her 1.5x class advantage compared to 2x on most.
The only better Rider killers than her (assuming NP1 for gacha servants, NP5 for welfares) are Carmilla and Jack vs females, and Shiki in general. Carmilla and Shiki win by like a few % only over Mecha Eli, and Carmilla needs a Strengthening for it that she doesn’t have yet in NA.
No Caster comes even close in her damage against Assassins except Illya, and Shuten in almost 2 years.
As for Riders: very strong class in general, and for ST damage everyone has to compete with the absolutely fantastic Kintoki which basically everyone loses by default.

But Eli is definitely the best option for most f2p players by a long shot when it comes to killing Riders and Assassins for at least a year. For Rider killing, Shiki will get a rerun early next year and is very good as well, but she is a very small upgrade over Eli in terms of raw damage.

Her survivability really doesn’t matter for the most part, because it’s not her job.