Advice for LB2?

I just beat LB1 earlier. Not really my favorite chapter tbh, too many exposition bombs for forgettable characters and the pacing also wasn’t that good IMO. As far as difficulty went, it wasn’t too bad even with my dump ass roster, the only exception being near the end in the Anastasia fight and her 7000 bullshit gimmicks.

I’m heading into LB2 and I’d appreciate some advice on what to expect, bosses, gimmicks, any BS I should be aware of. I’ve heard that it’s very story heavy but I dunno if that’s supposed to mean it’s gonna be even longer than LB1 or if there’s just less battling and more conversing.

I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers but at this point there’s so much going on I don’t really care anymore and I just wanna beat it in preparation for upcoming events. Also, is this the one where they force you to use story supports?

Thanks in advance.

Bring Sabers and ST Archers (especially those with Anti-Male)

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LB2 is probably a little easier, tbh

There’s like one or two difficult fights but I like the Asterios fight in LB1 and the Ana fight would have given more people more trouble

LB2 is a lot of story


Some bosses require you to bring a forced NPC support just like in Shimousa.

That’s slightly comforting.

Yeah, the Asterios fight was one of the better ones. Solely because I know what his NP does and what to expect. There were still times when I did 0 damage lmao.

Frankly, I skipped Shimousa and Salem and went straight to part 2. That sounds like it’s gonna suck. Guess I had to face the music sooner or later.

It’s all good. LB2 is, imo, easier than Shimousa. Especially if you have reliable ST Archers. But, I’ll admit that difficulty is based on your roster.

Also, maybe a reliable Assassin might fare better against crit-happy Rider mobs if you’re not able to keep Berserkers alive with a consistent method of sustain.

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If you’re used to break bar gimmicks, then nothing would surprise you anymore for the chapter honestly. Just use some good AoE caster and assassin units here and there as the mobs are mostly berserkers, assassins and riders. Alter Egos would do wonders too. Bring ST archers and sabers as the saber and lancer bosses are the most notable ones. Oh yeah, beware of those NP charge gimmicks and some bosses’ NPs as they have sure hit. Other than that, just play smartly and you’ll breeze through it.

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Bring a tissue, your going to need it.

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To be fair, after getting acquainted with Break Bar Mechanics and having beaten Agartha you don’t have any new surprises.

You’ll be fine :fgo_hokusaiwink:

Also this. I’ve been catching up lately with the Lostbelt 1 & 2 cutscenes (that I’ve promptly skipped at the time) and boi do they like to talk. Bring some popcorn :fgo_astolfo:

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I don’t mind talking tbh but I sincerely despise it when it’s 10 minutes of exposition about a character that won’t matter in the next chapter coughAnastasiacough


Hey at least Napoleon is a chill dude. And I think he’s even a good choice for the couple of boss fights he’s available as a Guest Support (especially given his higher NP levels).


Alright, appreciate the heads up. I don’t really have anything for buff clearing for sure hit but eh, whatever.

Y’know what, after not getting Summer BB nothing this game throws at me can faze me anymore.

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Euryale, David can carry you in boss fight for sure. You also need aoe saber for farming.
Mash, caster supporter is always needed. Mash also boosts bond point.
Final boss is much easier than LB1.