Advice for Master league open, Which is better Landorus Therian or Groudon?

Right now debating should I try getting enough XL candy to max out a landorus for pvp or start working on Groudon. Currently have leveled up Landorus with 188 xl candy, but curious is Groudon a significant upgrade or even a upgrade at all in Master league.

In addition, I currently use a team of landorus, Yveltal, and swap between Gyarados and Metagross for 3rd Pokémon. Been dominating with that team so far, but looking to upgrade that third spot with one of the current legendaries in raids. Any suggestions or recommendations of the current raid bosses?

Same here, but a bit different, since I used FP Groudon and now sometimes use landorous (incarnate), lvl 44.5. groudon is definitely not an Upgrade, I’d say overall they are the same level but with different use. Groudon has better stats and baits faster, landorous has way better coverage. Groudon is the better melmetal/steel slayer, landorous stays well vs fliers. Now with DT upgrade, things get more complicated and a comparison is more difficult - but why not use landorous for unlimited and Groudon for classic? Btw, i like excadrill most ;)

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Dragonite will win against Lando in all shield.scenarios DT or not.