Advice for my Gerome's S skill

I decided to invest in Gerome and so far I’ve had alot of fun with this build. But I’m not sure what I should use for the S slot. I’m thinking Spd/Ded bond but I’m not sure. Any advice is welcome.

This is what he’ll end up looking like.


Might as well give him steady posture seal instead. Close defense or fierce stance could work as well.


Ooh, I like it. Gerome and all other non-prf axe fliers (and swords) finally have access to cooldown acceleration outside of Heavy Blade, making them a lot better. It’s nice to see him making full use of this kit.

Like dafg mentioned, you’re only losing out on one point of def and one point of speed by going with the steady posture seal, and it gives him a lot more flexibility in positioning, and makes him better when things don’t go according to plan or he needs to over-extend a bit. If he’s getting Atk Buffs, (I’d consider Hone Fliers or another reliable method in addition to his C Slot, which can be very positioning-dependent) I might consider or try out using Noontime too, since he’ll have the buffs and in-combat Atk boost from his weapon. It gives him extra sustain, if if he’s already KOing reliably without a damage-dealing special, it’s a win-win

Looks like a tough Gerome! I might actually suggest Iote’s Shield for the S slot, so that he can perform the role of a speedy physical tank who fights frequently in the front lines without having to really worry about archer threats.