Advice for possible teamcomps and rolling for supports

Heya all!

I am new to this forum, but lurking for a while and relatively new to fgo (around 100 days login) and I was wondering for possible team comps I could create and what to level next. I was also planning to roll for the upcoming GSSR which is probably going to be caster or lancer. I have been mostly running mash + hijikata + support merlin with my other 5☆ as backline for bond leveling/heracles with bond level 10 CE, but I wanted to know if there are any other types of teamcomps I could build.

Emiya archer is NP lvl 4, emiya assassin is NP lvl 2, almost all my 3☆ and below are NP lvl 5 , izo is NP lvl 2, my welfares are NP 5 except altoria lily who is NP2.
Thanks in advance if you are willing to help me!

My servants:

My CEs:

You can try using Emiya as main DPS instead of Hijikata.

Mash - Emiya - Merlin (friend) should suffice as a pretty solid and staple crit team - could be fun to play around with a different class too! At NP4 he should be more than suffice to carry the DPS department.

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Hello and welcome! From what I see you’ve gotten rather lucky so far, grats!

-Team comps
From what I see you have two rather strong arts servants, Sieg and Ryouma. I would get them leveled/skilled up so that when the next 4* ticket comes you’re able to get into artsmemes with Gil (caster) and a support Tamamo.
Izou might also fit into the picture, as he’s great together with Gil (caster). If you like him I would also suggest leveling him up.

Besides this you can just smash buster servants together and spam red cards, but if you want another type of playstyle I’d highly suggest getting Gil (caster) with the next 4* ticket.

-Leveling next
I’d put a premium on getting Okita Alter maxed out, she’s amazing for beginners as she has 1.5x damage against multiple classes. She’s also rather self reliant, so you can put almost anyone with her. I’d lv. 90 6/6/6 her ASAP.
I also see that you didn’t level Arash. I’d argue he’s one of the best servant in the game. You should level him to 60 ASAP and get him to 1000/1000. His skills are not really a priority until you get a max limit broken Imaginary Element, so you can ignore them for now.

Caster without a doubt, the worst you can do is either Illya or chococaster, both of which are serviceable. If you luck out with Merlin, Waver or Tamamo you’re either set for life (Merlin/Waver) or at least be able to get into artsmemes with Tamamo.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll level emiya after arash, since I am so low on proofs of hero that I can only level one of them first, but it’s on my list ^^

Thank you for the elaborate advice, Arts sounds like a nice idea to have with 4☆ gil and maxed sieg/ryouma. It’s going to be on my long term level list. Would grailing ryouma to 90 help with this comp or doesn’t it matter for now?
I also got 3rd ascension arash after your advice since I was not sure about ascending him and will level okitan and him to max first for now.

Sitting EX - Best used for Solo play (talking about Yagyu), pair him with a NP gain CE or an Arts CE. (The event one with Jeanne is an okay option too because it has NP gain & starting Charge.) level his skills in this order - 1, 2,3. The evade is really useful especially since you’ll more than likely use him solo. Excellent boss killer/CQ usage.

I would pair Avice in a zerker set up. If you have a target focus CE even better.

I like Ivan for solo and team play. But I don’t see many support servants if any. So I assume you rely on a friends Waver/Merlin. You can give him Imaginary Element or the Fortress CE from Apoc (Arts & Buster) though you have a few ce options for Ivan you can swap around with.

Emiya Archer - Buster crit ce or arts Crit ce.
Emiya Assassin- Starting Charge Ce or a Crit one. I use Oni in Human Clothing , which you’ll be able to get whenever Setsubun reruns.

Okita -Solo or team but I rather her solo. You have the quick Buster ce mlb and leveled so you’re good there.

Li- I would invest into him and use him solo or with a friends Casgil/Waver or your Paracelsus.

Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of servants that work well together from your Chaldea so I’d recommend leveling some lower rarities until you get your own support servants.

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There’s a thread where someone asked about grailing him. You can go over it and see if you find anything of interest

let me ask u first, did u also using this comp to farm the event nodes and daily exp farm?if yes, i recomend u to raise some 1-3* farming servant(especially arash and spartacus) first

edit: i asked this because i saw your CEs, u have some MLB event CE that need to farm event nodes quite a bit from previous events like Ox-demon king CE

Thank you for the advice!
I never really knew what kind of CE I could put on Yagyu, so I had a hard time using him. I’ll start using him with the Jeanne event CE.
Avice also sounds like a good idea for more zerk survivability I can’t wait to try it out after leveling him.
I currently use Ivan/Emiya assassin with the classic three heroes CE, but I’ll try with fortress of the sun. I was thinking of leveling Sailor in White for Emiya archer since that fits the description.
I’ll also put Li on my level list, since I have most issues with dealing with archers. I hope I’ll be able to get a bit more synergy when I roll for an SSR caster in the upcoming GSSR.

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Yeah I used these for farming the event, I had Ivan as first so I mostly used him with yagyu and emiya assassin. Now I use okita + hijikata + merlin for daily exp farm. I’ll raise arash (and spartacus later) :sweat_smile:. It seems that I mostly blindly raised ST servants :confused: .

-Thank you for the elaborate advice
No problem, friend.

-Would grailing ryouma to 90 help with this comp
Grailing only increases HP and Attack, neither are important for arts. Only grail the servants you really like, as grails become extremely limited later on in the game.
What arts is about is using your NP over and over again, this can be achieved by increasing the effectiveness of Arts cards and increasing your NP gain.

-3rd ascension arash
Nice nice, he takes some getting used to as he is a rather unique servant, but once you learn how he works I’m sure you’ll love him.

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please raise them, they cam make u to 3 turn daily exp (a great improvement on your daily farm)and they just need to be lv 60 wich is very cheap, and i saw u have 1 IE, wich is less investment on skill , u can place arash(1/1/1) + IE then charge 20% from friend waver or MC then he can blow almost all enemy on the 1st turn

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The video helped a lot with explaining the comp, I’ll hold off from grailing him then I think.

I’m looking forward to it ^^

I tried it out and it works perfectly, this is going to improve time spend on the quests a lot, thanks!

u can also use a 50% NP gauge starting CE, but with some investment since u need to make the np charge skill to lv 10 to get 30% NP gauge,if u use spartakus, he need some investment on his NP skill(2nd skill) since his NP battery was 10% to 30%(from lv 1 to lv 10)(spartakus should be usefull on (1/10/1) if its only daily farm or (1/6/1) just to get his NP battery to 20%(u would need to find a way to charge the remaining 10%), combined with any aoe zerker + friend waver and MC with 20% NP then u would be able to 3turn daily farm exp

I’ve always stood by the advice of 1 ST and 1 AOE that you can reliably use in nearly all content, after that focusing on farming servants specifically (except for Arash, I believe levelling him early helps with the EXP grind to level other servants).
Going by this:
Saber: ST- you have both Okita and Yagyu who fill this niche excellently. AOE- best option I can see is Saber lily, but you said she’s NP2 so her damage is going to suffer, I’d say level Fergus or use Chacha maybe.
Archer: ST- Recommend Euryale, she’s an anti-male nuker. Also Robin for high ST damage. AOE- Emiya is an excellent option.
Lancer: ST- Li and AOE- Nezha. Besides them I recommend you level Cu, he can solo a lot of content due to his excellent survivability .
Rider: ST- you missed Kinbro, but Ryouma’s an excellent ST rider, I have him grailed to 90 and love using him (even over Kintoki). AOE- Ivan’s got you covered.
Caster- You don’t have many good options here, but Siege is a great farmer with good damage thanks to NP5, Edison has some support utility but he’s hard to use. I recommend the Caster GSSR for you, if you hit jackpot and get one of the big 4 support casters then great, besides them, Nero, Illya and Sanzang are all great DPS units. the worst you can do is Caster of Nightless City and she while underwhelming can hold down the fort and has some use for her Insta guts skill in CQ content. ST- level Medea, she has insta NP with great loop potential. AOE- Siege, maybe Nursery down the line if you can build her.
Assassin: ST- I see you missed Shiki who is in my opinion the best SR assassin, but you have Emiya who plays similar to her. AOE- not many options but you can substitute with Okitan, so don’t worry too much.
Zerks: ST- Hijikata has you covered. AOE- Chacha, her damage is a bit lower but she’s an excellent option for farming thanks to her battery skill and and defense down, I actually use her for Ember farming . You have Herc, try to get him to bond 10, he’s easy clear mode with his bond CE.
Extra- Level Okitan, alteregoes are one of the best classes you can have starting out, I know cause I had Kiara. I never needed to level any Cavalary units thanks to that till after Solomon. Trust me you’ll be glad to have her. Also try to max her battery skill.

You lack supports the most in my opinion, and good supports can make life a lot easier. I recommend starting with Hans and Shakespeare. After that Mozart, his star bomb skill can help out with crit teams a lot. He would pair well with Yagyu , Li , Emiya Assassin and Ryouma (Also Nursery if you plan to level her). David is a non-caster option, though he’s more of a hybrid support than pure support.

Teamcomps well here are some:
Mash, Yagyu ,Emiya Assassin can form a crit team of sorts . After you level Mozart try Yagyu/Emiya (Assassin& Archer)/Ryouma /Li+ Mash +Mozart.
Also Euryale+mash+support Waver/support Jeanne is an invincible team with high damage numbers against male enemies if you can play it right. You can replace Euryale with Robin and even Emiya (since he has a 3 arts deck).
Hans + Mash + Li/ Yagyu/Emiya(both of them)/Ryouma.
Hans+Ivan/Okitan/Hijikata/Herc+ support Waver/Merlin+ bacline Mash.
Try a team with Okita(saber)+Hans+Mash+taunters+ support Waver (I’m pretty sure most lancer bosses can be dealt with this).

Anyways I’ve rambled a lot, hope its of some use.

Thank you a lot for all the advice, it certainly is of use! There is a lot of information that I will certainly look back for later.

I’ll level okitan first and then look at leveling supports since I have also felt the lack of proper supports in my team while trying to compensate for it with damage. But I’ll see to it that most/all of them get leveled, if no better alternative shows up in my pulls of course.

I already leveled Hans to max, only have to fou and level his skills more (he is 6/4/3 atm). I use him with Devilish Bodhisattva, but I find it quite lackluster for long-fights so I mostly don’t bring him. I use prisma cosmos for mash, but is there another CE I can use for Hans to have him bring more to the fight than NP once and probably die after?

Carp, or Carp-likes - those that drop 15/20 stars on introduction - combined with his S1 is worthwhile. Especially post-buff with NP/star regen that can be given to anyone.

I like him a lot, but him dying easily is actually very convenient for popping a sequence of buffs in a row.

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It seems that I will have to wait till the quetzmas event for one of those, so I will stick with my current CE till then at least. I’ll try to use him slightly differently and just let him die when his usage is over instead of trying to save him for naught.

Yeah, like. He’s fun, and he’s worthwhile, but unless you’re vs an Assassin he’s going to die more often than not. I’ve been running Hans/Merlin/DPS for a majority of the trash battles in LB2 so far and even with Merlin support he tends to get offed pretty quickly. You can do some fun stuff with stacking 2x Hans’ buffs up as I’ve seen in various low-rarity runs for sure, though more often than not IME it’s better to play him with the expectation of getting offed sooner than later.