Advice for returning player regarding shadow legendaries


I used to be a regular member of this forum. However I dropped Pokemon go in January 2020 more or less.
I played again yesterday and learned that Dialga and Palkia are about to return, which seems interesting to me.

My question is about shadow legendaries. I have none, but I looked at the guide for them and also the attackers tier list and it seems to me, that shadow legendaries are extremely expensive, but also the best pokemon, leaving all others worthless. Is this true ?

I do not want to start all over again with my legendaries. But I used to be an informed player with a strong roster and if my legendaries are not powerful anymore I don’t want to spend time on this game.

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Don’t be too stressed about “the best”, which doesn’t really exist. For this game, at least for PvE and casual PvP, you don’t need ANY shadow, ANY legendary mon. If I start a new account, I would’t raise any legendary or shadow mon, and I’m very sure my game experience wouldn’t be affected at all. Knowledge about typing, stats and moves are far more crucial than raising how many “powerful” mon. I’ve seen too many players raiding and powering up like crazy, but failing to outdamage my raid teams full of common mon below level 35. From my view, that kind of gameplay isn’t playing the game, but rather getting played by the game.


Shadow pokemon don’t leave non-shadows worthless. Some are better as shadows, but most aren’t.

The main thing with (the worthwhile) PVE shadows is that they have higher DPS while keeping roughly the same TDO. As they do their damage in less time than a non-shadow it can allow you to solo/duo something that needed a duo/trio before.

If you’re just interested in raiding with a group of friends or randoms then it doesn’t matter


I think @Elastic_Space and @Cordi have covered it but just to reiterate their comments and also to mention these points:

  1. Super Radars which give you access to Shadow Legendaries are very limited, often only replenished on a 1 for 1 basis each time, although some come through timed research/paid events, you’ll be lucky to have 3 at any one time.

  2. Shadow legendaries are rotated VERY slowly and infrequently, so don’t plan on having, say, a shadow Palkia this side of 2025. We’re stuck with shadow Ho Oh for 3 months currently.

  3. Because of the slow, but sequential rotation, it’s likely the desirable Legendaries, generally duos and trios, will come out one after the other, so assume you do manage to have 3 Super Radars accumulated for the start of Ray, Kyogre, Groudon you can’t get 3 of each, you could have maybe 2 of each at best IF the way niantic release more Super Radars works favourably. So you’ll never have 6 of each.

  4. As with all shadows, some work out better than others, PvP more confusing than PvE, with PvE the better it was as an attacker already, the better it will be as a shadow.

  5. Shadow Legendaries come with an IV floor of (I think) 6, so you could get a 6/6/6 Kyogre. Yes it’s better than a hundo non-shadow, but is the extra dust and candy cost worth it when you could max a non-shadow lucky shiny for far less for only a comparatively small drop in performance?

I love shadows, use them a lot, but they’ll never fully replace your “standard” versions.


Welcome back! The others covered this topic pretty well already, but I’ll throw in my 2¢ as well.

Shadow legendaries are indeed powerful, but I think some players get stuck on this misconception that they make your normal legendaries “worthless.” Do they outclass them? Yes, at least in terms of DPS; TDO of shadows is typically worse. That said, your existing normal legendaries aren’t suddenly worthless. If your squad of non-shadow legendaries was able to beat a raid boss before, they’ll still be able to do it now, and just as well. The shadows will just get the job done a bit faster while also fainting faster themselves.

Combine that with the fact that shadows also cost significantly more dust/candy to power up, and can’t unlearn Frustration outside of specific events, and I’ve pretty much just ignored shadows entirely. If you’re really into the whole min/max playstyle, then shadows will be your jam. Otherwise, your regular squad of Mons will do just fine.


Thanks for the answers; I understand that shadow legendaries are very rare.
Have Palkia and Dialga received their signature moves by now?

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Even Ho-Oh and the Weather Trio still not. The Creation Trio probably won’t receive their signature moves in the upcoming 3 years.

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Signature moves appear to have been all but stopped, bar Community day moves which themselves are a lottery
they’re now on a very slow drip feed, so expect the signature move of anything notable to be all but unmissable because of the hype.

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TDO is not usually worse for shadows (legendary or not). It’s mostly at least the same, often it’s even higher.

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