Advice on a good Red unit to place on my Saiyan Squad?

So, I recently got Sparking Yellow Bardock (after using about 22000 chrono crystals and banging my head against a wall in sheer frustration) and wanted to make a good Saiyan squad, in which all of my units synergize with each other and provide stat boosts with their Z-Abilities, with my current lineup being SP Super Sayian Vegeta GT Yellow, SP Bardock Yellow, SP Saiyan Saga Vegeta Purple, SP Majin Vegeta Red, SP Namek Saga Goku Blue and SP Bardock Green, problem being I read that Majin Vegeta is a sub-par unit to be using due to the debuffs he applies to his own team, and I was wondering if anyone had a good Red unit to replace him with that DOESN’T just leech off of my other units applying stat boosts to units with Tag: Saiyan? To be clear: I am looking for a unit that applies stat boosts to other Tag: Saiyans and doesn’t just take all the Stat boosts from the others while applying none in return, like SP Broly Wrath Red, since he only applies stat boosts to characters with tag: Episode: Sagas from the Movies, but receives all the Stat boosts from other Saiyans, any advice?