Advice on Armament of Triumph and Crest of Humanity CCs

So, need some advice on Comand Codes, guys…

The Comand Code who gives 30% stargen and the one about 100% star weight, on what card of what servant they would be better?

I am thinking of givng Armament to Enkidu Arts Card, as that, when it crits, fills the gauge pretty well (and his quick ones are disappointing…). But I could also give to DPS with sole buster cards, like Chloe or Shiki…

As for Crest, maybe I should give to some buster Card with multi-hits, like Nobuzerck,Nobuarcher, Suzuka and/or Rider Ishtar? Or to people with a sole Quick Card but crit potential, like Fujino and Suzuka? Dantes is also an option…

First Servant is prob Mash…lowkey thinking on Tamamo and Jeanne, but likely still Mash.

Prime example I have seen is king hassan where you put the crest on his already amazing quick card and armament on his insane art card. I think people generally use trait damage cc on the buster card (on buster servants)

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I am going to use the star gather one on Eresh, for her arts card. I heard it pairs well with Musashi too.

I like that idea to put it on Jeanne. I just figured Mash was the default option, but, I will probably get more use putting it on Jeanne.


I put both of them on Okita quick and art card obvioulsy

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I usually recommend star gather on either solo arts cards with good np gen (so you get more bang when that card shows up), or if for buster damage, on servants that already rely on crit damage but have unreliable star gather or star gen (e.g. Nobu buster, so that the low star gen can feed into one specific card more reliably, instead of being spread out). (I can’t think of any crit dmg servants without star gather rn though)

The number of times I get a buster buster arts with Nobu at like 30/30/20% is disheartening, I’d much rather have 0/0/100.

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There is Karna…but I usually pair him with casters, avengers and other Lancers.
Plus, his NP gain on the Quick cards is actually very good.

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I have been trying to synthesize the advice I have been seeing people give about Command Codes. I am no expert, but what do you guys think of this?

Command Code General Advice and Strategies

First and Foremost: Put Command Codes where they will be useful. That’s very general, but here are some specific ways to employ that advice:

  • A Command Code that has a debuff resist or ailment removal should go on a Servant you expect to get such debuffs. The most likely example is a Servant with a self-debuff, such as Fran’s burn or the self-stun of Ishtar (Rider)'s Summer Breaker. A second class of Servant this is useful for is one you expect to bring to Challenge Quest content, which often features wide arrays of debuffs.

  • Conserve your Openers. Low-rarity 1* and 2* Command Codes come in the FP gacha and can be used with some freeness if you wish; they can be overwritten if you don’t mind losing them. It’s the Openers that are likely to be the limiting factor if you use these; they are bought with Mana Prisms and awarded in limited numbers during events. You should probably conserve Openers for higher-rarity Command Codes unless you are fairly sure you have added all of those you want for now.

The Wait and See Strategy:

  • Conservation is particularly important if you want to hold good CCs for major content like this: say you’re facing a high-difficulty Challenge Quest or boss fight against a Rider that likes to Evade a lot. If you’re already bringing your best Assassins, and you’ve kept Hunter of Love and an opener in your inventory, then one of your already-good chosen team members can get an Ignore Evasion effect on their attack.

  • Trait damage CCs (Code: Brute for example) can be put on Servants you expect to bring to content that features such enemies. You can use Challenge Quests and boss fights to trigger your trait-damage choice, but if you don’t want the Code to sit on the shelf awaiting such moments, then consider more common missions. If you bring Cú Chulainn (Prototype) to quests that feature Beasts due to his Special Attack damage against those enemies, an extra 5% can improve his performance in that arena a bit more. Servants who have non-NP Special Attack damage versus other types can use the same sort of boost to strengthen their niche. Buster cards are the typical recipients of trait damage CCs. If you have a choice of Servants to use these CCs on, choosing those with better star generation (more Quick cards, high hit counts, or star generation skills), or whom you are likely to team with good star generators, will magnify the effect of this CC by stacking it with higher chances of criticals.

The Minmax Strategy: put Command Codes where they make a large difference in a Servant’s performance.

  • Do you find it frustratingly difficult to charge a Servant’s good NP because they have only one Arts card or a low hit count on their Arts cards? Adding a star weight Command Code, such as the Armament of Triumph, to such cards will help them crit more often with Arts, greatly improving their NP generation.

  • On the other hand, some Servants like to do facecard damage with criticals more than NP. In that case, star weight on a Buster card will help, especially if you tend to team them with Riders that pull critical stars away. Crit damage up CCs such as Lady of the Red Jewel will improve damage when critting but not the chance of critting; it is best to use these on Servants with good stargen, or which you intend to use with good star generating teammates.

  • Star generation – such as the Crest of Humanity CC we just got – usually takes an extra turn to make a difference. Since there is also a cap on star generation bonus, it’s not usually necessary on Servants with any sort of stargen improvement skills. Jack, for instance, will hardly ever want more stargen. It makes a nice additional effect if you frequently Brave-chain a Servant with their Buster or Arts cards though.

The Sentimental Strategy: improve the Servants you like and use a lot.

  • A Command Code is no good if it doesn’t get used! If you have a go-to Servant, a Command Code that gets used often will have more effect on your game than one sitting on your bench.

  • A sentimental way to reduce your analysis paralysis is to put CCs on the cards of the Servants they feature. You got BB Slot and you have BB? Put it on one of BB’s cards! Lady of the Red Jewels features Rin’s Command Seals – why not put it on an Ishtar or Ereshkigal? It’s not necessarily always the most effective use but it makes sense and is its own kind of fun, and in the end this is all a video game.

The last piece of advice:

Few Command Codes have a drastic effect on the game. The low-rarity heals, for instance, are unlikely to make a big difference in most battles. Five “Code: Bless” on a last-man standing Servant will heal them for 300 per turn, which might, over the course of a few hard-fought turns, buy you one more round. Sometimes that makes the difference though!

For the immediate future, the rare CCs with debuff immunity/clears are likely to be the ones that really have specific Servants where they’re extremely useful: put them on Servants that debuff themselves. Other than that, don’t overly sweat optimizing your choices.


Since 95% of the game is NP Spam :
100% Star Weight = already on Art card Musashi.
CC made for single art card.
As for 30% star gen = nothing amazing within a normal team but with brave chain could be interesting, overall any servant with good quick card hit counts ( overkill on Jack/Okita probably, will try on Archuria).

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I think star gen would go quite nicely on buster cards with high hit counts, especially if the wuick cards have relatively low hit counts. I was playing with scathach today, with a servant with +crit drop rate, probably CasGil or someone because farming.

Anyway, having 2 quick cards but with those cards having just two attacks has been pain for getting crit stars, but she gets like 30 with a star drop buff and a QBB chain. Considering she has an intrinsic crit damage and star absorb skill (although unfortunately rng and tied to evade) means you get some pretty major damage outside of her np.

Though, external star support would be better when possible because you just used 3 of her cards, I’m definitely imagining something like that on nobuzerker.

Because it will take quite some time for our useful selection of event reward Codes to build up, I open cards on Servants I prefer and to whom I plan to give better Codes in the future.

In the meantime I fill the open slots with whatever seems logical, but with the expectation that the FP Codes don’t make much of a difference even if placed well.

As for the big star gather Codes, I’m not in a rush. If I start by placing this one right away, I’ll probably end up using a Code Remover later to shuffle it around when we get more, similar options that are specific to card type.

This. Enkidu, Jeanne, etc.

Hi OP,

I’ve been reading up on Appmedia for suggested servants to give command codes to :slight_smile:

For Armament: The general consensus is to give it to a servants with one arts card but gains a lot of NP charge from it. (E.g. Musashi, Eresh, Summer Raikou, Summer Ibaraki, Summer Fran, Okita Alter and King Hassan to name a few).

For Crest: It’s good to give to servants that can generate some stars but still struggles to get enough to crit. For servants that already produce a lot of stars on their own, this CC is unnecessary since we have a cap on stars and star gen. Appmedia didn’t give specific examples, but I think good candidates would be servants with Quick hit counts of 4 and above and a high enough star weight/star absorb skill to make use of the stars (preferably with crit buffs). (E.g. Ishtar, Enkidu, Summer Artoria, Ozy and JAlter to name a few).

Please see links for reference as well :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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I know a lot of people recommend putting command codes on solo/last man standing servants, but what do you think about applying command codes to farming servants? I’m seriously looking at attaching the Armament code to my Eresh’s art card to help with back-to-back NP especially since the 3T 20% Atk buff from her NP can stack :slight_smile:

Realistically most Servants in a farming situation won’t often be touching their face cards, but there are many farm-friendly Servants for whom I appreciate the additional love. Blind story and full-bonus event farming tend to be the best opportunities outside of CQs for face cards to get a chance to shine. Eresh would be my top AoE choice for gather on her Arts.

Conversely, I rarely ever use what could be described as a “last stand” Servant, so their Codes would be wasted. I would only give them Codes for love since I almost never use them in gameplay.


@Inflection Yeah I was planning to stack heals with Fujino

Note that the 100% Star Weight is only useful for those that generate lots of stars (was thinking of adding it in one of the Arts slot. Probably better than Merlin?)

I know where my debuff remove goes.

But for the star weight…
Was thinking about an arts card of Ryoma or Ivan

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I slapped both on enkidu in a show of blatant favoritism and haven’t been disappointed. Their arts is getting noticeably more stars - nothing gamebreaking, but noticeable.

Just follow your heart, you can always replace them later if you’re disappointed. Sure, code removers are rare, but they’re not that rare. :woman_shrugging:


Hmmm… it seems Crest of Humanity is the best star gen CC released so far. Slapped it along with another star gen 2* CC on Shisou’s Buster cards. She just needs all the help she can get in making those stars.

Waiting on Holy Night’s Aurora Borealis and the other star drop CCs. They’re probably going to her too if not Kojirou or First Hassan.

Just wondering how useful would this CC be on Servants like Ushiwakamaru or Cu? Thinking of giving one of them this CC for crit builds but I’m unsure if this will help either of them.

Sure, Ushiwakamaru could use some stargen, if you want to add that to one of her Quick cards. She has plenty of star weight. If you add weight to one of her Arts she’ll NP a bit more often but the difference might not be as noticeable as with another Servant. Add it to her other Quick and you’re leaning toward turning her into a star recycler.

Broadly speaking, of the Cavalry classes, Assassins try to make stars and Riders try to use them. You can choose to enhance those roles even further by enabling those effects, or you can try to boost the other pole so that either type becomes more self-sufficient. As you can see from my suggestion above I like the latter.

One piece of advice on what to avoid is not to give star weight to two Servants you often bring in the same team - they’ll have a tendency to cancel each other out!