Advice on beautifying a lion

I want to cultivate my waifu revive House Nordion by feeding their patriarch something good. My plan is as follows:

A - Atk/Def Solo
B- Lull Atk/Def
C - Atk/Def Menace
Seal - some other solo

But then I’m tempted to make him eat Braverika’s Surge when she reruns because turns out Hatari Nailah can’t give him the (ETA) Surge. I’m also thinking of a canto as a B alternative. So yes please throw me some bricks [lovingly]. Atk/Def Menace looks like too far to aim given the limited units who carry that skill :thinking:

Huh? Hatari Nailah has Sturdy Surge, not Sturdy Impact. I know cavalry can’t get Impact, but looking at B-Eirika they CAN get Surges

Gamepress says Sturdy Surge is Dragon and Beast only, but… that seems really strange… It should be the same class as Surge Sparrow and thus should have the same inheritance restrictions as Surge Sparrow

Yes sorry I mean Sturdy Surge. I realized late that she could only pass it to beasts and dragons

She’s a seasonal right so I wanna make sure before I waste orbs for nothing (couldn’t get her when the banner was there so I couldn’t test). And exactly, I saw that on GP and I thought, hold on, so I can’t? It would be lovely if she could pass the Surge on Eldigan.

I don’t have Nailah so I can’t confirm if GP is right but they HAVE been wrong on these things in the past

HOWEVER, when she is run again on DSH, you can check the notification for the banner and it will display all the skills the banner units have as well as their inheritance restrictions. So you don’t have to waste Orbs.

That should mean next year then? :thinking:

Her banner was what, two months ago? I’m imagine it’d be in 4-6 months for a DSH run

There’s a chance another unit will be given Sturdy Surge in that time, too.

Ah alright then let’s wait and see and hope I get hit by a dumb luck. Thanks, I was surprised when I checked GP myself :thinking: if Nailah couldn’t give that to a human unit then well, back to Solo / Catch dilemma



There ya have it

It has the same restrictions as Surge Sparrow (ie melee only), just as I suspected

GP isn’t the most reliable source for inheritance restrictions…

Ah so GP is wrong huh. Then I’ll wait for the rerun.

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