Advice on Dailies

I have just completed Shinjuku after Arc - 1 and was wondering how to get embers for levelling up my servants. Should I do dailies or should I wait till Christmas 4 and farm boxes ? Any advice is appreciated. This is my first post here so if I posted it in the wrong thread then please guide me to the right place. Thanks in advance!


Christmas lottery is the most ap effective way to get stuff. Have you cleared LB1? Can’t participate in Christmas without that (can skip the remaing EoR chapters to start the lost belts)

But if you already have LB1 cleared and need a LOT of embers, no reason not to farm embers waiting for Christmas


Xmas 4 is generally the optimal choice, as you’ll be getting a lot of QP, gems, and mats along with the embers. It can be quite easy to burn out on lottos though, and you should check to see how well you’ll be able to farm each of the nodes.

As said above though, no reason not to farm embers if you’re not in a rush to do anything else. If you’re wanting to participate in the New Year event though, be aware that will require LB3 completion.

Chiming in: in the future we will be getting quests that give SQ based on free quest completion progress, so given the proximity of quetzmas, you could also consider clearing free quests if you haven’t already done so.


Wait? What’s this? Extra sq for completing your free quests? I missed that one. Is it an extra mission thing like RUQs completed?

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Anniversary next august. There’s 10 parts, i’ll detail below:
(Of particular note: 10 tix from part 1, 30 SQ from part 2, 180 SQ from part 3, GSSR)

Part 1: Login Bonus

Part 2: Lostbelt Clear Bonus

**Part 3: Free Quest Completion Bonus**

Part 4,5,6: Minor Bonuses

Part 7: Servant Strengthening

Part 8, 9: CC Strengthen, Gacha Revamp

Part 10: GSSR


looks like theres a reason to grind free quests I guess

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There’s probably a pre lb4 campaign next june like this current one where FQ in the previous lb are 1/2 AP right? I need nothing from lb3 so I am holding out for another 1/2 cost before clearing them

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Correct! For one week in June, JP got:

  • 10 SQ for clearing Lb3
  • 1/4 arc 1 AP cost
  • 1/2 LB AP cost
  • 1/2 AP Free Quest cost
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What? Not already cleared? It’s been a few days already! Plenty of time to get the sq :fgo_insane:


Thanks for the info!

@Mysty See that works out perfectly! I don’t need sq until arjuna alter so I can get these free quests done just before lb4 at a discounted cost. (unless I somehow get QSH during GSSR :fgo_morilaugh:)

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Mat farming > SQ right now! I still have 1 and 1.5 FQs not cleared, because I run them only when I have no pressing need to farm (or when I’m totally sick of farming the same nodes).

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Well… When you don’t mind asking wallet-kun for sq I’m not surprised that you devalue farming fq for sq…

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To a point, sure, but the FQ SQ isn’t a high priority if you don’t have a target coming up soon. It’s not like it’s going away if I don’t snatch it up immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually snatch them up right away because there’s usually a banner I want to yolo :upside_down_face:

For instance the next lanling solo day…

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This is some first world nonsense I’m about to say, but I wish I hadn’t gotten Xiang Yu NP5 so damned quickly. I kind of wanted Lan Ling NP5 for collection purposes, but I’m not going to keep fishing that banner for a negligible NP upgrade when the rate-up SSR already knocked down my door.


I take it you don’t want to rely on spooks to finish lanling?

I doubt spooks will do it since I have fewer targets in 2021. More like SR tickets and a banner in the future.

Nine more months to clear those ? Should be fine... I think.


That’s almost enough two full multi rolls… Just sitting there. How does that not drive you insane? :fgo_insane: