Advice on future banners, events & limited servants

Relatively new player. I’ll try and be concise since I have a number of questions.

First, are there any notable banners for new (possibly meta or extremely good) servants in the future I should be saving for? I’ve looked at a list of upcoming ones and the only ones I’m interested in are Raikou and Gil banners in a few months. For unreleased servants from the banner list, I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me which are worth saving up for, if they’re possibly game changers or whatnot.

Second, I’ve looked up a list of future events as well and I’d like some advice on which events I should really commit to and how they’re gonna work. Are they similar to this summer event with different currencies? I’ve seen people mention lottery boxes from events here before as well and the events for them seem to feature really high difficulty quests so I’d appreciate it if someone can explain how they work (even a condensed explanation would be great).

Finally, are there any limited time servants I should definitely be rolling for? Lancer Raikou is featured now and I’ve seen people praise her to no end and I’m wondering if I’m really missing out if I don’t roll for her. The only limited servant I’ve really committed to rolling for is Skadi and I can see why some people spent hundreds of SQ on her. Would appreciate it if someone can enlighten me on that.

Thanks in advance.

The only banners you should definitely, always roll for are single rate-up banners for the Big Four supports you don’t have yet, which are: Waver, Merlin, Tamamo, and Skadi. Pretty much anything else is a matter of taste.

Lancer Raikou is a very good ST buster Lancer with great team utility, and is considered among the top of the SR Lancers, and comparable with many SSRs. However, there are tons of great Lancers, so you won’t really be missing anything by not having her. She gets praised mostly for being such a ridiculously good SR, not for being uniquely powerful, overall.

I recommend watching YouTube videos about the servants coming out over the next year or so (there are a bunch of them, as many YouTubers play JP) and picking 3-4 banners you want to roll on. Don’t spend SQ on ANYTHING ELSE. Unless you have money to burn, you need to be disciplined with your rolling, and that means not getting baited by every pretty face. There are lots of great servants in FGO, and you will want them. But if you try to roll for everyone, you’ll either eviscerate poor Wallet-kun, or spread yourself so thin that you never get anything you actually wanted.


Waver/Zhuge Liang gets a solo rate up in the Fate/Zero event rerun in September. No other servant you could possibly roll for is as gamechanging. He also gets another banner in May next year for the CaseFiles event, in case you miss out on him in September.

Almost every event has a shop with three types of currency; beyond that we have several different event formats such as mission events (you have a series of 100 missions such as “Kill x enemies of this type”, “Complete quests in this location x types”), point ladder events (on top of currency for the shop, you collect points for a ladder that gives out rewards for specific milestones), raid events (repeated battles against high HP bosses, with usually a global HP bar for the server that players work together to chip away at by doing their solo fights) and lotteries. The last one is the notable one, as you can basically farm them infinitely for a ton of resources. Veteran players generally try to save as many apples as they can for the lottery events; they happen twice a year (September - formerly Nerofest, starting with this year it’s Gilfest/Battle in New York, and Christmas.)
Almost every event has one challenge quest with a crystallized lore as a reward that is locked unless you have completed part 1 of the story; they tend to feature one or multiple bosses with breakbars and special gimmicks, but generally aren’t too difficult. Gilfest has Exhibition Quests; these are generally the hardest challenge quests of the year.

Kinda conflating with the first question. Generally, the most recommended servants to roll for are the big supports: Waver, Skadi, Tamamo and Merlin. You already have Skadi and I mentioned earlier when Waver gets rerun; Tamamo gets a rate-up for New Years 2021 and Merlin for Summer 2021.
The idea with these supports is that they’re exceedingly good at enabling whatever damage dealer you wanna use. If you have your own supports, you can pick the perfect DPS for a given battle off your friendlist, or use them to make your favorites perform better. Beyond the supports, it’s generally recommended to just roll for your favorite servants, as the game is generally easy enough that you can get through everything without worrying about rolling for anyone specific; heck, even the top supports are entirely optional since you can also just pick them off your friendlist.
If you do care about maximizing gameplay, you’d generally roll for servants that are good at farming, since farming is 95% of the game. For instance, Edmond Dantes goes really well with your Skadi and gets a rate-up in the upcoming Summer event (starts next week most likely). He’s an absolute farming machine since fielding him with two Skadis (your own + a friend’s Skadi) allows him to use his hard hitting AoE NP 3 times in a row.


Well, I’ve been F2P so far since rates for SQ are bad for me (I’d be paying about twice as much for the same amount of SQ) so I’ll save for the Big Four I guess.

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Alright, thanks for explaining the events, I think I can see how they’ll work. The thing with rolling for the supports and relying on support DPS is that I’ve been told at some point in the story the game shifts to forcing you to rely more on your own roster so I was thinking I should get some more DPS units since I don’t have many top tier DPS units, I’ve been mostly relying on Saberlot, Enkidu and Ushiwaka for my own DPS units. I got Atalante Alter from a ticket yesterday so maybe I’ll get to leveling her.