Advice on kiara boss battle

GUYS HELP PLEASE! THIS is the first time I’m doing the seraph event thingy since I started playing last year in April so it’s my first time and DAMN SHE IS TOUGH!
I dont have merlin, tamamo, medea lily, nightingale, Saint martha,
I DO HAVE jeanne, hans (lvl 80), Jack, melt, waver, archer artoria, (my mash’ skills aren’t maxed out, I heard she should be maxed out if I wanna use her :sob: hers skills at 7,7,7)

Ofc i do have more servants but from the videos I watched the rest of my servants are useless and only these guys matter :sob: so can someone help me on which team I should use to defeat kiara, obviously the front line will have to be sacrificed since she’ll kill them on the 4th turn. I’ve tried using tamamo(support), jeanne and artoria and I died, I also tried , merlin (from support) mash and jeanne and died :sob: I also tried waver, jeanne, Jack and died. I did however get rid of her first bar when I used melt from support, waver and jeanne and thats the furthest I got … can anyone give me some good team recommendations (I can borrow a merlin, tamamo or nightingale from support if I need em) :sob::sob:

ALSO if u have any craft essence recommendations, LET ME KNOW PLEASE

So the best advice I can give you is:

Buy out the KP shop and nerf her to oblivion


Then check out GP’s boss guide for the nerfed version.

Iirc my team during the OG event was a friend’s Archuria-Hans-Mash. It was annoying but it was the best I could do. You have Waver and Jeanne and Tama so you’re already in a better spot.
And don’t forget that Command Seals are your best friend


First time around what i did to beat her was Mash, Merlin from support and Asterios.

IIRC Craft essences were divine banquet, Chaldea Lunchtime and Iron Willed Training respectively, but Prisma cosmmos is ideal on most of them (except Asterios) if you have it. It took very long but i was never in danger of losing because i bought just about every nerf in the shop so her neutral non crit damage was not a theat at all.

Post buff Hans is a nice backline option in case someone dies and he comes in, leave Archuria in the back for her to clear whatever is left in case the frontline dies. You can repace asterios with Jeanne but the run will probably be even slower.


First time around I used Mash/Mash/Waver, but you have Jeanne and Tamamo so that should work fine as well. Just make sure to nerf her first.

Just bore Kiara to death.


Buy out the KP shop and nerf her, agreed. In particular, if you buy out the entire shop, you can buy the ability to use Command Seals and Saint Quartz to continue.

Use Merlin for your support and have his Invulnerability skill ready to go for the first NP turn. Archer David’s Harp of Healing is also a party-wide evade that will help on an NP turn.

Jack is good for buff removal – do you have Medea and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne leveled? Both of them remove buffs as well, with their NP. So does Melt, whom you list.

Your Mash is useful even at 7/7/7. Have her and Merlin in the front line to protect a DPS Servant.

Do you have either of the Mecha Elis from last Hallowe’en well leveled? They are a little class advantaged, and will do 20% more damage. Their single-target NP5 helps with that too.

Do you have the Atlas Mystic Code? That will reduce your support Merlin’s cooldown on skills so that you can use his Invulnerability more than once. Make sure the Merlin support you borrow has Illusion at 10, so its natural cooldown is 7 – that way you can use it twice, assuming Kiara does not use her NP charge skill (1st NP, cool down reduce to 5, ready to go for second NP). The Invulnerability will also help keep your DPS alive if your defensive options are stalled. If not, use the Chaldea Combat Uniform and swap him out before the second NP, so that he comes back in with the back line and can use it again.

Of the Servants you listed, I would say that Jeanne, Jack, Mash, Waver, and Melt – in that order, with a support Merlin – would be an excellent team, assuming they are all well-leveled. This is a very defensive team, with Jack and Melt having the only two damaging NPs. You want to do your best with your defensive skills to keep those two alive, charging their NP, and pounding away. You have a lot of Arts cards in the mix, and you should be trying to Arts Chain to keep NPs going – Jeanne’s for defense, Waver’s to stun and debuff Kiara, Merlin’s to heal, Mash’s to protect, Jack and Melt to damage. Don’t be afraid to draw damage to Mash to protect your damage-dealer if they’re low on HP and otherwise unprotected.


I borrow merlin as support to clear it
And … Mash is the only one is dead :D

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You should buy out the KP shop.

Buying “Melt Death Whip” and key items such as the one preventing Crits Damage Up and Kiara is much less scary. Her NP also doesn’t remove all buffs before dealing damage. So with double Merlin (or Merlin + David) and you could be fairly safe from her NP damage.

I just did it with Merlin/Waver/Nightingale (mainly for healing and double Buster Up to speed up the fight). Nobody died.




Always press the beautiful blue buttons, prioritize Merlin beautiful blue cards followed by Mash. Always Merlin np after Kiki np. Fire off Mash np as much as possible. Waver np when you need to by time.



With a box like that, you’re really pushing things uphill to try it with no KP. If you like, I still have some spare friend slots and I put up my Nightingale - NP3 6/6/6 - and she can make the fight into a breeze with any number of KPs. There are a handful of other options: if you have Kid Gil at a decent level, his NP comes with a pretty hefty NP damage down debuff and attack debuff to keep her in check, or borrowing a Cu Alter (at 10/x/x) can do a surprisingly good job of keeping her in check if you can provide healing with other supports like Medea Lily or even, heaven forbid, Irisviel. Asterios is in a similar position, capable of stacking up enough attack down debuffs to effectively neuter Kiara.

But, to protect your sanity, I truly do recommend buying out the KP shop. It’s quite achievable and renders this into a pretty easy, run-of-the-mill boss fight. Berserkers are all fantastic options, provided they’re well-fed, because they have slightly higher defensive NP gain, and their statlines are balanced around them taking double damage. Them taking neutral damage from Kiara compensates cleanly for them losing out on class advantage. If you can find an adequately powerful Cu Alter on your friend list, he can pretty easily sink the fight on his own if you’ve bought out majority of the KPs, maybe with a little help from basic supports like Mash or Hans.


If you buy out all of the Kiara Punishers from the shop, she’s pretty easy to solo. Loads of people have done it with servants like Enkidu, but I managed it with Cleopatra in the first run of this event. With Command Codes like Wise Fox, Good Wife out now, she’ll be even easier.

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I win her this party with 1 command spell

she weaknesses sitonai and meltlilith

I think mash’s NP is very important

A support Murasaki is useful if you are going for the unnerfed version.

  • She can counter the NP cleanse so for instance Jeanne can no-sell it, as a bonus this also prevents a debuff.
  • Kiara is demonic so she will hit hard and help everyone else
  • She can potentially delay Kiara if needed.

Edit: I’ve got loads of free slots so if you need a Murasaki just give me a call.

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Hi there!

Just finished the Kiara (weakened) challenge using Waver/Squirtoria/Support Tamamo in 13 turns on my side account! :slight_smile: I bought only the high and medium priority KP items (except for charm).

The idea behind the team is constant NP drain with Waver/Squirtoria NP and Tamamo’s NP drain skill while ensuring the team’s HP is topped up. Kiara never got to use her NP the whole fight :slight_smile:

I used the basic MC for the 3k healing on Waver since Squirtoria has her own healing skill + Tamamo’s Arts Up. If you’re having trouble keeping her alive, put the Fox Wife CE on one of her Arts card for increased 50% healing (7500 at Skill Level 10).

In terms of CE usage, Black Grail for Squirtoria (no need for MLB, mine was only level 20) and Prisma Cosmos for both supports. I didn’t have Prisma Cosmos on my side account, so I used MLB Painting Summer for the 50% NP starting charge and the 10% NP gain.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I used my Herc[s1 is 8] + his bond ce at lvl 90

my Hans ( all s at 9 except 3rd which was at 8) lvl 65 ce: 2030

Support Merlin max skills. His bond ce

My skadi [s2 at 4] all other skills maxed with some ce that gives 20 star upon entering field. It was given in last year Christmas so u should have it.

Atlas Academy for Debuff, NP protection.

Took me 28 turns

Time to be completely unhelpful.

So what you want to do is kick her in the boobs, and while shes recoiling from that you get Quetz to suplex her into the ground.

Now that her true weakpoint is exposed you need to have Tamamo summer kick her in the crotch with her NP to split her in half. Then Excalibur the remains.

That is how it is done.


Don’t forget to nuke her remains from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


I just cleared the nerfed one a few minutes ago. I struggled a bit and lost and had to start over. The Sitonai/Merlin combo came in clutch for me. Just constant arts chains so they were able to fire off their NPs constantly. It took a while, but it was safe. Sitonai has buff removal on her NP, so that helped a lot too.

The atlas institute mystic code came in handy, if you have it. the free invincibility, the debuff removal and the cool down reduction helped out a lot to make everything go more smoothly.

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Managed to pull through with this team. Made alot of mistakes, but seeing Beni NP for 250k was delightful.

Best bit was finishing wiht Melt at the back.

I personally just bought out the entire KP shop and burst her down with DSS Melt in six turns. Both Skadis went the way of the dodo in a couple of turns, but it just let more supports in to charge Melt, and she NPd and Crit her to oblivion.

In fact, I had more trouble with BB/GO, because if the RNG hates your guts, then she can start with three Self Modifications in a row, and then completely butcher your party with guaranteed 10k+ neutral crits, and there is very little you can do about it aside of wasting hard defense (but then she kills you with her NP) or bringing someone along for buff cleansing.

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