Advice on my Soleil build?

True. Wo dao is another cheap option that can work well, as is carrot cudgel (grail shop)


Yeah those are good too not that I would personally consider the latter since I merged Bartre

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There’s many things you can do with Soleil so it’s important to find a specific role for her. She’s one of the very few units that can be a jack of all trades(Defensive builds work but with powercreep it’s less viable and really more for just the memes) while still being a great unit.

AR she’s honestly not going to do much. Infantry Galeforce can work but isn’t a great strategy when you’ve got Cavs that can do the job better(Like Eliwood). Tanking can work but you’re going to need some DR and a bit of support. If you want her in AR I would stick her on Defense ONLY.

She’s a good unit that can really put a dent in opponents but she doesn’t have the ability to survive lots of encounters. I’ve made a few long posts over the years that I’ll post here(Still viable) but note that for competitive gameplay she’s honestly not that great anymore and while I disagree with her being tier 4 in our current tier list I do agree her abilities have become less unique and at times even out classed with the ridiculous powercreep in 5* exclusives.


*Unbound Blade and a few others work as well. These comments were made before their release but the builds themselves work with the weapons mentioned below.

"I’d say the best weapons for her are Wo Dao, Slaying, or Ninja Katana(Brave Sword works too). This isn’t to say Firesweep or any other weapon is bad, just that you’re a little restricted on the others. With those 3 mentioned above you’re given a lot more flexibility on what you can run without it being bad.

Wo Dao

Special can be substituted for Sol, but the second hit might not recover a lot. With Aether you’re ensuring you can never fire it off the first combat, but should be ready at the start of the second. She’s got decent enough bulk so she shouldn’t be one-shot, even by hefty blues.

Distant Counter allows for most counter attacks, only being blocked by a unit like B!Lyn, Firesweep, or Dazzling Staff. Most aren’t all that common(Some more than others) so you’re able to get by nicely with DC.

Wrath can be substituted for Spurn if you have the fodder, but otherwise works great with just Wrath. Nice thing about Wrath and Wo Dao is that the moment you get hit below the 3/4 range you’re dealing 20 extra damage just because you can. Halved defenses plus the extra damage means many units are going to be hurt heavily in the process, even bulky blues.

If you want to keep the damage reduction from CC I would use it in this build instead of either Wrath or Spurn.

Rouse Spd/Def is just a budget, but it works well. You get that boost in defense making her surprisingly bulky on the physical side while further increasing her Spd to ensure she doubles many more units in a meta of where Spd is ridiculous.

Flashing Blade is a must, IMO, on any build that’s not Slaying(And Slaying can use it for the longer cd specials) to get that special going. Aether isn’t going to happen instantly without it. You could run something like a Brazen and then run Sol as your special instead.

Gonna be honest, I dislike Slaying on Soleil. I get it, I understand it, but I dislike using it in general so I won’t be posting a build on that as I don’t really have the experience. You could do a Slaying Galeforce build if you really wanted to run Slaying. Either that or something like Glimmer or Moonbow to increase her offensive potential.

Ninja Katana

This is what I run in my AR-D defense. Pure firepower that will quad most units, even without the Solo. Under the right conditions she gets +10 Atk on both phases and enough Spd to deny doubles from most units even under chill due to the Lull, weapon boost, and natural Spd.

She can also one-round a B!Edelgard under Flayn with multiple Mythic boosts.

Galeforce I use for MS. With the stat inflation both Atk and Spd become very important to not die and to activate her special. Solo 4 is used for FB 4 due to the extra point in Spd as every point matters. FB 4 would be better off in the build above simply for more firepower. Too much firepower and you might miss your Galeforce opportunity.

This is just something I whipped up quick. A build that focuses more on PP but ensures she doesn’t die all that often due to decent defenses and damage reduction. With everything active you will naturally double your opponent 99% of the time(70 isn’t a number many units hit with a stat and Spd is generally not the one, let alone having two stats hit it) and will shred through most units. Luna will probably work better to slice through bulkier units, especially the blues. Otherwise Glimmer pretty much ensures you’re killing any form of unit.

Brave Sword could technically be swapped in for a couple of these builds but Spd, IMO, is more important than your defenses.



Yeah sad to recognize it but its just how it be, still, i want to use her as much as i can, i dont want to just roll out the super units every time


Now this… this is beautiful , thank you very much i no longer have any hesitation on going for the ninja katana


As an added mention since I don’t see Firesweep talked about too much in my previous comments, Soleil’s native weapon Firesweep can be pretty deadly with DC and Null-C Disrupt for obvious reasons.

Her high speed means she doesn’t need a refinement to double most units and with her decently high attack, granted powercreep has nerfed what used to be considered high, to really put a dent in things. Overall being able to attack against enemies that normally rely on the dazzling effect or being able to attack with no retaliation(With the obvious exception of another Null C user) means she’s an annoying enemy to deal with. Obviously not impossible, but annoying.

C skill is always flexible. SS should be used on what resources you have available. Offensive Solo, Flashing Blade, LnD, it’s flexible but only to what compliments the team most.


Note that these are with summoner support as the OP of that topic said that’s what they were going for. Regardless, under heavy investment(As usual) Soleil can be a deadly unit if you go all out on PP.


This sounds amazing but very expensive, i’ll definitely go for this build when i get the resources, thank you so much for all this advice, i got to admit ive been hunting for tips for a while and ive seen you on a few other posts, you’ve been very helpful


Sounds great, i currently have summoner support on my first ever unit, (B’Dimitri) never saw reason to change it but i think now i do, thanks again


Remember if ya do stick her on AR-D she’s not going to have those boosts. Soleil is a lovely character to use SS on but just make sure you’re getting the most out of it.


True, thanks for the tips


A few ideas from me:
Mostly agree with mod Ani. I’m mainly going to expand on AR-D and galeforce.
I’m a very galeforce-y player on AR-O. I prefer trying to make geometry and positional assists work over dealing with firesweepers and AoEs and forced doubles. It’s a pretty technical playstyle and if you’re trying to be casual I don’t know that you would enjoy it. But supposing you do, Soleil is a very reasonable option, the problem being that you need to think about 3mvt galeforcers (tempest is an option, especially odd tempest) and defense mythics first. On astra we need to deal with Seiros and Duma, both of whom force undoubles. Any infantry galeforcer should be on NFU. Soleil is awkward because it’s hard to get through Seiros as a red unit and she’s going to appear on every defense because 7th slot. So probably you want the infantry galeforcer (who can use NFU) to be green or at least blue, which means using Soleil without tempest often won’t work unless it’s a WoM galeforce. So she can go slaying+NFU+tempest+flashing blade or WoM. If you use pulse support, other weapons are also usable such as her native firesweep. On light, she needs to be able to OHKO Hel (otherwise you don’t have a ORKO and Hel might kill one of your other units) and you also need a plan for scoring a galeforce against squishy Triandra who will die in one hit. One option is to leave Triandra to a lance, but even a lance probably wants to be on flashing blade because the fairy is that squishy. So it would have to be infantry, which puts Soleil in a similar position as on astra. She will need tempest. But it’s worse because it’s not even clear that she fits on the team when Dagr and a lance unit are already galeforcers. Galeforce teams should include a ranged unit that isn’t a dancer. Peony + Dagr + lance + ranged unit + bonus unit…maybe Soleil fits. I’m not sure.

Now,about AR-D. I expect IS to keep the firesweep effect on her prf when it comes. They’re going to use it to give save armours a rough time. That’s all I feel confident about; the rest is even more spsculative.

The spiral AoE is questionable because B.Alm will give the same damage without merges and Scendscale is stronger on the in-combat hit.


And that paragraph is why I stick to brainless dumb AR strategies.

It’s also why I’m not that good at AR, but hey, still bounce in and out of the vault so whatever.

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Very interesting, i dont have a galeforce team just yet, i have the units just not the ability itself, but i will definitely do this when i get it, i already have a Dagr to deal with serios and i usually use Dancer Eldigan as a refresher, although plegian dorothea is also very useful when i use L’Dimitri, thanks though this is very usefull for when i get my hands on the galeforces

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i already have a Dagr to deal with serios

Dagr is a light mythic however, so you’d have to sacrifice score to use her in astra, where you’d come across Seiros


Just something to note, since IS is starting to give gen 2 demote units refines, she could have one pretty soon so if you’re not in a hurry I’d suggest waiting a bit to see what her perf does and decide what to to give her accordingly!


And I would add, I think really soon because they’re developing firesweep options to check saves

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