Advice on next E2

Help me pick my next E2 project!

Here are my current candidates:

I also have Ch’en, but I think she’s of lower priority than some of these units. Feel free to correct me if she’s worth it in light of my current team, though.

And these are my current E2’s:

And finally, my current general-purpose team:

In my general-purpose team, I’d like to introduce Shining or Ptilopsis once I get either, as well as replace Hellagur with Blaze once I get her, if that helps with anything.

Definitely looking for advice on which of my E2 options would make the most impact or shore up some weaknesses in my team that I may be overlooking. Thanks!

Bagpipe is a really easy choice here, even with E2 Siege.

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You’ve got a pretty good list of candidates here

You aren’t particularly lacking in the Damage Department, so I’d recommend E2ing Bagpipe for the starting SP on her talent. This’ll let you use Myrtle’s Skills almost immediately on deployment, which will allow you to deploy your squad much earlier. After that I’d say go for Exusiai, her ASPD increases after E2 and she gains an Atk/HP Buff Passive

For OPs not in your main team, Lappland and Hellagur benefit greatly from E2. Hellagur gains passive HP Regen, as well as increasing his regen per hit. Lappland’s silencing meanwhile has its duration increased to 5 seconds, more time than Lappland needs to attack again and re-apply silence

Texas isn’t a bad pick here either if you plan to get Masteries on her S2. She’ll fulfill a similar role to Myrtle by letting you almost instantly gain DP to use for deploying the rest of your squad

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Put me down as the third vote for Bagpipe. Pump that DP in~! Also, good damage.
After that I’d say probably Exu, Lappland, Texas or Meteorite. Meteorite I add mostly to be able to auto-deploy on A3, putting her E2’d around 30 was how I was finally able to clear it.


Alright, Bagpipe it is! Thanks, guys

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I’d suggest you do TP Holy Trinity though.
They will benefit you greatly in long run.
Exia > Lapland > Texas
The first two also very core in many map and Texas is quite decent as well.