Advice on rolling (Solved)

So here is my roster:








Now servants that I want to roll is:

  • Anastasia for AoE Caster (or should i wait for her to spook me and use Okita Alter in below instead)

  • Okita Alter for Alter Ego (I skip Kiara btw)

  • Skadi, even though I don’t have any good Quick Servant and my Edmond/Zerklot/Astolfo/Parvati is just NP1 for 3 turn farming…

As you can see above, I don’t have many servants because I only aim for 1 ST and 1 AoE for each class (+Support for Caster), and by considering the servants that I already have and the ones I want to roll, of the three, who should I prioritize the most?

Sorry if my english is bad :)


From what I can see, you don’t have a 50% battery support, so I’d suggest Skadi. You have a couple good quick servants, even if only NP1, and Skadi is still good, regardless. If you aren’t interested in Waver, Skadi is your best substitute.

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Actually i want to roll him in his solo banner (Journey to the West rerun)… But because he can spook me anytime, I focus on those 3 anyway

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NP1 Dantes is perfectly acceptable in the SkaSka system with Waver + 2K HNS, and renders your NP1 Zerkerlot/Paru/Astolfo functionally irrelevant where farm goes. Sets you up nicely for laughing in the face of CQs too (although obvs you’d prefer BG for that).

Skadi is the best bang for your buck, followed by Waver, then Nastya, then Okitan. Okitan is frankly forgettable and replaceable even in her better circumstances, and Nastya at least has a 50 battery to be great for farming.

Ofc prioritize as you see fit based on character appreciation but Skadi -> Waver’s Accel Zero Order solo rate-up -> whatever is what you’re looking at if you’re focused on gameplay, while waiting for Anastasia to come up off-banner. Since you didn’t mention Waver, if going the “not focus on Waver route,” Nastya -> Skadi or Skadi -> waiting many months for Nastya’s next solo banner during an Interlude campaign iirc.


Save for Skadi.

Anastasia is not limited. Also, you can try to get her on Valentine 2021 banner which features another AoE caster, Shikibu.

If you want Okita Alter just because she is an Alter Ego, then throw some tickets on her banner.

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So it’s Skadi then, thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it!
May the Luck be with you.

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