Advice on St. George

As a 2 :star: servant, George has tanked for many players in the early and late content of the game, sometimes even clutching for masters looking to complete a Challenge Quest. However, I’m a bit curious as to whether or not Georgios would be a great candidate for Grailing. So: Any masters out there personally recommend it, and if so, to what level?

First of all, Grails are such a limited resource, and one that only marginally improves the servants’ stats, that using them to improve gameplay isn’t that desirable.
Georgios would benefit from the extra HP, but honestly it has to be seen how you use him. If you want him to die quickly when his 1st skill is up, or when you want him to stay on the field for a long time. If it’s just for a quick taunt his BatCon plus Def up would be good enough for him to give you enough turns to win.

I want to say first is that grailing is a huge commitment to make so its go big or don’t bother at all. Like mentioned above, the stat difference between lvl 65 and lvl 70 is quite negligible so might as well get him to lvl 90 if you want to see better performance in his taunt/tank role. Secondly, assuming his taunt is at lvl 10 along with a tank CE, it takes more than 3 turns to kil him with neutral dmg even from mid to some high level enemies so multi-turn tanking isn’t going to be much of a problem even at lvl 65. Other than that, he’s honestly not half bad as far as grails go but considering he does his job well even without them that its hard to recommend giving him some unless you love the servant.


I think Georgios is probably worth grailing to 80 if you’ve already maxed him otherwise and you wish you could get a little more out of him. Kind of like Hans.

If you’re going to grail for gameplay though, you really should max that servant (10/10/10, 1k fous, etc.) before you give them that grail.

Unless it’s someone you use alllllll the time, like Arash.

The other thing, too—if you like Georgios for his taunt roll, why not try for a Poster Girl CE next time Okita comes back? It’s a 3-turn taunt on ANYONE, so you can stick it on someone like Helena or Waver, let them drop their buffs, tank a few hits, and then get out of the way for the next servant. Worth considering before you grail Georgios.