Advice on who to Ascend First

Hey, so I know some of yall might tell me to go explode but I need some advice. I’ve recently had some ex luck after the gssr banner, the 2nd anniversary, and now the 2nd summer banner. Basically I’ve gone from one 5 star to 4 in a matter of a few weeks. Basically I’m stuck with who to focus on in terms of leveling and skills, first so I was wondering if yall had any advice. I have Sanzang at lvl 70, Sherlock at 60, and I just got Altria Archer this morning. Thanks guys, and good luck on your summer rolls!

I’m in your same boat.

During this summer event and the roll before this one i rolled the following servants:

Mordred(rider) NP4

Kiyohime lancer NP2

Anne Bonny and Mary Read(archer) NP1

Mordred(saber) NP1

Sherazade NP1

Sherlock NP2 (fully ascended but skills level 1)

I have no idea what to do now. So, completely at random, i’m doing Sherlock and after that probably i’ll level Kiyohime (because i’ve head that Kiyohime lancer is good versus Gilgamesh in the september’s event Nerofest).

which singularity are you at now?

Depends on the rest of your roster and general needs.
Without any information, I’d put priority on Arturia Archer because she’s all aroud a very strong unit, who has solo potential and still brings great utility for the team.

If you have a decent, leveled roster, then maybe Sanzang, because it’s hard to come by boss killers against assassins, just by virtue of her being able to unleash 1-2 NPs really fast.

Sherlock is good, albeit wacky. As a Ruler, he’s often a solid pick, but rarely the optimal one. Plus, you want servants who can benefit from his crit support, although he can do a decent job as a secondary DPS.

I’d recommend Archuria - she is awesome for challenging content, Sherlock looks good (had not tried him yet). But he needs both skill lvls and working Arts crit team. Even if you have the latter, rulers are notoriously expensive to raise, it always seems like it is better idea to raise skills for somebody else…

Don’t neglect SurMo - NP looping on AoE servants (and with NP lvl that high, it is sooo easy) keeps your sanity intact during super grindy events, like, say, NeroFest :wink: