Advice please

Hello everyone, I started playing this game 3 days ago,this is my strongest build, I was lucky that I could get Rena, Ramona and Emma.

When I was clearing chapter 5 normal. I felt that the damage I could muster was lacking. The requirement for that chapter is only 4k-5k. But I felt really lacking. So I want advice to fix this

Also about mana Circle, is this setting correct or not? If it’s wrong, please help me to correct it

Technically you should max everything, but try for MC 40 for now.
What level is your Arctos statue? It’s got a big event bonus to damage.
Rena, Euden, and Emma are totally worth investing into, so don’t worry about using resources on them.

If you do bring someone to 5th circle, there is a skill 1 upgrade hidden between the coability upgrades. 45 mana circle nodes is fine for ‘as maxed out as you can get’ for early on, that’s the stat upgrades, passive upgrade, and s1 upgrade.

If it’s just damage that’s bottlenecking you, this team should be fine. If you need a healer, you’ll have to use someone from a different (not water) element.

Don’t sweat it too much, this game requires long and frequent grinding, and in end game content a lot of skill, so take it easy and learn things as you progress through the story and events.

My advice, beat ch. 7 and then start farming materials for upgrades for units, facilities and weapon crafting.

Thank you guys for the advice