Advices and recommendations on using grails without regrets


I have been saving the grails and have not yet used any of it.
I would like to get some recommendations, advices or suggestions on which of my servants are best to grail.
Top 3 from my servants list will be very welcome.

By the way, Shiki and Malter (Altria Pendragon Rider Alter) are my two favorite servants/waifus in FGO/Type Moon.

My favorite servants that I am thinking of grailing (personal priority listed in order):
("->" = final NP as soon as possible)

  • Shiki Saber NP5
  • Altria Pendragon Maid Alter (Rider) NP1 -> NP5 this summer
  • Shiki assassin NP5
  • Altria Pendragon (Saber) NP3 -> NP5 eventually
  • Semiramis NP5
  • Asagami Fujino NP5
  • Altria Pendragon Alter (Salter) NP1 -> NP5 eventually

Lastly, if I decide to grail a 4* servant such as Shiki assasin, Fujino or Salter, is level 90 enough or do I need to grail them to level 100?

Thanks in advance!

Well, most people are going to say ‘just grail whoever you like most’, so may I ask for what reason you are asking others for advice on who to grail?

Are you asking based on gameplay? If so, grailing 5 stars isn’t all that useful, as they gain a mere 1000 to each stat with five grails (the same amount of stats added with a mere 2 grails for lower star servants up to 90) and they really don’t need it.

Are you asking based on personal experience? If so, I’m sure every servant out there has been grailed, so you’re going to get a lot of different responses.

Or do you have another reason for asking?

Sorry for the lengthy response/question, but this way we avoid a lot of cliche answers that don’t help you.

grail stheno

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I understand. I asked based on gameplay/effectiveness/worthiness/usefulness. For instance, if grailing Shiki assassin to level 90 is more worthy than to grailing a 5 star servant to level above 90. I guess, many players grail for the love of their servants. I just wanted to know other’s opinions as I first thought of using my grails for 4 star servants like Shiki, Fujino and Salter to level 90. Opinions from other experienced players are always welcome and will definitely help me to use wisely the grails and enjoy the game even more.

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Bruv get that maid to lvl 100 and give her your gold cats

On the subject of the frequent “don’t grail 5*s” argument, I’ll add my usual rebuttal:

Grailing a 4* or lower so that they can have nearly the stats of your 5*s isn’t useful unless you love that character or have a math reason for doing so, like hitting a specific damage benchmark to enable a particular NP refund setup.

Otherwise it makes excellent sense to boost your best and most-used Servants even further whether they are 5* or not.


I see a man of fine taste. Good luck.

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I always 10/10/10 my servants before they get grails.

As for who, just pick your favorites. I grailed Robin and Sherlock to 100—and sure, the gameplay benefits are nice, especially since I basically doubled Robin’s attack and since Sherlock is a Ruler and therefore in the best class to grail from a stats standpoint—but imo you should move from “less rare” to “most rare.”

So lores before grails. Grails before Golden fous.

I think I’ll wait for after GilFest to grail someone new so I’m not blindly wasting EXP.

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Honestly, and I mean no offense when I say this but, are you sure you REALLY want to grail someone right now? Because, well, if right now you are doubting yourself on who to grail then in my opinion your grails are best kept for someone you wouldn’t need a second opinion on.

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I do have her at NP2 but no thanks. I cannot waste my grails on Stheno, a servant I never use and is at level 1.

I already started giving Malter the golden fous. She is the first and only servant for now, next will be Shiki.

I agree with you. I guess the best way to use the grail is to use it for my favorite servant that I use the most when I play. For instance: Malter and Shiki.

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Thanks! I have been waiting since day 1 to summon void Shiki. Finally, I will have my chance next week. I have been spending quite a lot of time to search for supports with void Shiki NP5 to try and use her until I have my own. However, it is very hard to find supports with void Shiki NP5.

Thanks. Your advice helped me. I guess there is no need for me to hurry in deciding which of my servants to grail at the moment. I will try to get my favorite servants skills to 10/10/10 first. However, I have already started giving Golden fous to Malter, and Shiki is next.

So looks like you’re grailing Malter and Shiki :wink:

True. I am not really doubting myself. I guess I wanted to hear other experienced players thoughts and opinions. I first thought of using grails to 4 star servants such as Shiki assassin, Fujino and Salter to level 90 to make them like any other 5 star servants, and had no particular thoughts of using my grails for 5 star servant until I found out that my two favorite servants: Malter and Shiki (Saber and Assassin) lack in either HP or Attack when it comes to high level difficult battles.

Oh? You want to try her? What’s your Friend Code?

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I guess I will eventually grail them in the end but not right now. I am definitely going to grail Malter once I get mine to NP5 this summer; I am just waiting for my Malter NP1 to become at least NP2 and above. I will be rolling for void Shiki and am aiming for NP5 next week. If I am successful, I guess she will become the first servant that I grail. At first, I planned to grail Shiki assassin to at least level 90. However, after pulling Semiramis NP5 ten days ago, I am not sure any more if I should grail Shiki assassin because I am only planning to grail servants that I will put in my support team, and I can only put either void Shiki or Shiki assassin on the “All servant” place because I already have Altria NP3 for saber, and Semiramis NP5 for assassin. Lastly, Semiramis attack is so weak to the point where she makes me want to grail her, and she is my first 5 star servant at NP5 and I spent overwhelming resources (the resources I originally saved up to summon void Shiki and Fujino both at NP5) hence I have this “duty” to use her whenever I can.

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