Advices for my saint quartz spending

Hello everyone I recently restarted to play the game and I received a lot of saint quartz from the mail box, I just want to know if there’s gonna be in the next few weeks a jack the ripper drop rate up banner, and if I should spend my saint quartz on the upcoming minamoto banner or focus on Jack the ripper, acknowing I really want Jack. But if there’s no upcoming banner for her should I spend my quartz on the straight banner where she is, wait for a good 5* banner like minamoto? Thanks in advance for the answers, let me know if there’s a confuse point in my request.


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Serious answers please

Personally, jack is very spooky. 3 times on non rate up banners so far.

JP had an Apocrypha banner after Halloween, but since it was based on a current season anime event we aren’t guaranteed to get it. After that there’s Valentines, class based banners, and next April we have an event based on Apocrypha and all of those servants are on rate up.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll wait and see if the banner shows up, if it doesn’t I’ll probably spend my quartz on the regular banner

what are you talking about, @Sir_of_Coffee is super serious

There is an upcoming banner for Jack so if you really want her, your best bet is to save up your SQ. Raikou is good but if she isn’t your favourite, then I wouldn’t recommend rolling for her.

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My suggestion is to look at here you could find out what banners is beneficial for your roster, add 2 years to those JP banners, some banners that collaborate with anime may not happen in NA. Lastly, quartzs are never enough, gl ;)

Okay thanks guys

Wow it seems that I am super lucky I am just beignner I saved up 300 SQ till I finished Babel the used them all on normal random summoning and I manged to get waver,jack and einkidu

I understand you’re in shock, but don’t go around talking about it like that or you’ll come off as bragging.

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