Advices + Good f2p units for AR-O/AR-D

Hello guys ! I’m trying to take aether raids a bit more seriously and I want to diversity my AR-O teams. As of now, I run D!Lif, Edelgard or Flayn, peony and Eir in light (+bonus unit), and Duo Alfonse, F!Lyon, Reginn, Annette, Plumeria + Altina or Naga depending on teams. I’m doing mostly ok but I struggle against cavlines particularly, and turn 1 traps in general, so I’m looking for advices/good units to counter those types of teams. I have an Henriette available, and one manualed for far save fodder if needed but I’m not sure yet how to use her in AR-O.
I also want to completely revamp both of my AR-D so same, if you have advices/f2p units that works well in today’s meta I would really appreciate your help !


Ah, four hours in and no advice given. Truly, the game mode is too niche, absurdly difficult, and dead to the general playerbase.

Here’s me talking about some mentality things I’ve been feeling about playing AR long-term. Skip it if all you want is unit suggestions though I’m gonna tell you right now, I have nobody specific to suggest.

General, non-unit suggestion advice in case AR feels super restrictive and bad.

When it comes to diversifying your AR-O teams… a lot of things can work, really. I honestly suggest just looking at whoever you have built up or really like. Using the meta units is great, but you probably already know who or what is meta right now (the GP tier list is fairly reasonable information regarding that). Using your favorites or units you’ve already invested into will probably make you feel great and get you motivated to keep playing seriously in AR.

Motivation is that important. Give yourself a good, encouraging, fun reason to play the mode. Remind yourself of that reason whenever you feel disheartened. Give yourself leeway to make mistakes too. The mode is hard, the meta can be difficult to play against, but you can succeed if you’re patient and smart with how you play and what you invest in.

Now, for actual advice. Here's an overload of information:

Competitive AR-D meta has a lot to do with threat range, mobility, and lethality that tries to cut off your options and checkmate you the moment you queue up the map. As such, it’s always recommended to have as much free building space as possible and to use strategies that do not rely heavily on offense buildings.

There are a lot of ranged units, cavs, and armors with save skills. You should also consider the enemy def mythics for your choices of investment. Look more into the effects units have, I’ll name a few:

  • Dragon-effectiveness is somewhat notable right now to fight Seiros. You’ll find a lot of Seiros around in astra.

  • Debuff negation is VERY valuable. Chills, shrines, Mirabilis, panic manor… you’ll face quite a lot and being able to ignore those things is a godsend.

  • Armor-effectiveness and Cav-effectiveness. Yes, all the Micaiahs are a godsend to have in competitive AR regardless of which one you’re talking about. The infantry alts with NCD are great, Brave Micaiah and Bridal Micaiah have great colors for armor-killing and the flier movement support is more than welcome. Even generic tome units running wolf tomes are great. Wolftome Rinea and Smolzura? Amazing in an anti-cavline team to counterpick lanes and improve cleanup. Generics like Erk, Miranda, Knoll, S!Lorenz, Illyana, and others? Solid as well. Heck, I’m confident that even Raigh has a place in the cav-heavy meta, I’ve used him in my budget anti-cavline team and he’s great, I think the owl-tome effect and dull ranged on his refine is more solid than it looks paired with his flat statline when fighting space-oppressive teams. A similar thing can be said for generics with anti-armor effects.

  • Null Follow-Up. In a world where extra effects on weapons are growing more and more, saying no to a lot of them is valuable. Nothing more to be said.

  • Movement. If a fave of yours is a cav, GREAT. They’re probably useful. Offensively-oriented melee and ranged cavs are flexible with their strategies and positioning. In a meta where defenses are trying to restrict you from doing anything, mobility is great for making sure that you have options and flexibility in how you position your units. B!Edelgard, canto, and flier movement is worth the mention here. I find Reyson and Leanne with their 3-tile flier movement, innate healing, and their ability to run aerobatics/flier formation to be very valuable.

Now, teambuilding? Depends on who you’re using and what strategies you’re trying to implement, but…be efficient and build your teams diligently. Use a-slots to soak chills off of carries, put desired link skills on smite/repo bots, bring chills, ploys, tactics skills, drives, whatever. You want to make use of everything at your disposal to make offense smooth. Heck, bring out the budget but heavily counterpicking AA sets where you need them, I’d recommend that kind of thing for units like Altina, Naga, and the Askrs if you’re not using them for link support. I literally gave my Reyson TA + Lancebreaker and use him on Astra, he’s meant to bully B!Hector. He can also actually survive and maim Seiros with the set, and she’s a popular unit for competitive players to put Odd Tempest on. When everyone in your raiding party is being helpful, you’re bound to have a good time.

I’m a copycat who also has an addiction to YT videos, so here’s a list of FEHtubers I’ve been watching for AR-O inspiration.

Summary - “mh19870410” runs cavline defenses and their recent content also covers some creative offensive strategies to help you think out of the box. - “ExKalibur” runs a lot of very offensive and proactive raiding parties. You hear people saying that galeforce comps are too niche because of trap placement and being too reliant on WoM? They probably haven’t watched this channel. They also display some fancy AI manipulation you can try to emulate. - “Anteri” uploads weekly AR-O content with commentary for every match. They run a lot of vantage, but they use a variety of strats and have a generally balanced group of raiding parties so you can find general offense strats here. - “FrostLordFrigid” has an AR-O series with mock battles and actual matches with commentary. Their commentary tries to explain many different ways players can tackle the defense being featured. They’re also one of the few Fehtubers I remember to still have a mock battle series so you can get your defense tested and featured there. - Sadly, “Ndolger” stopped their AR series a few weeks ago but their Discord is fairly active: They love to run tank strats. - “Eeuw” uploads daily AR-O content with no commentary, but their videos are quick to digest and they’re very responsive to comments. It’s also worth noting that they do their matches early in the day so you can also use their videos to see heavily invested defenses you have to contend with and how you can beat them. - “Eldervi”. Their editing, art, and humor is god-tier. They also have in-depth commentary with visuals and a “whalehunter” series that tackles heavily invested defenses. - “Akariss”. The teacher. The streamer. Tons of competitive content and you can go to their Discord for advice. Never mind… they changed how available their content is. Some of the old content of theirs is still helpful and relatively timeless so I’m keeping the link here.

Aside from asking in the AR thread, there’s nothing more for me to say. That’s all I’ve got, and I’ll just @xchan because you have a save armor, yaaaaay. I hope me posting this super long guide brings more attention to your post.



About that…



I’m not updated… did something change in their content?

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His discord server is P2W now

Text channels are invisible unless you’re a twitch sub, patreon, or YouTube member

His Twitch and YT content remains the same at least


If you have the free Lynja from a few months ago she can help you stop a good chunk of Turn 1 combos with enough Galeforce + Dancer support.

As for Cavlines, most Raventome Prf users like Cecilia, Boey, Sophia, and the Lyons are solid options with Triangle Adept so they can handle any of the common threats. Boey has built in Close Foil, Cecilia has built in Triangle Adept, Sophia has built in Bracing Stance, and Lyon has built in Quick Riposte, so I’d say pick whoever has the niche you want most. Keep in mind all of them except Cecilia can opt for Null C-Disrupt, which can let them counter Dazzle Staves and Firesweep Bows.






He posted a YT video explaining why he made this decision. It’s unlisted, but idk if it’s linked in his server announcements or video releases (I’ve left his server so I can’t check)


Sad. I edited my post to mention that.

Seeing that and how Ndolger stopped posting their AR series kinda says something about the appeal of AR content these days… what a predicament.


Thank you very much for this super detailed answer, I really appreciate it !!
I was always hesitant about bringing my favorite in AR because I felt like they couldn’t compete, but like you said some of them can at the very least be good counterpicks in specific situations ! that’s it I’m bringing Boey to my ARO team My goal is to stay in VoH and maybe one day get a golden chair :smiley: (also more grails can’t hurt lol).
I think I need to do a little barrack tour and select units that could work for a specific role (support, chill soaking, armor effectiveness, all those things you mentioned) and work from there. Also I’ll definitely check some of these youtubers, thank you !! :smiley:


That is a solid list of YT channels - I frequent most of them myself :joy:

Adding to the list - “KaiDash FEH” uploads each match like Eeuw, but with sound at least. Master of EirForce during light. - “Seri” uploads ARO and ARD vods weekly with commentary. He is a rank 1 player most of the time (depending on defense). While his ARO is immaculate, some of the most interesting aspects from his vod are his team comps. He provided the blueprint for my Ashnard + W!Hinoka combo.

There are some other notable YT Feh AR channels I watch but overall I find the ones listed here + Z3k’s list are the most educational.


Now for some actual advice. I’ll only focus on AR O for now since trying to build a good Dark defense is absolute hell, and having a strong offense should be prioritized before investing in defense. Nothing too specific here, just some general thoughts to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, diversify your teams. You have 5 team slots per season, so use them all. Do not be afraid to build a team that can beat cav lines and turn 1 traps. I’m lumping these together since they actually have similar counters. If you have Micaiah, she is an excellent cav line counter, and she does not need premium fodder or many merges (though they will make her a little more consistent). Sophia and Lyon are great F2P options if you have someone else to deal with Reinhardt and Selena.
  • Don’t run Duo Lif on offense. He will kill your entire team, and then himself. Leave him on AR D.
  • Have a variety of strategies available. Not every enemy team can be tanked. Look into strategies such as all-in Galeforce, hit and run, and Vantage, though the latter is falling off since it’s hard to just one shot everything with any unit who isn’t my Ayra.
  • No idea if you’re guilty of this, but if you are, don’t run any offense buildings aside from the fort, ladder, and bonus. You will need space. Especially vs turn 1 comps.
  • Know the big supports. B!Lucina, Flayn, both Velourias, B!Fjorm, and M!Corrin. The latter being the most F2P friendly. You would almost always use at least one of these units in a tanking comp, sans OG Velouria since she’s more for PP strategies. She is a great partner for NY!Alfonse though.

It’s not the easiest thing to provide a list of units who’d perform well in the current meta, since most units can be good for something. But you do have some good bases to work with from what I see in the OP. If there’s anyone you have built up that you think may be useful, they can probably find a role.


Thank you for this thread! I forgot to update my ARO teams for three days straight after realizing that they need to be updated lol.

Also I have nothing to add, both TMFM and Z3K already gave a pretty detailed guide (of which I could still learn something, too!)


Well, it’s a bit difficult to make an AR guide on the spot, so I’ll stick to just some bare minimum strats, and try to say stuff usher and Z3K haven’t said already for the most part, and maybe some unit recommendations.

  • Use different types of teams. Tank, vantage, hit & run, maybe a cavline type counterpick, and whatever you like. Something like that. Don’t rely on one team, or even one strategy. You can try galeforce but I don’t really recommend it for the inexperienced because it takes quite a bit of practice.

  • Don’t underestimate the PP. Because you’re running a tank doesn’t mean you can just disregard PP! Mixed phase tanks are often more flexible and imo, just better. Though the whole battle is often literally or almost over in a single turn, sometimes it is not. No point having a tank survive everyone, only to not be able to clean up the remaining threats on PP, and dying next EP because they can’t get out of the way.

  • Your teams don’t really seem to have much synergy. Shoving a bunch of strong units on a team doesn’t really mean success. For instance, if you’re running a tanking team, D!Lif has no place there

  • ARD is hard af. If you don’t wanna spend ages on it, just copy someone’s layout or a tried and true layout, chuck 2 mythics on there (preferably a bonus but that’s not always possible ofc), and hope for the best.

because I felt like they couldn’t compete, but like you said some of them can at the very least be good counterpicks in specific situations

  • You can actually get away with a lot of different units in AR. Heck, my main light tank is OG F!Corrin lol

Random unit recommendations


  • Norne (ranged tank)
  • Brunnya (ranged tank)
  • Kronya (vantage, tho tbh, not sure how well she holds up these days)
  • M!Marth (Omni tank)

There’s a lot of units you can use in ARO, aside from Norne and Brunnya, there aren’t too many that stand out too much. But you can have variety, and some 5*s are good even at low/no merges. I run B!Claude and Norne as my main astra tanks, and F!Corrin and Y!Marth as my main light tanks. You can fit a lot of units in tbh.


  • Eliwood (really recommend, even w/o resplendant, I don’t have it)
  • Kempf
  • Python/Rath/any bow cav
  • Any healer cav
  • S!Eldigan (tho doesn’t need merges, you do basically need him for dark ARD)

Honestly tho, for ARD, 5* exclusives unmerged are often better than 3-4s lol. My defenses mainly use 5 exclusives though none are merged more than once :feh_eirikathink:. And formation is honestly more important than just unit choice.


Oops I’m pleading guilty of “throw in a bunch of strong unit and hope for the best” lol ! I’m trying to diversify my teams right now, I really want to try galeforce one day but it might not be the easiest one to start with. I think I’ll stick with hit and run and taking strategy for now (my fallen Celica will certainly be useful somewhere lol)
Kronya was my Astra carry a while ago but she really isn’t as strong as she used to be :smiley: I blame hardy bearing ! Thank you for all these advices I’ll definitely try to apply them this season :smiley:


Thank you for these advices! I’m trying out some of the things you said, mainly having 5 different teams instead of just two to cover more weak spots ( and it helped today lol). It’ll take some time to see what works for me and wich strategy I’m confortable with, but I can do it :smiley:


To be specific I can personaly recommend:

A Cav Healer with high offenses

Good luck! :smiley:


Yeah, I have a max merge Kronnya and I rarely see a map that she can clear (though it does happen probably once in 3 seasons). Though Fatal Smoke helps her out alot to counter healing towers (I don’t have fatal smoke btw), she struggles to OHKO even with special spiral nowadays.


Anything works tbh. But some will have an easier time than the others. If you just want the easiest unit to use, go to the AR Tier List page and pick any of T1 and T2 units that you can afford. Of course, keep a diversity of teams available as mentioned by many here. Mix and match your win conditions.

Kinda oof nowadays as many of the sophisticated tools are expensive AF. But in short, just anything that hits hard, bonus points if it’s on a horse.


Something to mention is that units that negate debuffs or use them to their advantage are quite nice.
Brunnya is a f2p that simply doesn’t care about that.
And Arvis is one that’s very strong in applying debuffs and putting the enemy into the ground