Advices on Balthus & Yuri builds + usages

Hello everyone ! I’m looking for advices on builds for Balthus and Yuri, and on some advices on how to use Yuri in AR :smiley:
First off, Balthus. He’ll probably be part of my arena team once max merged, and he is also going to be used for general purpose. Here’s what I wanted to do with him:

I’m not sure which one is the best (I have fodder for both). I’m also open to suggestions ofc :smiley:
For Yuri, I was thinking about something like that :

He would probably get NFU or desperation for B slot outside of AR. Depending on gameplay/performance, I might put him on my to +10 list :smiley:
Regarding disarm trap, how do you use Yuri with this ? Does he goes in, attack something, retreat, get danced, foul play someone in? Is there other combos/interesting moves with foul play ? He seems interesting for AR but I really take any advice :smiley:


with Yuri, having him with Disarm Trap is clearly good (however, I am someone who actually uses the traps for my advantage, it does great chip damage, and i am usually able to get out of the way). but he’ll be great for it.

I would actually imo - give Yuri a special spiral bomb build. There are near/far save people to worry about as well, but he’d be amazing with it.

As for Balthus - both could work. (again I’m not so much a fan of Plegian axe (especially for arena). but the 2nd one would be better considering you’d probably want him to tank Leifs, Chroms, and other ranged threats (not red).


From my experience, the second build has better synergy. You can put him alone on the front lines and activate Plegian Axe while taking many hits.
The first build is where you find yourself tanking while protecting your allies. It is a very good strategy for when Balthus is the only one capable of dealing with the incoming foe(s). However, it conflicts with Plegian Axe’s effect where you need to be away from your allies. For this scenario, Love Candelabra+ is a good option.

Whichever of these two you prefer depends on the style you’re more used to: tanking with your friends or tanking alone.

You know those players who use Smite units to put galeforcers on the front? With a Fury 4 to activate dancers and others galeforcers where both have Wings of Mercy? This strategy is often used on players who don’t have lots of offensive structures to better position for smiting and hiding from cavalry.
Yuri doesn’t need that. For players who have lots of structures in their offenses and little space to smite or move around, Yuri can walk on a trap and swap with a frontliner and do the same work as those players I mentioned. With Ninja Lyn, an unit with Canto or any other with high range, Yuri makes a fantastic job.


Yuri: Disarm trap is great for AR. Otherwise his niche is being an infantry unit with cav movement so an infantry exlusive skill feels right (NFU or Special spiral, the later sinergizes well with the -1 special CD of the weapon and time’s pulse)


For Balthus an atk/def menace would be better due to how plegian works. You also get even more res from it, since it will severely debuff attack. No reason for him to debuffs res at all.


Yeah but I’m also thinking about what I have available, and I just need to fodder Zeke to get lull atk/def + that menace, that’s why I picked this one over atk/def :slight_smile:

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Ohh that’s what I was missing lol, you’re supposed to smite him into the traps !! I was confused af because I thought, well he can’t retreat if he just stops on a trap, and if he swaps with someone on a trap well they’re still going to get hit by it lol. Thank you !

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