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Hi o/
I’m currently saving for Summer Leo, but I keep looking back to Brady, cuz good boy… I have 190 orbs rn, should I save for Leo and hope that Brady gets demoted, or should I try a bit for him ? It’s not a serious question like who’s the best to use, more who you want me to pull for. I’ll certainly won’t have any luck anyway -w-

Also, I’m in my final exams for high school, and I still find myself getting bored between each subject. So I don’t even want to think about how summer is going to be, outside of the small works… So here’s a poll on which game I should replay. I’ll be doing them in hard (or normal if I want to run every terrible character) cuz I’m not a brilliant player :p

  • Binding Blade
  • Blazing Sword
  • FE 12
  • (Sacred Stones if you dislike me)

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and that’s not Wolt in the shadows :cry:

Well it seems like Yumina will be on the go ! Thanks for the votes o/

(And I guess I just won’t pull for Brady then)

I have Brady and he’s actually doing pretty well. I’m running Wings of Mercy and dual Bonds with Gravity+ (Wrathful refine) and he took care of most of the units in my Arena run (granted it was tier 19 but he did way better than Saizo in my experience).

Not only that, but his supportive capabilities are amazing. I don’t care what anyone says, Infantry Rush is a huge boost to team play if you mainly run Infantry units (like I do).

I say to try to get at least one. Set a limit for yourself on how many Orbs to spend and don’t go over the amount.

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Well, you’ve given me the will to pull for him now x)
I do mainly use Infantry units, so it could be very cool. Decided to go for those 90 orbs. It will leave me 100 and summer banners stay for a month I believe ? So I think it will be enough to still have good chance of having Leo.
I’ll say what I got if you don’t mind.

Well didn’t get Brady, but got Helbindi which I’m pleased with and Nina who’s a good fodder i guess ? So thanks for convincing me, it was a lucky try !^^

Binding because I’m playing right now and leo

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Well I’ve started 12 right now, sorry… but I’ll probably end up doing all of them again during summer
Leo is still going to be pulled for :heart:

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