Advise on a H!Mia build?

I’ve been meaning to build her since i originally obtained her, but I haven’t had any idea on how to build her. Help?(Thanks in advance :3)

I don’t see anything wrong with the build in the photo, so I don’t know why you can’t go with that.

Is she underperforming with that set? Or are you looking more for a different build to run on her outside of the one shown?

With flier buffs Mia generally hits hard enough to the point where you would want wrathful staff. Other than that not much to say. EDIT: B slot wrathful you want to keep your refine

Kinda… I’ve been wanting to use her as a unit other than a sole healer.

Well, a common “offensive” build that a lot of people run on Healers is the Pain + Savage Blow 6 combo. You could try that, but I think that her Witchy Wand is too good to give up.

Another option is Wrathful Staff in the B-Slot to turn her into a Colorless Mage, but that skill is still 5-Star locked. If you have spare Dazzling Staff instead (but it doesn’t seem like it judging from your picture), you could use that and refine the weapon for Wrathful.

Ah ok, thanks! Would switching her a skill to atk/spd bond later along the line be more useful as well?

If you have Wrathful Staff, then I think it’s fine. (Though, I think that Atk/Spd Bond is 5-Star locked as well.) Healers get heavily shafted, so they don’t really have a whole lot of options for offensive A-Skills outside of Bonds, Brazens, Solos, and simple stat boosting skills.

But considering how exclusive most of those skills still are, I recommend that you don’t fodder off premium skills unless you really like Mia and/or plan to use her extensively.