Aerial Ace vs Hurricane

Since Gamepress doesn’t seem to be posting analysis on Hurricane Rayquaza, and I just got mine, I’m wondering this from my peers:

  1. On paper, I’d imagine the two are quite close in generally awful performance; a rather weak, fast, expensive charged move vs an extremely weak, slow cheap charged move. That said, which of these turds have been shinier for you guys? Perhaps do something unspeakable even, like Air Slash + Aerial Ace + Hurricane? Lol, kinda being facetious

  2. Anyone try it out in PvP? Lol, I know…

I won’t use Hurricane Rayquaza, just keep it there. Not worth powering up from a low level.

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For me, as soon as it wasn’t shiny, it got marked with a mental note of “unique, but no point, so I’ll just let it use a space on my storage”.

With the weird and wonderful randomisation of moves that seem to turn certain ones from being a bit crap to, actually that’s good now, it may at some point in the indeterminate future be worthwhile. Ray is an easy duo and whilst it isn’t Heatran, which Niantic appears to use as some kind of divider between other T5’s, it does seem to get a good few reruns, so if that does happen, the candy to power it up a bit will likely be available sooner or later too.


Personally 1 bar moves are always discouraging for pve, when there was no gbl Niantic more or less understand it (that’s why psystrike change from a 1 bar move on the game data to a 2 bar move just before release). Now that all the effort is put on pvp I fear that new and signature moves will be 1 bar moves…which really is very sad, hope I am wrong but between Payback and Aeroblast(not that Lugia have anything to do on pve either way), I doubt it.

Why not mention the wealth of more or less recently added two/three-bar charged attacks: shadow bone, v-create, fly, aura sphere, flying press, sacred sword, rock wrecker or tri attack? Seems that all in all they are the majority and rather it was time to introduce some one bar moves again. Technoblast a good example for that as well
Also it has nothing to do with pvp. The majority of people in pvp prefer faster moves.


Looks like the difference between the two is fairly negligible such that it isn’t worth powering up from lvl 15 and probably isn’t worth the ETM. Had this been a raid-exclusive, things would be different since the cost is much lower (and chance for luckies greater).

A positive point I can imagine is, since Rayquaza already has a single-bar exclusive flying move, the possibility of Dragon Ascent being multi-bar increases. Aeroblast was made 1-bar is partly due to Lugia having access to the 2-bar Sky Attack.
I hope this logic holds for Dialga and Palkia, then they’re stuck with Draco Meteor now is actually a good thing.

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There’s too much emphasis on the potential energy waste of 1-bar charge moves. I encourage players to use a 1-bar charge move in a raid and see just how often you over-cap on energy and whether or not it even had an impact on defeating or not defeating the boss.

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I kinda agree. If you can dodge, 1-bar moves aren’t held back nearly as much as some make out (I also understand phone lag making you unable to dodge). It does add an element of strategy into raiding that isn’t as present with spammy 3-bar moves. Having to dodge to maximize DPS, choosing whether to tank a hit to increase your energy, etc. I would say on glassy 'mon (like Roserade), 1-bar moves don’t do too well. But on tanky stuff like Groudon or Lugia, its far less of an issue.

-Good luck doing damage with tri-attack against any raid boss.
-Shadow bone: the inferior shadow ball that only marowak can learn
-Well when you get your six victini and Niantic decide to give it a fire fast move you will get an outstanding fire pokemon team…also Rayquaza, the not fire pkm, could learn it!..someday…maybe.
-Aura Sphere is a 2019 move
-flying press and fly are great moves, don’t forget to flex your pikachu on the raids(but seriously fly would have been one hundred percent better for Rayquaza than Hurricane)
-Sacred sword…great move we just need Niantic to remember to add it to Terrakion and maybe on 2025 they would remember to add it a stab fighting fast move to make it viable on raids(also Keldeo?)
-Rock wrecker…yeah you are right with this one, the last good pve cd move before the pvp pandemic began.

So, as you can see. Quite good two/three bar moves were in fact introduced :slight_smile:

So now let’s hope they put them on viable mons. I bet terrakion is next (guess no fighting fast move. Maybe cobalion gets one)

I think the simple reason for Ray getting Hurricane is that we still have a reason to raid it when Dragon Ascent comes. Fly is (one of) the best Flying Charge Move(s) as far as I‘m concerned, so DA would need to be stupid broken to surpass Fly. Thus probably reducing the overall interest for DA if we had Fly Ray I guess.

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Yeah, I first imagine they could add fly to Ray permanent moveset at the same time they release Dragon Ascent as an exclusive raid boss move(with slightly better stats than fly), much like mewtwo with psystrike and psychic.

But then what would be the purpose of Hurricane?. In pve aerial ace seems better the hurricane(if you dare to use is as a flying attacker), and in pvp I don’t see too much play for Ray(although I am no expert), so what the purpose of the move? I can imagine someone and Niantic spinning a roulette and choose any move that Ray could learn just to fill a quota.

Looking at the attack stats of the legendaries with signature moves, I believe future signature moves would lie between Psystrike and Aeroblast. Fly is very similar to Psystrike in terms of DPS×DPE, so there is still enough space for Dragon Ascent to surpass it, such as a 2-bar version of Brave Bird.

Sheer novelty I‘d say. Like Hurricane on Articuno or Psychic on Gengar.

2-bar Brave Bird sounds unholy broken :joy:

Alright, Brave Bird is too fast, making it 2-bar seems unrealistic. A Meteor Mash clone is a better choice, this figure is the result against a bug+fighting type target.

I have not seen any announcements about Hurricane Rayquaza … so how does one get one? Is it a reward for ??? is this now a TM able move?

A reward of the Honnen Celebration Research. Only obtainable via Elite TM on previous Rayquaza. Not worth using even if yours is a hundo.

Thank you sir.