Aerial Drive vs Holy Night Supper

I finally took the time to spend the millions of FP I got from Gilfest and did some CE bombs, with those i got Golden Sumo to level 100 and now my doubt is which one should i do now?

Both Holy Night Supper and Aerial Drive are high level but i don’t know which one will be more useful more often than the other. At this point both will take a lot to reach max level.

What do you guys think?

It depends on your servant that’s the awnser. Would you rather prioritize high Buster damage without the need to rely on critical hit, or play around a servant that can reliably use critical stars.

It depends on what dps you are using, I suppose. But I personally would prefer HNS because it is a bit more useful on other card types. I also like crits though, so maybe I am biased.

I guess since you already did Sumo for generalists, Aerial Drive might be better.

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If you’re using buster servants a lot, AD. If not HND.


Do you use Arts and Quick pointmen at all ?

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Holy Night Supper, because of the more card-agnostic usage. And also because crit up is always a welcome buff in any fight.

Even if you have Golden Sumo at 100, you could still use another one of its kind in the same setup.

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I like HNS more myself, but saberlot is also a favorite servant and he abuses both effects quite well. I also prefer the jalter art to the lewd mecha nun.

However, if I were to level two of them… (Assuming I get excessive bombs one day) I’d probably do two aerial dive CE’s before two hns as I occasionally wish for multiple in some 3 np 3T comps.

Yeah, i think you’re right. Especially because it’s not like AD id level 15 and will do horrible damage.

Thanks guys.