Aether Raids def team but im dying?



I made a fun team that consists of 6 blue fliers, but with your average everyday rally trap to mettle it down a bit, so how do i make this gaggle useful so i can seem interesting?

The Fun Gang

This is the Fun Gang, all blue. That’s the fun part.

The Fun Kits

Azura(Allah Forgive Me)

With their kits out in the open the plan is clear, Catria warps up, bursts down whatever tank they put down, then everyone else can warp in with WoM and go sicko mode. I Tested it out with a Male Grima, and managed to get his def up to 72. I also managed to get Catria to kill that. But because i am a rally trap noob you gotta help me get the victory royale with blues only. (Tier 20 with a level 3 def fortress because thats important)


All I have to say is:

*Monocolor defense teams as a whole are usually a bad idea. When I see a monocolor team during an AA run, I will run the color with the advantage. People will run varied colors in AR offense, and if they see one color throughout, they will take advantage of it. I do commend you for trying it out–and testing it.
*Consider improving your def fortress. Level 3 is not very good for a T20. Mine’s level 4 (not including bonus) and I’m T19.


Literally all I would do is throw Surtr into range and have him destroy all of them.
You should add an Est to prevent stuff like that.


You gotta use est instead of Clair or Catria because her brave refine with effective against armors is great against surtr


Yeah the danger is characters who slow down special charges via Special Fighter/Guard/SS4 or who can’t be followed up on, like Myrrh. Running Est can help take down Armors. Myrrh is a different story though and I’m not sure that this team can have any hope of killing her at all due to her follow-up denial.