Aether Raids Defense Showcase

First of all, sorry if a similar thread already exists; it could have eluded my search but hopefully not.
The recent addition of new units to my roster has prompted me to finally change my ARD setup, and after a lot of trial and error I’m curious to see what other effective strategies are out there.

It would be great to see your screenshots, explanations, and results! I’ll start it off:

Current all season layout. I don’t have much data on its effectiveness since I just made it.

The idea is simple: go left or right and you’ll have to tank 2 units each of a different color and damage type. Slot in hardy bearing seal to deal with pesky vantage units and Brave Ike. AKA “Nuke strat.”

old anima season setup
Lyn has firesweep bow and Duma has armored boots.

old dark season setup
Cecilia has the cleaner and armored march.

Tier 21+
Previous setups would usually lose <200 lift per week, with a 50% win rate maybe. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you get wrecked.

Popular strategies I’ve encountered:
Desert map with a bunch of ranged cavalry - Problematic if you fill your back line with structures forcing engagement turn 1.

Lava map with flier emblem + goad flier and galeforce - Should be easier to deal with if you have bow units and dancers

Any map with +10 L!Alm, Ophelia, Thrasir, etc. - I don’t know if anything exists that can tank multiple fully merged Alm hits; he’s such a destructive force! You have to make specific offense teams should you encounter setups that rely on these specific units.

I found out that locked teams persist even if you sacrifice a unit! Brave Eliwood is no more cos I foddered off his assist for arena scoring… but his ghost remains!

Here’s my defense map just for reference:

Coverage is half the battle in my experience. I’m my setup, there’s not a single unit you can bait out without having it backfire. Thrasir and Alm cover Catria, and Eliwood covers Hector (who has boots). I’ve only had one loss this week, and even then I was able to kill three foes. Only problem is this setup has a nasty Vantage weakness, and I don’t have many good units that fit into the team comp that can reliably run it.

You did a great job with coverage in your case. You would be able to bait out Ophelia, but unless you got a Nagi or a Nils, there isn’t much that’ll survive. Only thing I would change are the bolt traps and Chrom, since he looks like the least threatening presence. I’d see if I could switch him out with a ranged cavalier (or if you wanna be a piece of shit, another refresher)

Maybe someone green swapped with Chrom.
What about Gunntrá if you have one? She can abuse Aversa’s debuffs

Or thrasir, Rath, Python.

Do you equip hardy bearing seal on any of the back line units? Personally I find that it is enough since a lot of vantage teams fall apart if the main unit dies.

I agree that a ranged cavalier or another refresher would be annoying as heck and probably better, but my Chrom is +10 and I want to make more use him :X (also want to see how the AI uses his unique assist).

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Those are all good choices. Since I don’t have any of those units mentioned though I might make a +10 Cecilia. Her color advantage against colorless and blue is pretty nice.

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No I don’t, I was trying to say that I’m having trouble finding someone to fit into the team comp that can reliably run Hardy Bearing (I only typed half that sentence, whoops). On a new setup I’m gonna try next week, I’m gonna field L!Julia, so maybe she could try running it