Aether Raids Usage Statistics (Discuss AR and view T21+ statistics!)

Hello! As y’all know, I do a lot of Aether Raids defense business. In the past few months, I’ve been working with spreadsheets a lot, because I had an Informational Systems class where we worked with Excell regularly. So then I decided to practice my Execel spreadsheet skills a bit by starting up this! It started out pretty small, but thanks to the help from consistent contributers and readers, this thread has grown a ton and we’ve collected a really awesome amount of data. If it’s your first time checking out this post, welcome!

The data has been a long-term project, and I regularly work in this thread, so thanks everyone for helping, reading, and supporting! I’m really glad this usage statistics thread has become a pretty cool place lol. While I am not currently collecting any more data, because the AR-D meta is pretty stable and I’ve gotten busy, I will be posting a large final data summary eventually. Other than that, we still discuss AR in general here. Have fun!

Old Instructions for Posting Screenshots (NOT CURRENTLY COLLECTING DATA)

This thread is for general Aether Raids discussion, and also where Tier 21+ users provide screenshots of defenses they’re battling throughout the week, so that I can record them into the stats. I’m always looking for more contributers, so if you’re in T21+, I’d love any data contribution, and if you’re not, feel free to stay for just discussion and analaysis lol. I do weekly analyses on the data, and sometimes other stuff.

If you’re in Tier 21+ and would like to participate, just post the date of when you did the battle, the tier you were in during the battle (or the tier of the defense user - really I just need some approximation), and then the six units on the defense. You can type out the six units, or just give a screenshot (preferable so I know it’s not made-up).

Old Updates & Statistics

EDIT: Here’s the top 10 list and number of times they’ve been recorded, so far (the rightmost column is the number of times they’ve been used total).
EDIT 9/13/19: Here’s the newest version! I added a nice chart and whatnot.
EDIT 9/13/19 (Later): Just found out that somehow I skipped HS Micaiah in the table that accumulates and counts everything, so now I added her into that big table on the left, so now she’s on the charts now. Updated charts are posted right below the earlier screenshot. There was also an issue where I skipped a place in the table I think? Hard to check for typos and whatnot, but I’m doing my best to keep eyes peeled lol.

EDIT: 9/20/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 9/27/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 10/04/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 10/14/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below) (New Seasonal Split Format)

EDIT: 10/21/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 10/28/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 11/04/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 11/11/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

EDIT: 12/04/2019 Weekly Breakdown (Below)

  • Unique Rank: The rank of how commonly the unit is used. When it’s a tie, the unit that’s first alphabetically is put first. However, that doesn’t come into play too much near the top of the usage statistics.
  • Instances: The raw number of times the unit has been used out of recorded teams. The instances count is used to create the Unique Rank statistics.
  • Usage Percent: How often the unit is used out of all surveyed units. For example, Legendary Azura has consistently made up approximately 9-10% of the total units used in Aether Raids defense.

When does the next Myrrh alt come out?


Intellige - I mean, Informational Systems says that the next Myrrh alt will be in the spring. :feh_corrinmug:




Of 2084


When are we getting Surtr in a thong and/or Mythic Surtr with a prf that deals 69 damage to units within 3 spaces at start of turn

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Both battles were today (a few minutes ago) and me and my opponents were both at tier 24.


Thank you!

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This was my match today (would have more, but I was tired and played badly so I didn’t get enough Aether for another match)


Also had screenshots of my two matches from last Wednesday, so I might as well post them too

Last Wednesday

Might also post some more tomorrow if you want, since it’s gonna be a new season.

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Damn, forgot to get a screenshot of my battle today. Sorry

If it helps, my opponent used some pretty basic stuff: Hrid, Yune, Sothis, Gunnthrá, L!Alm, L!Lucina. Tier 25

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It’s fine, the screenshot isn’t super necessary as long as you know the units and tier. I just think it’s nice to keep things organized and all and so I can see if S camilla is “Spring” or “Summer” and small things like that lol.

Since people are giving me such nice data I’ll try to see if I can get some nicer cleaned up screenshots at all, in case anyone is interested in my progress. :hugs:


Here some pictures of my battles today.
Both at tier 22.

Hope these help.

Here’s a screenshot from what I’m working on. I manually input the units being used in the “Data Collection” sheet, which then transfers over into recording the number of times each unit shows up. The number of Instances of a unit is how many times they were seen in the defenses. The “Usage Percent” ranking is just the raw number of appearnces of a unit divided by the total sample of units so far (the total number of untis recorded). The “Usage Rank” is the raw ranking of the unit’s usage - right now, a ton of them are tied, because there isn’t a vast enough of a sample yet to be meaningful. The “Unique Rank” category tiebreaks them alphabetically, so while it’s less accurate, it works well enough for the ones where we do have data (like a Top 10 highest usage list). The Green in Unique Rank category is based on all 412 units in the game, and biased alphabetically for tiebreakers, so that’s why the top of the list is super green lol rather than Red and Yellow.

A few cells I have auto-highlighted for if they’re above the average usage percent (like Aversa), though right now any unit is going to have above-average usage if they’ve been used at all lol. Then I have two charts for the rankings - one that shows it based on raw number of instances (which is great except when there’s a tie, because then it goofs stuff up and I haven’t figured out how to fix it), and another that shows it based on unique ranking.

And then the messy stuff below those doesn’t matter and is just be trying to fiddle around with more formulas to make it better lol. Right now, 90 units, or 15 teams, have been recorded.


Here are a few more. I believe that the first was in tier 24 and the other three were in tier 25.
I also forgot to take a screenshot of one. That player was in tier 26 and had L!Azura, L!Alm, Lilina, Sothe, Silvia and Lewyn. I did these battles 1-2 hours ago.


Recorded (along with everyone else’s)! Thanks so much everyone for all the data so far! Also, my professor for my class was very impressed after I told him I was working on this, after I asked him some questions about some formula stuff for it lol

Also pretty surprised that I was just doing it for fun, which is very valid tbh


In case you still need some more matches, all were today in Tier 21.

Then I had one with L!Alm, Ophelia, L!Lucina, Sothis, Yune, and L!Azura



I also have the builds captured as well if anyone wants to see them.

Oh! sure! I can help my friend, let me just-


Sorry lol @SweetiePie , I appreciate the willingness all the same. I wanted to keep it pretty confined meta-wise, because there’s a lot less of a defined meta the lower you go from T21, even at T20 where I was sitting for a while. It’d just be inconsistent data that doesn’t give much accurate representation.

Also, thanks for more matches @PokehunterX, appreciated!