@af1899 appreciates Julia :feh_juliasmile:


Hello all! Been a long time since I made my last appreciation thread, huh?
This one was long overdue for over a year, I first ran into personal issues around the time and needed some time off GP, so I was unable to work on this post, even after my return to this account, I still mostly forgot about working on this post, but decided to get on it… until finally, I’m done.

But anyway, let’s get started with…


:arrow_up: Drawn by: Sachie

In this thread I’ll talk about her and why she’s one of [@af1899’s Top 3 Favs] as well as sharing some of the best fan #art I have found around with sources and some FEH build showcase.
I’ll leave it at one part since I’m close to 32k characters (this limit has probably been raised but I’m not entirely sure), but as usual I’ll share updates, #art and other stuff anytime in the comments. :feh_nino:


The first thing I want to share is her cutscene theme which I’ve extended long ago while including the simple SPC700 status view from Foobar2000’s Game Emu Player, you may listen to the music if you want to, I think it’s a nice touch while reading this post.
In any case, this theme first plays in the sixth chapter of the game when Seliph & Co. reconquer Ganeishire in their rising against the Grannvale Empire’s forces residing in Isaach at the time, as there’s dialogue involving Julia before she joins the liberation army.

It’s a tad melancholic but I think it’s fitting considering her story, it’s also very calm, like herself, I definitely like it.

Also trivia but did you know it’s a short melody that uses only one sample? It sounds like it uses different samples of instruments, but actually it’s just one at very different pitch values being used across 6 of the 8 channels in the SPC700.



Julia (ユリア, Yuria) is the daughter of Arvis and Deirdre, the latter of which had been brainwashed by the head priest of the evil cult that seeks to terrorize Jugdral, named Manfroy; his plan was to force marriage between the only two known users of minor Loptyr [Holy Blood] so that a vessel for the Dark God could be born, this resulted in Julius' birth, who's brother to Julia. Manfroy also planned on killing all descendants of Naga who's the only major threat to Loptyr, Julius managed to kill Deirdre after he took on the [Loptous] tome that corrupted him, but in the NickofTime *ba dum tss* she managed to warp Julia to safety outside of Barhara, as these events were taking place there. Julia was outside confused and lost, but Lewyn came to her rescue.
It's also worth noting that Julia is half-sister to Seliph as a result of these events, with Deirdre being their common mother... however, the two of them don't initially know until latter that they're half siblings.

Julia is first seen in chapter 6 of the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War game in company of King Lewyn of Silesse because he has found her lost, and, for initially unbeknownst reasons, nearly all of her memories were wiped out... as a result of this, she's first mostly shy yet wary, quiet and soft-spoken, barely speaking.
After Lewyn leaves Julia under Seliph's care, he pledges to get stronger and protect her; and, after this intermezzo, Ganeishire is conquered and Dannan's forces prepare to launch a counterattack to attempt recovering said castle.
On the way of Seliph's quest of liberation, starting in Isaach, Lana offers Julia a [Mend] staff, the latter of which appreciates it since she wants to help, even if a little. She can also get either [Resire] or [Aura] depending of which of two castles in Isaach were conquered by Seliph first.

Until the middle of chapter 10, Julia hardly interacts with anyone or speaks, but she's abducted by Manfroy, who has plans for her later on, he decides to restore her memories and later on, manipulate her to attack Seliph and his army.

In chapter 12, near its conclussion and before facing Julius, Seliph eventually learns he needs to kill Manfroy to free Julia from his mind-controlling spell, he's eventually slain in-battle and [Naga] the tome is retrieved from the treasury at Velthomer, he then, decides to call out for Julia to make her snap from the spell, she apologizes for the attacks from before and shows great inner strength by offering to fight against Julius, thus rejoining with [Naga] the weapon on her arsenal.


Julia is initially depicted as a shy, confused and mysterious child due to her memories being stripped off by Manfroy, but even so, she retains a sense of responsability and wishes to aid Seliph, for example when Lana checks on Julia after conquering Ganeishire on chapter 6, Julia expresses eagerness to help and earns a [Mend] staff after the dialogue is over.
Later on in her journeys with Seliph and after recovering her memories, she develops a kind and caring personality as well as inner strength, being strong-willed enough to put her life on the line to protect everyone, specially those dear to her.

My story with her and why she’s one of my biggest favs


It all started one year after my comeback to Fire Emblem Heroes, and rather early in that month, which is when my 21st birthday was going to take place (this was in Aug/2019), her Legendary alt was leaked at that time, and naturally, I felt like I had to scrounge up as much [Orbs] as I could, skipping anything else since I was also saving to +10 Sonya, the banner was set to come a day before my birthday, and when it came around I couldn't be any more happier with the result as I took it as a birthday gift, her IVs were decent (-HP/+RES), but this alt was the very staple to get myself started in getting to know more about her, as it fueled a passion that had never burned so brightly.

Of course, I knew about her ever since I cleared Thracia 776 for the first time some years ago when I was starting to play, but never got really interested in her, until her Legendary alt was a thing in FEH, as I was saying, it's like I just knew I wanted it so badly.

I've read her quotes, and I was really moved by her personality — her artwork, although it didn't keep her silver-ish hair (its original color), it managed to deliver such a soothing and heartwarming impression to me, all while showing her strong-willed side in the non-normal pieces.
Even to date, my passion for her hasn't faded away one bit... on the contrary, I feel that each day, I appreciate her more, and not only this alt was the base for that bond, it also has drawn my interest on the artist's work (Sachie) and nowadays, I consider them one of the most talented illustrators to ever have contributed to FEH; they've also drawn Julius at first, but after Legendary Julia: Sara, Fallen Julia, Micaiah's Resplendent skin... all and some more characters were drawn by Sachie...

Nowadays she stands as my personal third most favorite fictional character, having finished her home game around its 25th anniversary left an everlastingly positive feeling on the Jugdral subseries, which to date remains as my personal favorite in Fire Emblem!

To wrap things up here, here go a few quotes I got from my save file of last year.

:warning: Do note these translations are from way before the current ones, from Dark Twilkitri’s English patch.

Therefore, Julia is one of my biggest favorites since I adore angelical designs like hers, but also her pleasant and sweet personality. I also admire how strong she’s mentally, risking her life to achieve peace in Jugdral, this continues to be true while she fights for the Order of Heroes, showing how she values peace.

«Forgive my saying so, but you seem exhausted… Please, get some rest. I am here for you.»

«No matter what comes, I will stay by your side. I promise.»

Fan #art

Here’s some of the fan #art I’ve been finding over the time and collecting, I tried to share a little of some artists that got something to share I personally liked, and all of them are properly credited, I wanted to give those artists some recognition and also, selecting the #art that I think managed to captivate Julia’s essence the best.

(22 pictures, 1 animated GIF)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @ane8723 (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 中林ずん (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: うーろ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: (2×) Drawn by: 結川 (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: くたびれ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: あずさ@セリカ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 甘ガエル2 (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: D3odan (Reddit)

:arrow_up: (4×) Drawn by: (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: こなちり (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Pmolita (DeviantArt)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: INKANII (Tumblr)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @otepika (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Wintse (Reddit)

Same artist as above, except I did find this one on their Twitter account:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Wintse_V (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: AsukaaAsuu (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: zunbayasi (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: Takanoez (Reddit)

I also would like to extend a recommendation to check out Firstaid0’s work, the best Julia fan artist I know about! They don’t allow reposting, so if you’re interested, I suggest exploring their profiles:

Twitter | Pixiv



I went for a little of an unusual approach with her until I get the skills I want, but she’s a promising score bot unit I’ll likely include in my [Arena] core once she’s fully merged and with actually useful skills to her survival/offenses. Not my priority to save up for merges for now since there are her limited alts.

I remember when her Resplendent upgrade was announced and thanks to @SupaAnimegal I was able to get it, while I was initially a teeeeeensy bit skeptical about it, overall the new artwork has grown on me and the Nifl thematic is a good match to her mainly because of the colors, matching well with her older design from the 90s, it’s not what I’m used to and her eyes are a tad big, but otherwise it’s a really adorable artwork, about how I feel towards the original, which was already an excellent depiction of her.

BTW, since I planned to share the results of how it went trying to get merges for her on the last banner I pulled for her, here’s a resume:

I found it only in one of my chats back in mid-to-late May/2021, this was a great time indeed, but decided to back down since I needed to save up [Orbs], despite I wanted more as well as some Lucina copies of either of her versions.


This is my favorite version of hers so far.
I like to use her mostly on [Røkkr Sieges] since she offers the [Pair-Up] feature which is helpful for her cohort (varies with the Røkkr I’m fighting, for example I’m using OG Idoun to stall the axe armors) and she can easily apply [Guard] as needed, this kit is also great for scoring (BUT her base [Light and Dark] needs to be equipped back), though lately I don’t bring her to PvP stuff, her skillset and merges aren’t done but my aim is to capitalize on her attack and speed.


I’m not a big fan of Fallen units even though I’ve expressed I find the thematic interesting, providing cool what-ifs like with Ike grasping the power of Lehran’s Medallion or actual Fallen Heroes like Berkut after he sold his beloved’s soul. Due to that and lack of fodder to give to her, I rarely use this alt, but it promises a fun and interesting niche I’ll eventually invest to make a reality later on, like making of her a bulky dual phase unit of sorts maybe…

I also like the references, such has her working poorly against dragons as this references Loptyr’s weakness to its eternal foe of light, Naga.
And it makes sense of course, since this is her version being possessed by Manfroy near the final stretch of chapter 12 in FE4 to make defeating Julius even more of a challenge unless you kill Manfroy and bring back [Naga] to Julia with Seliph.


I was greatly impressed by this thematic when it was first announced, being a brand new idea that expands a little further on Jugdral lore by introducing a kind of a festival or ceremony made in honor of the Twelve Crusaders.
Of course, Julia won me over in this banner because of the many different nice touches in her artwork and quotes, for example her depiction here gets much closer to the original artwork from the 90s since her hair is more on the silver/white -ish side than being light purple, which is the color @Intelligent_Systems normally gives her in more recent media, but she hasn’t lost her characteristic sweetness… also I love they added an orange butterfly, and the crown with the fluffy white ball, everything about her artwork is so cute and she’s smiling even in her special akjhvfudihvb.

Sadly I don’t use this alt as much as I’d have liked to since she doesn’t bring anything of new other than being a somewhat generic ranged flier, with [Light and Dark] giving her something that kinda makes her special, specially if you consider that ranged fliers continue to have a drought of B-skills.
Eventually I’ll give her a proper build but for now I can guarantee I adore this alt, it also completed my Julia emblem team. :feh_juliasmile:
Now @Intelligent_Systems, how about giving Idoun and Sonya a few more alts so that I can make their teams? Just give us two for Sonya to compensate for the 4+ years wait and give one more to Idoun. :feh_reinyes:

Also, since I’ve made a video for it… here’s how the summoning for her on the debut banner went:

Legendary is the best :purple_heart:

Why? I think it’s the best portrayal of her persona yet, being at her prime after having her memories unsealed and rejoining Seliph with [Book of Naga].

Source: original artwork from Fire Emblem TREASURE. She’s originally silver-haired.

Also, while it’s true that I prefer the character design to be as loyal to the original as possible (like in her [Scions of Twelve] alt), I actually grew extremely fond of her being often drawn with light purple hair and eyes, it’s my favorite color and I think it suits her nicely, being on light tones, it also helps to radiate a sense of relaxation and kindness (specially with her long hair and the , traits that define her late-game in FE4 and that FEH expanded upon… I also tend to grow fond very quickly of characters with a sweet/gentle demeanor like hers, which are at their peak in her Legendary alt, yet showing unwavering willpower in the battlefield and standing up to protect the good people.
Finally, this is the very alt that “laid the groundwork” of my favoritism for her to say the least, but I’ve expanded on that before in this post.

Mother and child

Not only Julia is one of my biggest favorites, I do happen to like Deirdre a lot as well… even though she’s kind of a plot device unfortunately, but we still get to see some development through the story of the game even later in the second generation, showing how loving and sweet she is, traits that her children inherited thankfully. :feh_deirdrehappy:

I felt like her potential appreciation thread would be similar and not as big, so I added this section as an extra, anyway here’s some fan #art :

(16 pictures)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @jisunshines (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @AsukaaAsuu (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @violapuff (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 結川 (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: (7×) Drawn by: (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 中林ずん (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @meziosaur (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: leonmandala (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @otepika (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Found at: fe25th (Tumblr)

Here’s my build for her in FEH along with commentary on why I like her:


It’s not an overly impressive build and I’m well aware that in-battle buffs don’t count towards [Divine Naga]'s added effect, but they’re useful neverthless.
It’s worth noting is a W.I.P. on a speedy take, but even so it’s a decent build, not great for PvP considering today’s metagame.

As for her artwork, I definitely love the upgrade so much!!

First of, because of the several different hues of purple/violet in her Dökkálfar attire, it's my favorite color because of how pleasant and aesthetically enticing I find it, being a color I see associated with dark magic in video games as well.
Purple is also a color usually associated to positive emotions and feelings in the color psychology, inspiring traits such as royalty, wealth, romance, and so on...

I should also mention I really like butterflies and how diverse are the patterns engraved on their wings. Dökkálfar are seemingly based on the beautiful lepidoptera and often themed with purple and blue, the color blend is magnificent and inspired calmness of mind.
I feel it’s nice to see details like the wings on the back of her dress and the magical butterflies on her special artwork in reference to previous depictions such as the #cipher, for example in this artwork by Cuboon:

Besides, Deirdre is seen gently smiling at [you] in her normal Resplendent artwork, while looking “softer” in a sense compared to her normal artwork, in which she looks more mystical, solemn and mysterious… but the original is really well done and I love it too, being loyal to her original depiction.

All in all, she’s a character, that, when I look at her, I feel relaxation and warmth much like with Julia and Sara, they might not have the greatest development arcs but they are super lovable… maybe more than that. :feh_juliuslaugh:
And the mix of light tones of purple in the designs of these 3 characters further shows how heartwarming they can be. Deirdre has grown to be my favorite mother character of the series.

Unfortunately, I don’t have her seasonal alt with Sigurd, but I’d love to get it someday for sure.

Also, did you know Deirdre has her own scene theme? You can listen to it right below:

It’s a really calming and soothing theme that merely uses two samples: the string ensemble (voice 0) and choir (voice 3); and yet it sounds so good and in character.

:warning: If the link stops being valid, it’s possible I uploaded a new video to fix a small sound crack, in my draft of this post I said there was a minor one but for now I don’t think it needs fixing.

The End

Thanks so much for checking out yet another appreciation thread of mine! I hope you like it.
And I deeply apologize for promising this thread around May/2021, and never publishing it until now, in the end I managed to finish it and share it while revamping the draft I’ve had, there were a lot of modifications I could do.
I also took out the subscriber list just in case, but feel free to write to me if you’d like to see more threads like these, though seeing that all my biggest favs already have their threads I’m not sure if I’ll make more. Having that said, I’m always happy to talk about them. :feh_ilovelucy:

Feel free to revive this thread at will, so long as there’s any Julia/Deirdre appreciation you’d like to share, this is one thread where you can do it. :feh_juliuslaugh:


Thought I’d use the opportunity to share some good news regarding a few my projects: the night of 5/15/2022 I was able to get the last stat boost for best Awakening girl thanks to Fallen Muarim’s [Heroic Ordeal], I also got the [Heroic Grails] to get the last merge for my Ninja Shamir, both shown below:


Ninja Shamir is my eighteenth +10 project, next in my list of [Heroic Grails Shop] units to be +10ed should hopefully be Clarisse if no one of interest is announced tonight… but she’s been waiting so long for merges and sometimes I use her, so her statline could use a boost. Anyway here are my +10s so far:

My other appreciation threads

:globe_with_meridians: The link(s) you click/tap will open the matching character’s appreciation thread in a new tab.


Julia is a character I’ve grown to appreciate more since I +10ed her legendary alt. Gorgeous art, great voice lines (provided by the lovely Cassandra Lee Morris) and an extremely reliable unit. She’s my Arena MVP, packing enough raw power to rip apart almost anything she targets in a single hit, but still maintains a respectable Res stat and makes a surprisingly good dragon tank. Easily one of the best investments I have made in this game


Man I’d love to merge Julia more if she were more common and I didn’t have higher priority projects. She’s cute.

(BTW she actually could be +7 rn. I have a manual I should absolutely merge and a +atk that I’m not sure if that would be better than her current +spd).

And also

:feh_navarreculture: L!Lucina gang


Julia appreciation, well I have 1 to show at least


I agree, I love Cassandra’s voice acting and she has made an excellent job voicing Julia in all her versions:

(Legendary and Scion respectively)

But your Legendary Julia is great, are you planning to give her an [Ascended Asset]? Once I get a +att or +spd copy I’ll ascend the other.


Nice Julia, this is about one of the builds I want to give her eventually, when I get a Julian… Julian fodder to Julia. :feh_juliaheh:

As for boon, I’m a fan of speed since it’s a superboon and it is useable on PvE at least, but dumping it instead in favor of more attack isn’t a bad idea either! You might want [Quick Riposte] though, alternatively ascend her attack if you can spare an [Ascendant Floret]. :feh_eirikathink:

Awesome Legendary Lucina btw, now we’re part of the gang. :feh_ilovelucy: Did you get her stat boosts to +20?


Yeah. And granted it’s unlikely I’d be bringing Julia into much PvP so +spd is probably workable. I did also pull a Arthur (Genealogy lol, since there’s two of them) so I could upgrade her C to spd/res menace if I wanted to sometime…

Thanks! She took a long time (almost 2 years) but she was absolutely worth it. Then her refine made her even better, especially since it paired so well with the build she already had (basically what she has now only with spendthrift bow). Focusing on her bulk was always a bit unconventional but I like it, makes her stand out from most other generic offensive ones. And no I haven’t given her the flowers yet, I’m really stingy with infantry flowers lol. But I was actually thinking I should when I was making my comment, since she’s a favorite and I use her a lot (even part of my arena core) so she’d definitely be worth it :feh_ilovelucy:


Wow. It’s always a pleasure to read your appreciation threads. I’m always impressed to see how dedicated you are towards your favorites, and Julia is no exception.

While she’s not the character I care the most about, she’s still likeable.

I remember when she was announced. It was a little after I started to take FEH seriously (it was a little before CYL3) and I found her really cool. I managed to get one and I was amazed by how easily she could crush dragons (especially in a meta where dragon armors were everywhere) and could even do big damage to others. She was a staple for me at the time, but she sadly fell off because of powercreep and I barely use her anymore.
I have her Fallen version at +2 (and +atk too) and I remember she was so powerful at the time that I started to use her less to use more my other units. Funnily, I don’t use her that much, and I really should do it more because she’s still extremely powerful.


Awesome post! Julia’s a character I didn’t really get the hype around when FEH was in it’s early days tbh, but over time I’ve grown to admire her design and personality. She’s pristine, elegant, and gorgeous. Also gonna agree that Cassandra Lee Morris is the perfect fit. She gives her the gentle and innocent voice that she needed. :feh_juliasmile:

This has inspired me to reconsider my OG Julia’s build. I +10’d her a while back but haven’t used her in a minute. Mostly 'cause dragons haven’t been all that relevant, though it might be the perfect time now with Rhea and Medeus running wild. :thinking:

As a sidenote, crossing my fingers that one of her alts will be a forma. I’d prefer Fallen since I’m merging her up but Scion would be amazing, too. If anything, it’s a shame her Scion alt is so overlooked, though I blame that on IS for depriving ranged fliers. Her face, hair, outfit, absolutely stunning. 10/10 top tier artwork, would +10 if I had the orbs to spare.


As always great work. You are a lot better in keeping your threads short than me. I think mine are starting to get longer and longer. I am not really the biggest fan of Julia, but I actually summoned for her Legendary Alt when she came out and got her. I started to use her a bit and liked her, but she sadly got overshadowed by my merged Micaiah. I really need to start playing the Jugdral games to learn more about those characters, but for now I just wanted to leave an nice comment to support your work. Are there any other projects you are working right now?

One more question: Is this how you can put .wav files into your comments so other can hear them? This would be nice for my analysis on Otr, so I can at least provide readers his quotes. Sadly I can’t put them into the analysis itself. Maybe with an hyperlink, but I do not know how practical it is going to be.


Thank you!
I think it’s because of a tip I was given last year, my reviews were too long visually for some people so I began considering to use [details] to hide some parts and use less information.

That’s all right, always happy to read some feedback on my work, I’ll likely consider making some more threads like these seeing how this one was received. :feh_juliasmile:

Yes, quite a lot, fortunately Larum being the free unit means I can focus on merging up Clarisse instead since I won’t build Larum, and Clarisse has been in the wait list for merges for so long… I’m taking care of the merges for my [Heroic Grails Shop] units one at a time.
As for regular pool and seasonal units, I do have Julia of course, and Idoun’s alts, then an assortment of various other favs, this post would take long to read listing them all.

Or if you meant work here in GP, then not for now, I had this thread in my private drafts for so long I’ve been wanting to finish it and share it, otherwise it’d have been a waste.

Yes, I visit the quotes page for a unit in the FEH wiki over here and copy the link to the audio clip, delete anything after the .wav in the link and paste it here.

I have a detailed tutorial here that’ll be helpful to you regardless if you’re on desktop or computer, I recommend to just click on the icon at the left of the up arrow here:

IMPORTANT! It won’t work inside [details] blocks and in a line with HTML immediately before (you need to separate these), for example:

*link here*

This will not work, but this will:


*link here*

Also, any site that allows anyone to hotlink (that is, directly link to a resource outside of here) such as said wiki will let you paste audio clips here for online playback, but the Gamepedia wikis seem like a safe bet, as I’ve been always able to paste audio clips like this.
I’ll add this later to that tutorial should it be linked on other threads.

Hmm, true, that’d enrichen your analysis, problem is that audio clips can’t be inserted on Word documents (you’d have to switch to PowerPoint and do your work on a different format since it allows inserting audio) but you can insert one or two of those clips from Ótr’s on the post itself and even use these anytime on your comments/posts. Here’s his quotes page BTW:

I’m reading your work [Operation Dawn Bridage] and I have the Izuka analysis pending to be finished, but I do plan to read them and contact you when I do.


Great appreciation post!


Julia is a character that FEH has made me warm up to a lot. In fact, she’s a lot more fleshed out in FEH than her base game and I’m happy for it.

But even in the main game, post amnesia Julia is a soft spoken yet brave girl who finds the courage to do fight for what’s right even if it means fighting her own possessed brother. Her legendary alt reflects this brave and determined stance while she still showing her “head in the clouds” and cute side without detracting from her character growth. And she shares the same curiousity and self sacrificing mentality as her mother too yet Julia isn’t as reckless as Deirdre.

Her FEH iterations have ranged from good to powerful with her Fallen and Legendary versions as her best so far.

I guess it makes sense. OG (she didn’t know who she is or what she is capable of) < Fallen (got her power and murderous zeal from Manfroy’s influence) < Legendary (she knows what she can do and is willing to do anything to save her country and friends). Not sure where Scion Julia fits in.

Overall, she’s a likable character whose been done justice. I hope the inevitable Judgral remake does her and everything else justice. :feh_juliasmile:

And here are my Julia builds! Ft. Deirdre.

  • While I don’t use her as often, I still want to improve on her with Close Foil + Lull Atk/Res 3 for the Naga build since it makes her a good EP tank. The Divine Naga might be better suited for her mother but Julia can use it with a lot of visible res stacking. If I could, I’d both give them Fury 4 + Atk/Res Menace with Divine Naga.

  • The Atk/Res Oath + Atk/Res Ideal combo does work well with her prf. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more merges of her and her daughter in the future.

  • My favorite version of Julia so far in art and gameplay. I definitely want to give her an Ideal skill with a Menace skill but I’m not sure if I should go the speed route or resistance route yet. Regardless, L!Julia never fails me when slaying tough dragons.

  • I did fodder a F!Julia in the past but I’ll keep this one and merge any later ones. Not my favorite version of her since Fallen units tend to make me feel bad using them but F!Julia is still an amazing nuke and magic tank.

Thanks everyone. :feh_nino:
I’m happy to see my post was your liking and to read your histories and experiences on best Jugdral girl. :fgo_ereshlove:

So, I wanted to talk something about my plans for Fallen Julia, here’s a wishlist of skills I’d like to get on her when the [Hall of Forms] drops by on a few days:

[Unity Blooms+] is the only skill that seems off, right? Actually, this isn’t going to be part of her build, I just thought it’d be great for her collection, and I can always try to see if I can fit it on another build, there really aren’t many seasonal red tomes that I’d like on her. But she’ll be using [Dark Scripture] and [Reposition] for the most part, the rest of the build being pretty much the same, I think it’d be fun to make of her deceptively tanky on player phase.

Debating between speed or defence for secondary boon. :e7_ravisob:
I’ll probably end up going with speed because it’s workable and helps in the case she can’t double via [Dark Scripture].

Also, while I may not like the Forma line-up gameplay-wise, I’m glad I’m not really feeling like going for any of the other Forma, hopefully I’ll see Soiree Ishtar the next month seeing she’s from #thracia-776 thing that apparently I forgot. :feh_tooobin:

Anyway, feel free to drop your planned builds on her if you’re aiming to get her Forma, link to the builder here purely for convenience:


I meant the work on GP, but it is fine. The rest is just usefull information. I am good to go as well. I will most likely going to merge Gharnef until he is done, mine is +6 and I have to more copies flying around so +8. I just need two more copies to finish him and I think at this point it is worth it, even though I have Pelleas nearly finished. I am just waiting for his rerun. The same with Bertram. I am also trying to get a Lon’qu because I want to merge him, but I just can’t pull him. I only have manuals of him because I acciedentally made him one -.-. Since then I have not seen him in my summons or free summons. At least I have enough manuals for a +10, but I can’t start without one copy. How are you progressing with your Clarisse?

Thanks for the little tutorial, I am definitely trying it out this time around. If everything goes like I planned it this time, I should be done next weekend. I started to set me little goals every day and it works wonders for writing.

That is true, but Powerpoint is not really suited for it unless I am going to do an presentation for him^^. Maybe I should look into it for the next FEH OC but for this one I already started and do not want to change everything now.

I hope what you have read until now is to your liking? It was a big project after all I wanted to do for quiet some time ago. I wanted to do it together with someone but this fell flat and I decided to do it myself. As always take your time, I can always wait for feedback and comments.


Ah ok, I was unsure, so I answered in both senses just in case.

Great, glad to read about your projects, it seems you’re doing well overall, specially with your [Heroic Grails] ones.

My Clarisse is currently like this:

I’m using her in [Aether Raids] during Light season with Eir since months, however I’m considering to move her to Astra season because of Medeus and his [En Garde] (but I don’t find him too often so Idk), otherwise I don’t normally use her much, but she’s super fun and helpful to deal with Fallen Edelgard.

Great, I hope it’ll be useful to you when you try it.
Also, that’s a nice idea to improve productivity.

OH BTW, forgot to add that before the link, make sure there aren’t any spaces before it or any characters surrounding it, or the audio player won’t appear, if all is correct, in the preview you should see something like this:
But when you publish your comment/post, the player will appear normally.

Haha no worries, I feel like it’d not really suit your analysis considering how you do them, besides I think PDFs are more convenient to read because everyone has a PDF reader on their devices these days, unlike an office suite.

I’m at this point so far, but yes [Operation Dawn Brigade] is a super informative analysis on characters like the rest of your work, it’s also helpful to refresh my memory on Radiant Dawn, so I’m enjoying it while learning some things that I didn’t know about the members of the Dawn Brigade.

Also no problem, I can see that your work takes time to produce, unforeseen stuff can happen along the way, but it’s okay, in the end I always look forward to your work. :feh_deirdrehappy:

Also, once I’m all caught up, I’ll write to you on Telegram so that we can talk some more about your latest releases.


Update on The Build™:

The game is being stubborn at giving me [Sturdy Impact] and specially, a high cost special, but thankfully I’ve finished the [Hall of Forms], now all that’s left is to hope for the rest of the skills to come along in any of the daily rounds for the remainder of the event, I’ll update here soon as that happens.

Later, I plan to add more details on why I adore Legendary Julia so much and is my favorite alt of hers, and see if there’s any extra I can add, all this to the OP.

Finally, here’s more #art of my favorite mother and child. :fgo_ereshlove:





NSFW - Summer Julia



Hello all! I finally have all the skills I wanted on Fallen Julia:

Well, not the exact refine and assist but eh, they still count as well. :feh_juliaheh:
Now to wait around a week so that I can get her with the improved kit.

Also, here’s some lovely fan #art of Fallen Julia with Micaiah’s Hel attire (thanks @Master_Squalala for sharing with me):


NGL, I’d absolutely love a Resplendent upgrade like this in the future. :e7_ravisob:

Finally, as promised, I updated a bit the OP, just expanded some more on why is her Legendary form my favorite one, but I think this can be organized better and placed in the explanation about her being one of my greatest favs. For now I went with its own section after the showcase, but feel free to let me know what do you think.

Anyway, have a nice day and thanks so much for sticking around!


Hello everyone.

I don’t have plans for now on major updates to the thread but tweaking the part I talk about why I like her and her Legendary alt being my favorite is on the roadmap as well as updating a build, I want to update the OP itself when I have more meaningful stuff to add/change.
I’ll be busy with some projects and organizing files, so I won’t be very active.

So! The actual update is that [Hall of Forms] ended, and with that I finally got my hands on the Forma version of Fallen Julia, here’s her new build!

(For comparison, her build before the update)

(And some quick commentary)

For so long, my Fallen Julia has seen little action mainly because she was stuck to her base kit + a few basic skills I slapped on her build, it’s good but it left me with more to be desired, and that wasn’t really a good thing.
Fortunately, she’s in the [Hall of Forms] so I got her an hour ago with the improved build, I thought
+att could be nice as base boon, since it’s super, so I went with it, and +def is the secondary, honestly I don’t think she’d really benefit much from a boon on speed, mainly due to all the speed creep, so I decided to play on her strengths and improve the damage output and physical resilience.

And her final build in the event differed a little from the last update, I found [Aether] better fitting my needs, I probably should have kept [Ruptured Sky] but eh not a really regrettable decision, and it’s not a high demand skill for me anyway, so I’ll just get it when I get another source with decent enough passives such as Female Byleth.
Luckily, [Aether] came right on the last attempt yesterday:

BTW, a little unrelated, but I’ll talk about my savings and plans for the future:

I have 130 [Orbs] and I’m glad the New Heroes banner tomorrow is an easy skip, I’d only like Ascended Florina because I adore her, but she’s not necessary at all to have, I’ll just free pull on her color and keep saving.
I mentioned it on the [Feh Channel] thread but I want to primarily aim for Legendary Julia merges when she returns late in September, and Legendary Caeda is another nice unit I’d be delighted to get and merge, Byleth though… fodder.
Red (Lilina) and colorless (Mila) are currently planned as fallback choices, sort of, since I want to try +10 Julia, but I’d love to get merges for them too, we’ll see.

Also, I’m thrilled to get Sara’s fourth merge, once I get 350 [Divine Codes (Part 3)], I’ll finally get it.

Finally, thank you so much as always for bearing with me and reading my ramblings and updates, it means a lot to me and I’m always happy to read how others fare with their projects and other activities in-game, take care!