@af1899 clears a L/M Hero Battle (Thrasir MHB) for the first time! (video) :excidunn:

Yoooo!, good day, so yesterday I could clear my first L/M abyssal after months of constant improvement, and I’m glad to have achieved it at long last!, it feels so good…

Used units:

  • The MVP: Nino-chan (see @Vegi :eyes:)
  • Kaden: he fills an important support role on the team
  • L!Eliwood: contributed to buff Nino-chan and deal some damage.
  • L!Azura: I know… “easy mode”, but I still don’t have units like Titania for triple tactic builds, my actual account started in March/2019 so I don’t have much to work with… yet. Anyways she’s been the key unit to maximize Nino’s damage power.

Of course this took a few attempts before realizing a strategy, but was done in the end:

…and I gave the accesory to Sonya, because it looks noice on her :ok_hand:t2:

(I’ll keep it for a while, I agree the officer hat looks even better on her :policewoman: :oncoming_police_car:)

Ok enough “read”!, go and see the video :eyes:

(Click/tap here to open the video in a new tab)

After that read some more — unless you did before watching :thinkinglikelukas:

And now what? get going to clear the other LHBs/MHBs!: I know!, I’ll figure strategies for them, I may still use the same team and builds, we’ll see :thinking:.

Did you listen to FF music again… right?: exactly :eyes: during the map I’ve listened to the SeeD theme and once cleared switched to “The Winner” (took me a while) — both themes from FFVIII.

Can I show you how I cleared mine? Or just show I did clear it?: sure thing!, feel free to either explain or leave a link to the thread/comment where you posted your strategy/proof :birbpeek:.

Hope you like it! :+1:t2:


I had to give Blazing Wind to Ophelia, because of how this map was laid out. I was able to kill Thrashir with this, but some of the reinforcements were pretty ballsy.


Nice Job! I really enjoyed the vid! :hridexcited:

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Sounds good!, yes some reinforcements were a bit annoying, one example can be that axemen at the bottom-left with [Miracle], but was easily dispatched, in any case happy you did clear it!

Thanks a ton!, could you clear any of the high difficulty maps?, if you like you can share with us :birbpeek: (can be of infernal as well if you’re not going for abyssal)


No problem! I haven’t done any of the special maps yet, I’ll try to clear them in a little bit. Hopefully I can beat them!

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Hm, I see!, good luck and success in advance!! :excidunn: :+1:t2:

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Good job. Im familar with the setup but not used to people using it for Nino

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Today has been a good day for many of us!
image image


Thanks!, the A-skill is actually a bit of a rare case since I was thinking of giving her an AoE build once I could get [Blazing Wind], anyways she didn’t need much bulk, but I certainly could’ve given her a better A-slot maybe :thinking:

Excellent!, happy you could clear some!.

Also can I see your Idoun?, I’ve been eager to see the builds you run on her (you can explain as much as you feel like), I’d appreciate it! :navarreculture:


Yes! I think I’ve cleared all except L!alm thusfar… I think… pretty sure I’m forgetting one.

Anyways, my Idunn has a number of builds, some jank for fun, others more serious for certain modes. She’ll be S supported again soon, I rotate my summoner support depending on the AR season.

AR Standard

AB and Arena

Jank Speed Build

Not a fan of joint hone here. Will swap to Rouse speed/res whenever that becomes a thing. Typically I have her use speed smoke and use her with a rally or tactic bot.


Wow they’re so good!, the speed one is creative, I love how she can be worked on that stat!.

Well here’s mine, lately been saving for a return and so far doing well, I’m around 80 orbs, a bit more:

(Still needing some fod to make different sets, and took +DEF for :b:IGnis and it’s superboon)

I’m gonna take her to +10 and give many skills!.

Also I’ve been hoping I could add you in FEH now that I think about it, mind if I send an FR? :thinking: (if alright my IGN is “SaveForIdoun” and I have Sonya +10 with the accesory shown above).

In any case thanks for sharing! :excidunn:



That’s my code. I’ve got grima as my lead.


Thanks a lot!, just sent the FR :birbpeek:, your M!Grima is looking great! :ok_hand:t2: also overlooked:

Great!, they’ll return eventually and I’ll try them too, I only cleared the one above shown!, good luck and success on them! :excidunn:

Yuck, that took way too long :idunnstare:
I really ought to build myself a more balanced team…


Galeforced the hell out thrasir’s abysmal map with b roy and neasala :sunglasses:.

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You mean that the video was a bit too slow? maybe should have been quicker/shorter?.

In any case that’s a pretty interesting team!, can I see the builds?

Noice!, congrats :+1:t2:

It means I had to restart the map 20+ times… But that’s my fault for being stubborn and not bringing a properly built team :upside_down_face:

Nothing too creative here, just weaponized TT with some help. Normally I’d bring L!Azura, but Leanne’s passive healing and occasional transform were more useful this time.

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Ahh I see, in any case glad you could figure the solution!, what’s important is that you claimed the prizes!, to me it took like 5 I think :thinking:

Awesome!, definitely an interesting team, and mostly budget too :excidunn: thanks for sharing!

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I had to try a couple of times and change a few skills, but it was a relatively easy clear for L!Alm and the gang. :doublelion:

Now I just have to wait for L!Ryoma and L!Lucina to appear again, and I’ll have cleared all the abyssals in the game! :royyes:

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