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Hey guys! This has been a long anticipated moment for me, initially, I was hoping I could make this thread whenever I attained a certain goal but that’s probably too much for my premises right now, considering my list of favourite grows. :feh_notlikethis:
So I decided to go ahead and set this plan in motion now.

So let’s get started.


Updated: Feb. 24th, 2022.

Hello all, after months of absence, I, af1899, am finally back on my main account, and decided I’d update this post, so let’s do it.

In this post I’ll talk about my favorite fictional character, that’s none other than Idoun (イドゥン) from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals!

Who’s she?

Today I finished a review on her Ascended alt, it goes in-depth about her story, personality, etc. please check it out!


(Old text in case you prefer that)

It’s modified a little but still mostly intact

She’s a Divine Dragon, which are special beings in charge to keep order in Elibe and are believed to be among the strongest of their kin — she was one of them, until a vicious war that took place a thousand years ago prior to the events of Sword of Seals that’s known as [The Scouring], in which the manakete (dragons with the power to temporarily transform into human-like figures and viceversa, since it took them a lot of energy to stay transformed, they relied on special shards that contained their power and allowed them to transform at will) and humans (the ones that started this war for conquest) fought for who was going to dominate Elibe, as dragons were losing in numbers and humans were rapidly multiplicating, the manakete were starting to be cornered by the legions of humans that were in clear advantage until they had to resort to creating a Demon Dragon, a corrupt and powerful presence able to create mindless pawns that only know how to fight and kill, for that, they needed a Divine Dragon, most of them managed to escape since they refused to help the manaketes, but one of them was caught and had their soul destroyed so that she could be controlled in the human’s enemy’s favor: that was Idoun.
Some of the most skilled warriors and important figures from Elibian lore were chosen to wield special relics with immense power that are capable to tear through the tough scales of the dragons, there were 8 weapons and one for each of those heroes, known as the Eight Legends of Elibe, they bravely drove away the multiplying manaketes.
There was another important figure that belonged to the kingdom of Bern, a man known as Hartmut, who founded that very kingdom, had possession of the [Sword of Seals], an unrelated weapon with the power to seal dragons away and adjust its power to the user’s feelings, Hartmut felt empathy for the poor Idoun, who was staring at emptiness, as if in a sea of darkness, he started his attack, and she reacted quickly to transform, eventually, she’s sealed by Hartmut in his kingdom.
Prior to the events of Sword of Seals, after The Blazing Blade, a grown-up Zephiel, who we knew was at first a young, kind and wise guy, has grown up to become nothing short of a tyrant who wants to gift back the whole continent to the manaketes that lost in The Scouring, Zephiel unsealed Idoun and she became something like his personal assistant, she only listens to Zephiel and is tasked with “liberating” Elibe from the human race to replace it with a manakete-based society and repeating the past events.
Roy and his growing army, gathered to free Elibe from Zephiel’s ambitions, even after his death by Roy and his company, the remnants of his forces, and Idoun, continued to try carrying out their plan until their last breath.
During the game, there are eight optional missions that Roy can complete to get the powerful relics that were mentioned, starting with [Forblaze], and ending with [Apocalypse], if he got them all and didn’t break said weapons, after Zephiel is defeated, the weapons will line up to light a way towards an ancient building in which Idoun resides at (to be exact, a temple, said to grant power to the dragons to allow them to stay transformed), before accessing it, Roy fought the last of Zephiel’s forces led by Brunnya (aka: Brenya), she was the third of the Dragon Generals of Bern and a talented magician with the power of [Fimbulvetr].
As Roy tackles the structure inside, he finds multiple of the manaketes ready to assault him, there, he’s greeted by an illusion created by one of the few, remaining self-sentient manaketes, named Jahn (who agreed to help Zephiel and protect Idoun), this guy:

As Roy advanced deeper in the structure, Jahn answered more of Roy’s questions until they eventually met, and Roy wins.

Advancing further in the temple, Roy and his company enter a large gallery, in which Idoun stands quietly in the other end of the room, like before. Roy tries to reason with her but fails to as she expresses what she felt while sealed and carries out Zephiel’s absolute orders without hesitation and willpower of steel.
Roy remembered the flashback from when he retrieved the [Sword of Seals] and realized he can rescue Idoun from this destiny like how Hartmut did, he really wanted to rescue her, and help her recover her destroyed soul.
He manages to defeat her and bring back peace to Elibe, but the temple starts to crumble apart and Roy decides to take Idoun to Arcadia, a village where a few of the more peaceful manakete lived isolated in the Desert of Nabata, Roy was there before, during his quest on freeing Elibe and previously helped the locals, including its Elder. He decided to ask the local Elder to try restoring Idoun’s soul, he succeded, but she was still emotionless… well, at least she wasn’t willing to continue trying to “liberate” Elibe.
While Roy was talking with the Elder inside Arcadia, Idoun and Fae were strolling in the outskirts, Fae has shown Idoun what a tree is and that it has yummy fruit, to make it fall down, she hits the tree and the fruit — a coconut, falls on her head, resulting in a small, funny scene that made Idoun laught spontaneously, Fae was overjoyed and went to notify Roy of this.

:bulb: For a more in-depth anaylsis on Idoun’s character, I highly recommend reading Skworter’s work: [In the Mind of Idunn].

My story with her

This is an introduction as to how I’ve came to consider her the best girl, pretty much like how we have our best boys and/or our best girls — those definite favourites that stand atop a pedestal and can’t be robbed of their post no matter how much time flows.

Let’s get started with how I’ve found out about Fire Emblem, I’ll hide my history right here so you can choose to read it or not, I’ve shared it before in more resumed ways but I took the time to tidy it up and try to research a little:


It was one day later in the year 2014,I would be delighted to remember exactly when but I actually forgot, still I’m pretty sure that was the year, I was part of a Latin American Facebook group about Metroid that was founded a November 16th, 2014… naturally, you’d wonder what the heck does the group of a completely different franchise has to do with Fire Emblem, well… turns out someone there published the European ROM for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, around that time (the post seems to be deleted now, I got access to said group some time ago), I was seeking something new to play after wanting to cut any ties with a certain franchise (but that’s another story I don’t intend to dig back up), around that time, I was still using my first smartphone from 2012, a Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570B, I still have it but it’s nearly worthless since Google has completely abandoned Android 2.3 Gingerbread long ago — on it, I had the “My Boy!” GBA emulator, so I decided to get that ROM since the emulator works like a charm even on a boomer’s phone like that.
At first, I was reluctant, because I wasn’t so sure this game would be for me or so… but before I knew I was getting deeper into the plot and growing fonder of Lyn, the first character in the series I’ve met, I always liked her for her kind and protective characterization and she is beautiful, I specially remember entering chapter 5 in her route (the one after recruiting Florina and Wil) and saying that this was like “Wesnoth for mobile”, and well… it was 2014 so ofc I was bound to make a dumb remark, but I’ve come to cherish this game because of how it reminded me of The Battle for Wesnoth, it’s the first sRPG I played in my life and I’ve made an appreciation post of sorts here and summarize why I love it so much — anyway, back on to my story, this is how I came to know more of the series, I was starting with the GBA titles because my phone at that time could handle GBA emulation only, oddly enough, but I eventually could play several of the other titles at every opportunity I could seize.

And that’s it. :feh_flaynsmile:

Soon after starting my quest with the series, I believe as early as 2015 (or maybe in February), I was already playing Sword of Seals in Spanish right at home during summertime (and Spanish is my mother language).
I was progressing rather smoothly, taking my time to clear some of the more annoying chapters like this one in Etruria with Narcian as the boss… I eventually found my fav in a very specific cutscene:

This scene takes place in chapter 21, regardless of whether or not you made it into chapter 21x though you should be doing it.
But there’s the very mysterious, hooded figure that first appeared in chapter 3 during Narcian’s assault in a small Ostian fort that was being defended by Hector, the former marquess of Ostia. This mysterious girl who was hiding a part of her face during the first half of the game, is Idoun, the moment I saw her, I immediately fell in love with her, it’s as if I knew she was The Girl I’ve been waiting for, though it’s a feeling that came naturally, as if something was telling me that she’s the ideal character, the one I’ll definitely stand for, that was the beginning of my “story of love” with her.

Moving on, I always desperately wanted her to be playable in any game, I was looking for pics of her in Google Images one day, until I found out about a ROM Hack called “Fire Emblem Girls”, as its name implies, it’s a gameplay-centric ROM Hack with the entire cast of girls in the “GBAFEs”, including playables, NPCs and bosses… ofc, that included Idoun, and here she is (you can find it here after scrolling down a bit, the english patch doesn’t use the hack’s latest version as base and only translates menus):



(And this is how good her weapon was)


In this ROM Hack, you can use the enemy control glitch with [Mines] like in FE7, that was a copy from the Fomortiis copy that appears at the end of [Lagdou Ruins].

I found out about that ROM Hack anyway, and was overjoyed to try her out, so I supertrained her as shown in that details blocks, she’s really super fun to use.

I found about it after quitting FEH rather quickly, but I didn’t return to FEH until Aug/2018 and here’s my story on that if you’d like to learn more about why I returned.
If you’ve read the story from that time, you’ll find out that I used to reroll a lot, even knowing that Idoun could be added in Mar/2019 and spent my [Orbs] the month before for a character I’m just not interested as before nowadays (Selkie) just to end up being foddered… yeah, that day was absolute pain but served as an experience to move forward in [Orb] saving.
But, she was indeed, announced that March 6th, 2019 and I regretted even further my actions from last month, so I rerolled for the last times to get both a copy of her and Spring Palla until I’ve made the main account you may know today, with the friend code that starts with funny number “69”. :feh_legion_miso:
Once, I settled with that account, I’ve started to use my favourites and slowly work my way towards saving [Orbs], with this being the first ever report and proof of my long existence in the series:

This site has been a big factor for my own evolution as a living individual, rectifying certain behaviors and improving overall, both as a person and as a hoarder of [Orbs], but not just that, thanks to it, I had plenty of chances to talk about the characters I cherish, write about them and even grow even closer to them, to the point I appreciate them for more than just renown, looks and the basics of their characterization.
This, ofc, includes Idoun, my treasure, my best girl. :purple_heart:

In #fe6 and even the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, she’s not a super developed or influent character despite her importance to the setting, so she doesn’t get much development and I get not liking her due to that, but there’s still quite some info that makes up this post, and her new alt gave us some more!

All this brings us to the present, in which I want to +10 her every version in the game and make of her the true final boss she was meant to be.

Why is she my bestest girl?

Simply put, I’ve never felt so captivated with a character design as simple as hers was before FEH came and added her ~2y later, I find many details like the heterochromia iridium rather special, and I’m an avid lover for purple, her hair and hood while she’s a Demon Dragon just are naturally pleasing as a result, she’s really pretty.
But design alone doesn’t carry a character to the top for me — so, while her development might leave some people with more to be desired, I actually was pleasantly surprised with what’s known about her, even though this was not the case at first (because I used to play games more as a pastime and not to discover content new to me).

(Old text in case you prefer that)

At first, my interest on her was more spontaneous, as you may have infered from my story with her, I just had a strong feeling she’d be that one character I would preciate the most, that’s been more or less holding true for the past couple of years before 2019 or so, I was more into looks, the character’s popularity and a little of their story and personification.
At first, my interest on her was more spontaneous, as you may have infered from my story with her, I just had a strong feeling she’d be that one character I would preciate the most, that’s been more or less holding true for the past couple of years before 2019 or so, I was more into looks, the character’s popularity and a little of their story and personification.
As time was flowing, I had opportunities to appreciate more of her beauty, it felt like a divine presence, I also love so much her design, because:

  • She’s heterochromic: the rare phenomenon known as “heterochromia iridium”, means that any living being has the iris of their eyes colored differently, in Idoun’s case, her left one is red and her right one is green. And that was a cool detail to me since it was very unique, Peri and Ranulf are the other known characters with it but I’m not as attached to them.
  • Long, light purple/white hair: in her old artwork, she was portrayed with white hair, which is her OG color, but, like with Julia, that changed in FEH, both of them now have light purple hair, but Idoun’s is specially long, a little part of it was arranged in two small ties.
    BUT, Idoun already had light purple hair in FE6, nonethless, I look at her hair and it’s not simply very visually pleasing and relaxing, it looks so soft and smooth.
  • Clean and gorgeous: not an overly flashy design but that’s actually good, sometimes, there’s beauty amidst simplicity, she doesn’t lack details though, and FEH clearly was the staple for a revamp in what she looks like, improving greatly what we had by adding golden borders to her robes with patterns engraved on them, as well as creatively expanding on her looks with a full-body series of artwork in FEH, golden and dark purple blend magnificently and I adore it. Her Spring alt isn’t too shabby either! And it’s a lovely concept
  • Pointy ears: it’s not a fetish, but I’d like to see it as more of a rare and interesting trait, since it’s customary for manaketes to have pointy ears in human form (not all of them though!), I always thought it was a neat and mystical trait somehow.

Ofc, this is no simple attraction, I firmly think there’s no point in trying to like a good-looking character if there are no feelings towards them because of their more intricate aspects like backstory and their personalities.
In Idoun’s case, she’s emotionless, most of the time, showing unwavering will to serve Zephiel to replace Elibe’s population with mindless war machines in the form of [Manaketes], even after his death in Bern — but that’s not because she wants to, she didn’t want to when she was still a Divine Dragon.
Roy finds her and uses the power of the [Sword of Seals] to weaken her, his realization after witnessing Hartmut’s past has given him the ability to adapt the weapon’s power to not to kill her, but to save her from being an emotionless war tool, victim to Zephiel’s ideals.
In the ending of the game, she’s shown to laugh after a coconut falls in Fae’s head from a palm tree in the Desert of Nabata at the south western region of Elibe, specifically in the Arcadia village. That little scene made Idoun laugh spontaneously, showing signs that the local Elder’s efforts to restore Idoun’s destroyed soul were being fruitful, but she was still mostly emotionless and quietish, her Spring alt is based from this scene in which she’s just starting to show signs of recovery.

Imo, her story is tragic but touching and she still has a little of her former self, which is really sweet, and I have hopes in that someday, I’ll witness what was she like and/or how she’ll behave after the events of the game.

Also, I love how FEH expanded a little on her and gave her the perfect voice thanks to Minae Noji.

And Idoun’s voice sounds like this:


It perfectly fits Idoun’s mostly emotionless personality, sounding so devoid of emotion yet determined to stick to the goals she’s been given as a puppet. The pitch couldn’t be any more perfect.

And her text-only quotes do the same job excellently, but one shows well how she longs for someone to make her company:

Your hand… It’s so warm. Can we stay like this a little longer?

"For as long as you’d like to." keepincool

Her Spring alt, while in her artwork, she doesn’t express happiness, one of her voiced lines in the Duo conversation with Fae show that Idoun is actually laughing and having fun with Fae:


«That smile is so precious, got to protect her.»

Still, I’m dreaming that someday, she should get an alt that either delves in her possible pre-[The Scouring] persona or fully restored self some time after the events of FE6, more like a “what if”, since I’m excited to learn what was she like and how she’d interact with the Summoner — nonethless, I’ll still definitely appreciate her. :purple_heart:

Also, I have a bit of a tendency to like unpopular characters, not just Idoun, take Sara for example, she isn’t an overly popular character and I like her so much I even dedicated a thread for her.
It’s not simply pitying their lack of recognition by the fanbase, but because sometimes, they’re simply very likeable for other reasons I’m always down to provide.

But… why don’t call her “Idunn”?


At least I refuse to, at every opportunity.

I was always preferring old translations, ever since I started playing the Fire Emblem games, one of the reasons why I didn’t want to accept the Awakening game and any entries in the series released after — I felt the older translations were more my liking, I was clearly not thinking if that’s what I really wanted and why, but now, I have the feeling this helps preservating the older aspects of the Fire Emblem culture, and it’s a way to express knowledge and experience acquired throughout years of playing and discovering new horizons, I’ve also simply grew attached to them.

Admittedly though, I was using the new names for most of the characters before I knew, such as Julia and Brunnya… but Idoun has stuck on me with all the times I’ve played with the old translation of her name in Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals and simping admiring her.

The only instances you’ll see me referring to her with the proper translation is when I need to send any form of input to @Intelligent_Systems for their understanding, or when I’m interacting with an artist as they’re likely not familiar with her, or are but not enough with the older translations.
Also, the name of the goddess Idoun is based on is “Iðunn” (with the eth letter), but that might not necessarily count.

Her themes

Idoun has three themes in Sword of Seals, the first one plays in dialogue involving her and the flashback that Roy saw, from Hartmut’s memories:

Open in a new tab

It’s A.K.A.:

The second one is her battle theme, I’ve decided to extend it myself since the longest extension is of 10m and there’s an arranged version floating around also. Please don’t watch it directly if you’re epileptic! Also, more information about the visuals being used is offered in the second link right below:

Open in a new tab
projectM visualizations

The last one, is the credits one, while not explicitly expressed to be her theme, she sometimes talks about a “warm breeze” to describe her feelings, and this theme is a motif of her scene BGM:

Open in a new tab

A special dedicatory

I have developed a strong interest in the SNES APU, the sound subsystem integrated in the famous console by Nintendo, and specifically one of its components: the SPC700 sound processor that Ken Kutaragi made when he was working at Sony, which handles the core aspects of every game’s audio.
Although I’m just learning a very few bits here and there, a small graphical view of what’s playing in said chip has started to draw my interest for… learning about it and composing music with the power of the SNES audio capabilities, a lot can be done with 8 channels, sampled (and heavily compressed) instruments, 32KHz of sampling frequency, 64KB of ARAM (of which 58KB is allocated for samples) and some other wonders like the so-called expansion flags, anyway, here’s the visualization, and is the simplest SPC700 status viewer you’ll ever find (there’s Kurohane’s and that of SPCPLAY but I simply don’t like these as much):
(Visualization available via the Game Emu Player plug-in for Foobar2000.)

So, using a dedicated tracker tool I found around that easily allows users to create music with the limitations of the SNES, I’ve decided to make an arrangement of Idoun’s dialogue theme from #fe6, it’s not that great certainly, but I enjoyed working on it at the time, I hope you’ll like it!

:point_right:t2: Do note this is my first arrangement, and it was done by ear, so the result isn’t perfect. It was also done with Bazz’s SNES Tracker which hasn’t gotten updates in over a year sadly, but I found another solution that I think works better for me for the time being (using OpenMPT with an IT->SPC tool).
Neverthless, I hope you like it, and if possible, take on the recommendations at the intro of the video!

Open video in a new tab
Download SPC
Download STS
Download MP3

:warning: If any of the links don’t work then please notify me! I’ll still check them sometimes but it never hurts to get a comment about that, thanks!

:point_down:t2: Part 2 right below because I’m hitting the limit of 32k characters per post.


Some fan #art

Here’s some fan #art that I found during my daily visits to Pixiv, Twitter and the imageboards, all from other artist, but eventually I plan to get my own digital pad for drawing and hopefully share some of my own crations.

Without further ado, here goes:


:arrow_up: Drawn by: LeonMandala (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: ちぇりぃ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: よーず (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @atodonotea (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @ane8723 (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: Bamb(バンブ‼) (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 美里ハオ@お仕事募集中 (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @kayasketch (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Brain-Artist (DeviantArt)

:arrow_up: (2×) Drawn by: @sakusaku7r (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: 中林ずん (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: elinciacrimea (Tumblr)

:no_entry: The following have no valid/known sources, or are TBA:


The summoning

Idoun, in FEH, has 3 variants, and over the time, I’ve pulled for them, this section is going to be the 411 of my quest to fully merge her every single variant, but for now this is a WIP.


RAW/vaguely edited

These are old and I didn’t have the same creativity as nowadays (see edited videos).




I’ve been mainly using her OG version which is already strong and loaded with plethora of skills, in case you didn’t know, I’m giving her all manners of skills for the sake of collecting and appreciation to her character, previously I did post the list in both album and downloadable HTML docs, but they’re too inconvenient for users, so after learning about React, I’ve decided to recreate the list of skills on a React app, then upload it to W3Spaces, which should keep the site available anytime (as long as not too many people visit it, that is, since I’m running a free plan).
Anyway, here’s the brand new skill list tracker!


(Source code available on GitHub)

Also, for now, I don’t see myself doing this with any other unit, even her alts, but I’ll probably consider it in the future.

Anyway, my OG Idoun is right here:

She’s ready for a lot of content, her job as a “ranged save tank” is really impressive.
I would like to add on more but I’m waiting excitedly for her refine, then I’ll write a proper commentary here.


I don’t use her as often because I don’t have much skills on her, premium ones that is, I want to give OG an speed-based build so that Spring can dump her speed stat by getting [Quick Riposte 3] and non-speed-centric skills that I hope to get someday, I don’t really have a planned team for her either, but I’ll come up with one and update this.
Build here:

She’s still powerful, like OG, she’s a great enemy phase unit, but her Duo Skill, in the player’s hands, allow her to deal with dedicated dragon/armor killers such as OG/Legendary Chrom as she blocks their effectiveness for a turn, this and her higher BST will make of her an even better pick for [Arena] and that’s where I want to bring her.


This is probably going to be my new favorite alt ever released, for the sole fact she’s smiling ashdghsvajhfd.
Anyway, the build:

I’m glad I had enough to give her all the [Dragonflowers (A)] boosts on day 1, but unfortunately, not the skills I want to give her to make her a ranged tank.
At least though, she’s a very solid melee tank and she’s ready to score big right off the bat.

The End

Thank you so much for checking out this appreciation thread and I hope you enjoyed reading through it all if you did, once I +10 her OG version in FEH, I’ll start a plan I had for a long time: reviews of favourites, and I want to start with Idoun.
Since I already talked about why I love her, the review would be more general focused, heck, I’ll probably review my top faves in one post to avoid bloating #gamepress with more reviews. But for now, it’s just a pipe dream.

Anyway, I shall keep dreaming for an even happier Idoun alt and to complete that emblem team, she deserves it. :fgo_shikideletethis:

You’re welcome to post your own forms of appreciation for Idoun too, feel yourself at home and revive this thread anytime.

More mentions…

(Mentions 2/2 — Check from start of OP for the rest)


Also, @Pokyo, I know you haven’t been here in a long time but I still remember you fam, this thread is for you so feel free to revive it when you return to show us your Idoun! I hope all is going well regardless.


Wow this was a long thread, but it shows the dedication you feel for Idunn. Congrats on the summons and the showcase of Idunn was amazing :feh_flaynsmile:


I always love your appreciation threads and seeing how much you adore Idunn. Best of luck getting merges for her and hopefully the new heroes banner will be an easy skip for you

Oh, and congratulations on the Sara merges!


This thread was a nice read. I really admire your appreciation for Idunn :feh_excidunn:

Here’s mine, she isn’t as decked out as yours, but she’s still pretty thicc

I’m hoping Binding Blade gets remade at some point so I can learn more about her and a few of its other characters, but you did a really good job of introducing her at the beginning :feh_faewow:

Best of luck with saving, and hopefully we can see you +10 Idunn and her alts in the future :feh_excidunn:


Congrats. Nice to see such dedication

It’s interesting that our first encounters with FE were similar. Short version: I had just gotten a phone capable of using an emulator, so I got “Myboy” as well to play old favorites. I quickly realized that while pokemon is still easy to play, platformers aren’t. I went looking for other games, and saw FE7 rated pretty highly. Played it, and went from there.

I like Idunn as well, and wish they did some more with her character. Redemption from the kind of thing she went through is a type of storyline that appeals to me.


Wow, your dedication is unreal! Thanks for sharing and congrats on that awesome Idunn! :catclap:


Congrats on the summons! Though man, I see I wasn’t the only one to suffer infinity pitybreakers. The banner was cruel, but we do what we must. Idunn deserves the love. She’s such a great character. I think we may have similar preferences for character designs and archetypes, because the light purple hair is one of my favorites too. I’m also a huge fan of the characters who like…struggle with emotions, but are learning. That’s really what’s implied with Idunn; that she has emotions, but they’re a struggle to understand, but she’s coming to an understanding of them slowly, and with Fae’s help. Their dynamic is precious and I love their Duo.

One thing that always stuck out to me in her backstory is that her capture at the hands (claws?) of the earthly dragons, was that Idunn stuck behind out of sympathy for them. They were losing, and Jahn remarks that Idunn hesitated to leave them to their fate, which allowed them to capture her. He then goes on about how he doesn’t understand why a dragon would have emotions, those are things for humans, as he does. But it really did give a lot of insight into Idunn as a character prior to being transformed into the Demon Dragon; she had an unusually high amount of empathy for others, and was hesitant to leave others to die. Even though she’s a minor character, she really stood out to me as well, and is one of my favorites in the series. She’s definitely one of my most used units, in both her forms. I’m glad IS did her justice.

The art is really great, thanks for sharing. Quite a few of those are new to me. I had a few to share that I’ve seen over on Tumblr as well:

Idunn Arts







The original artist’s account is gone, but their work is still here

Also I found the source for the Idunn/Fae/Sophia one with the FEH sprites.


Speaking of, it’s a shame her boss fight is so anticlimactic.

Like you psych yourself up for this epic battle with a corrupted divine dragon, who has the power to destroy nations and…

The optimal way to win the fight and even get the perfect ending is to one round the final boss; Idunn can’t even counterattack because her weapon has 1 range and the sword of seals is 1-2.


Kinda makes me wish they kept the original Idunn fight, where she’s super tough to hurt, much less KO. The Binding Blade still breaks her, but the other weapons aren’t as effective.


So the FE7 final boss

The first time I played the game, I almost couldn’t win (it was my first time playing any FE). I hadn’t trained the lords, because they weren’t great at low levels and I didn’t realize how much I would need them. Somehow I got by with Lowen of all units, chipping it down and healing with Pent or Athos…maybe both.


I agree, unfortunately, she was a really easy boss, a Roy with enough investment can easily ORKO her with [Sword of Seals] when used at range…

This reminds of me a DYK I saw in the FANDOM Wiki not long ago though! The devs originally intended for Idoun to be a super tough final boss, with the legendary weapons barely scratching her and only the [Sword of Seals] would do a decent amount of damage, but then, @Intelligent_Systems has foreseen the posibility the player might break the weapons ahead of time and make the game unwinnable, so they made her final boss form a lot weaker.
I would’ve made the weapons infinite or something, would’ve loved to have a more frenetic final fight.
But even so, she’s still my biggest fav in the series, she’s not the strongest of the final bosses but that shouldn’t really be of importance when factoring who you like, Imo, this extends to FEH and other games where I only use favs or people I like enough, always, even if they struggle nowadays.


Oh for sure, totally agree with that. One of my favorites is Lyn, but the more I reflect on that choice, the more I feel that she doesn’t have a lot going for her (from a character standpoint, she’s rather bland); she’s still one of my favorite FE characters though.


Ooh it’s out! That was definitely a fun and interesting read, I never knew her whole story before and I have to say she intrigues me even more now. I always loved her design but her story is exactly the thing I get won over by. (The whole get possessed/taken over by someone else to do their bidding and fight their wars, and then getting saved/healed by the protagonist and slowly regain their sense of self) I just die for that lmao. She’s definitely an interesting character :fgo_ereshwoah:

Also your summoning video, so many pitybreakers :fgo_seiba:

At least you got a few merges in the end :feh_excidunn: and the pitybreakers were pretty good as well for the most part

Also your B!Roy/Knolls/Seteths, hand them over

I’m kidding ofc. I did notice you mark Knoll, but I couldn’t quite read what for :eyes: are you thinking of building him?

As well here’s my, admittedly small, contribution to the Idunn appreciation :fgo_ereshlove:


I can really see your passion and love for her in this. Hope you can get more copies of both her spring and OG down the road :fgo_ereshlove:


Yay! This is a long but really passionate thread about Idunn! Sorry I’m just so used to calling Idunn instead of Idoun

Idunn was done justice with her OG and Spring forms. The voice actress is perfect, both of her forms’ weapon still holds up well today, her artwork especially the original is amazing, they translated her from GBA to FEH perfectly, and she’s a unique class.

She’s one I’ve grown appreciative over more and more as time went on and as I replayed FE6 more and more.

Like you, I found Fire Emblem through a FE7 emulation back in high school. Good times and I still love this game as my favorite to this day.

Shame you could only get two Spr!Idunns but at she looks amazing and you did good job on her!

I wish you the best of luck in finishing tall forms of the Divine Dragon herself. :feh_excidunn:

Here’s my own Idunn;

I’ve only gotten this far via pitybreakers and her IVs are well odd but she gets the job and looks good doing so. She even has Armor March for the GC and Rival Domains (Why couldn’t she get Armored Stride? That would’ve been great on her)

Thanks the appreciation post and luck to you! :feh_idunnstare: :+1:


I’ve been waiting for a few replies to see how the thread was going to be received, specially after anticipation this big, I’m really thankful everyone! Glad this little passionate project was y’all’s liking and interest.
smiling face with tear

I’ll start to work in the thread for Silque later on, since I’m going to be able to +10 her in about 3 weeks, her thread won’t be as big because there’s less content to cover but she’s still a big fav in the Valentia games and I think she deserves something too, I’m 116 [Heroic Grails] short of +10ing her Valentine’s alt.
Feel free to vote here if you want to be @ed for it!

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I’ll close it once the thread is almost done, I’ll check here regularly so feel free to vote.

I’ll now reply some parts of the comments but I read through everything and appreciate everyone’s input, thanks so much. :pray:t2:

Thank you! I love to see more people trying her out, she’s such a good girl and still a great unit. [Atk Smoke 3] is a nice skill to get started if you need other budget alternatives!

I’m going to do my best to save so that the day will be sooner than later. :feh_excidunn:

That’s what I liked a lot in her too, shows to me how a well-written story and characterization isn’t needed to be highly biased towards someone. Also, it’s nice to see how our methods of learning about FE are very similar!

Thank you! Now I’m curious to see how did it go for you, I hope you achieved your goal sooner than later. :ak_nervous:

I agree, favourites are one of my main driving forces in this game and how I manage to save.

I noticed the same as we interacted over time, our interest in characters seems to match rather strongly, with Idoun, Julia and Sara being high there in our favs ranking, all of them are precious in their own ways but we’re together in +10ing them all, like Idoun says in her OG form:

Also, thanks for sharing the #art and finding the source of the sprite edits! I was thinking about looking for the sources later since I have made posts with that #art before but I got it from my old collection…
That reminds me that I need to make the links of the timestamps functional since they don’t work rn.

They're all mine!
:gun: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: :eye::kiss::eye: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2::hocho:
Jk as well, but thanks for checking the thread out! I’m sure Idoun will be your liking even more in the future, yours is looking great already. :feh_navarreculture:

You’re right, I marked Knoll as a merge project, I have planned to make of him one since like you, I liked him in The Sacred Stones and in FEH as well, his design is cool and dark magic is amazing, but he’s in consideration for now since I don’t even have trained a single copy yet, I was meant to check out the builder to try theorizing a few builds, so I can @ or reply you here as a little off-topic message specially because derails are GP lore. :feh_flaynfire:
As you may have noticed also, I didn’t mark a few 3★s, I try to economize my [Hero Feathers] to favor my current and future projects, highly preferring to merge with copies fromoted from 4★s as base as I save 2k [Hero Feathers] per each 3★ I don’t promote unless I need the budget fodder for later (those are made manuals, unless the IVs are perfect).

I know… that would’ve been great for her! :feh_ikecry:

But they decided to not to let dragons use it… Idk what’s their definition of game balance but they seem to have conveniently developed amnesia on it as the game aged over the years. :feh_sothispout:

Also, thanks! I love your Idoun’s and eeryone else’s! I get how you feel about IVs, since none of the ones in her Spring alt I got were +def, I want to balance her impressive bulk since she’s gearing towards magical sponging, which is great but I would like to use her thick bulk in general — nonethless, both OG and Spring put in a ton of work and perform impeccably.

Once again, thanks everyone! I just noticed I achieved a [Good Reply] in the second part, like I said, I’m happy to see how this project was well received and I look forward to share more updates and appreciation in this thread! :)


I’m in for Silque, even though she isn’t a favorite of mine. SoV in general is actually one of my least favorite games.

Still, really like your posts so I’m looking forward to it!


Initially I wasn’t going to share the summon session, because whale powers feel like cheating, but I can share how it went in vague detail. I didn’t keep a direct account of everything, but I can give the major notes, and tell the tale. The tale of tragedy, but also…of triumph.

Spring Idunn Disaster Session

We’ll start at the end: mission accomplished. She’s been fantastic, and I’m very happy with her. I want to get Far Save for her, as a counterpick unit to Duo Lynja. Glacies will nuke her back to earth, and it’s automatically ready after Lynja’s two hits. AR-D is going to be a disaster once I get her up and running. She has Bold and Vengeful Fighter too, as well as the standard Aether for healing. I’m considering giving her Pulse Smoke, if only because Dagr’s Abyssal map is impossible with my dragon team right now, but Pulse Smoke would completely change Idunn’s matchup against her. But that seems like a silly reason to use my last Pulse Smoke fodder.

The session itself was an absolute nightmare. I love Idunn and really wanted this done this year, but oh man did it try my patience. I needed 9 copies. The plan was snipe red, and pull Green initially. The first two came in pretty quickly, the first even showing up in under 50 orbs. But then…disaster. 15 consecutive pitybreakers. It wasn’t like they were bad pitybreakers, there were just so many. The main benefits from it were two Brave Edelgard (neat), two Nah (also neat), Owain (Blue Flame went straight on my B!Micaiah for Arena), and some nice fodder in Catherine, Kiria, and Midori. But getting that many in a row was extremely depressing, so I stopped for a few hours.

I did go back, and I’m glad I did. The last six copies showed up pretty quickly, and with minimal fuss (though with a lot of 4* special focus units; unfortunately no Mage Eirika). Also just before the end I got the last copy of Nah I needed, so it was like a two for one dragon completion circle. I can’t say it was all bad, but it cost…way more than it should have. Also 15 pitybreakers is way too many to get without seeing a focus unit. But, she is done, and I’m very happy to have her complete. Also, as a bonus, my base Idunn, who has carried me now through two years of Arena, and is still an absolute champion.

I keep thinking I might use trait fruit to give her +Res for more even defenses, but since she already works great, I feel like that might be wasteful. She is an integral part of my Arena core, especially on Fire season where she basically gives L!Edelgard constant 2 movement, and counters other Edelgard forms like crazy. I might give her Near Save off of a Dedue, just so she can protect L!Lilina. It seems like a good investment.


Now that you mention it I think I remember you mentioning you were thinking of building him in the past. Definitely a top quality choice there :feh_ceciliaculture:

But yeah if you come up with some builds I’d love to see them :feh_roysmile: I admit I’m struggling a bit with mine but I do have some ideas

Also you can count me in for the Silque thread :fgo_davinci:


Very nice pulls, so many (good) 5 Stars. :D

Next Year +10 Idunn? :smiley:

Has your Dou!Idunn not Special Fighter for her B Slot? :confused: