@af1899 pulls for Sara + appreciation thread

Summoning for Sara

Hey guys! This is a separate thread I had planned to make for the latest of my summon marathons… let’s get started.

Her theme

Did you know Sara has her own scene theme in FE5? If not feel free to listen to it here, I felt this should go first because you can scroll down while listening to it.
Ofc, you can always just listen to your own music or nothing. :upside_down_face:

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Attachment to her

Now, I’ll talk about the unit I’ve been looking forward to see in FEH the most:

As you may or may not know, I really admire Sara, she’s that one character I’ve been waiting to see in FEH and now here she is! If you’re looking forward to the review on her banner, feel free to watch the first post of this tag: #af1899-reviews.

Why I'm so attached to Sara?

It all started with my first runs on the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 game, I don’t exactly remember when I first played, but it was probably early in 2015 as I was getting deeper into the series, that’s when I found out about Sara…
These past years, I’ve been always the type of guy that’d train someone if they just seemed likeable enough, without critical thought about character intricacies and features, I was more frivolous and valorized viability more…
Now, later in 2019 and 2020, I’ve grown more aware, there’s still work to be done, but that’s also the year where I’ve started to be more appreciative of characters as a whole… I was always attached mostly to female ones, not simply natural attraction, but I felt there was more… like, a combination of how they look, talk and behave feel better to talk with in a way… that’s the case with Sara, if there was “a male replica of her character”, chances are I wouldn’t be as interested but I would still like such a guy I think.

But Sara exists — as is — and I found her truly adorable, she’s like an angel, dressed in light colored clothes and having a great physical quality: long, light purple hair… believe it or not, that draws my interest into someone because most of the time, the character ends up being my liking, it’s my favourite color and I feel it’s a lucky one.
She’s soft-spoken, serene and mysterious, a wandering girl that takes instructions from no one and answered Leif’s call echoing in her mind… being gifted with the power to read minds and hearts alike, she got a lot of my attention.
FEH made her even better… I’ve read all her quotes, listened to her voice, admiring her artwork and the interactions in the [Forging Bonds] event, eponymously named after her debut banner, her S rank dialogue was a sweet surprise as she interacts with Eir to know what are the voices inside… Eir is unable to get rid of those negative voices inside her, but there’s a light of hope driving her forward… why I feel “Alpha” from Minecraft is a great music to read this? :fgo_semismug:

As for how I think her iteration in FEH was done, please look forward to my review! Though there are hints here and there. :upside_down_face:

Reaction to the announcement, explained.

Prior to the banner, I was playing Minecraft: Java Edition and thinking about what could I do… time passed quickly but I was still nervous and unable to take off my mind from that trailer that was going to be announced.
11:55 p.m., I save my progress, close the game, open GamePress on Pale Moon, YouTube in Microsoft Edge because it lets me watch in 1080p and Twitter on Opera for Android… I went to the game’s Twitter profile, refreshed the page soon as it was midnight for me and find that “Heroes from the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 game” will be released… heavily concerned, I skip to where the portraits of the four Heroes appear at first and…

Damn, I wanted to jump in excitement and scream as if my favourite soccer team scored a goal in a very important match versus their traditional rival… but Sara was there, brightly smiling, I could only smile in excitement and enter a hype state, agitated but really happy about her release.
Ofc, I’m content with the rest of the picks, though kinda bummed Linoan didn’t make it in the game yet but that’s still okay, and Miranda looks like a likely project for me…

And also... (A little of proof I've been waiting for her... quite a long journey)


Pieces of #art

Ofc, we couldn’t complete an appreciation/pull thread with some fan #art and official #art.


:arrow_up: Drawn by: ゆきあ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @sachie6005 (Twitter, same artist that did her FEH artwork)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: ベタス (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @zunbayasi (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Official artwork for FE5

The pulls

The video will be delayed for now because I’m working on my review and want to finish all my homework too, also, opening the following blocks will easily explain why…

(Obtained 5★ units and spent amount)

Last night, I’ve spent a total of 467 [Orbs] with a little grind until I gave up for the day and decided to gather 20+ [Orbs] with daily pulls.

Helbindi +hp/-res :feh_inherit: I feel Julia will love it, I gotta spoil my favourites and she’s been a tad abandoned but I use her in Light season of [AR-O]… I don’t really want to use Helbindi nor have use for the skill, but I don’t want to waste it either so I’ll get it because I can.
Larum +spd/-res Fodder for New Year Eir. :man_shrugging:t2: Even if Larum is my only dancer from her origin game, I can’t really stand her tbh.
Sara Sparked Ofc, merge project. :sparkles::high_heel::nail_care:t2:
Eleonora +att/-res Fodder too… seriously, that’s what meddlers get for getting in my way to merge Sara. :fgo_casgilworry::hocho:
Nina -att/+res For now, keeping, but I plan to fodder later for [Shining Bow+] and [Bow Valor 3].

(Other relevant units (3★/4★))
4★ Kagero +def/-res Fodder of [Daggerbreaker 3], skill Idoun needs to collect and sadly Kagero is its only source atm. :fgo_seiba:
3★ Natasha +spd/-res Excellent boon, much better than +HP certainly, I’ll switch to it and she’ll be +1
3★ Emmeryn -spd/+def Simply a merge.
4★ Catria -att/+def Debating to make her a project, she’s good gameplay-wise but I’m not entirely into her character.
3★ Tethys +spd/-res Merge.
4★ Emmmeryn +spd/-def Merge too.
4★ Sakura -spd/+def Eventual merge project because I love her really sweet and kind personality, also I like Hana too so let’s do this and give them a support. :catdance:
4★ Felicia Neutral M E R G E
4★ Sakura (×2) +spd/-def, +att/-res Debating the asset to use for now.
3★ Tailtiu +att/-res Merge. :clap:t2:
4★ Tethys -def/+res Yet… another… merge… :upside_down_face:
4★ Florina -att/+def Yoooooooooooo! Very nice, I can finally start to work on her.
3★ Tethys +def/-res Noteworthy since I plan to give her a tanky set, but still planning about that.
4★ Tethys +spd/-hp Could keep in case I regret the IV change. :upside_down_face:
3★ Felicia +res/-def I’m switching her to this asset.
3★ Emmeryn +att/-spd May switch to this asset.

Mini showcase

We’re gonna go straight to the point here, you would like to know how far I went with her right now and what are her current builds, here goes:

Main build

Flex build

Fodder on her so far

  • NY!Laevatein’s Limited-Time manual: [Earthfire Balm+] and [Kumade+].
  • Lena: promoted one to 5★ to get all her fodder at that rarity, I had another one at 4★ I got from my pulls in this banner.

Plans for the future

I felt this part shouldn’t be hidden as I’m announcing something of relevance to the thread:

With… how things went, I’m planning to attempt to pull for a merge for Sara so I’ll snipe colorless, until the banner is over or my rate is reset back to 3% by consecutive pitybreakers or getting any of the focuses, I’ll still snipe but never summon if my [Orb] count is below 20, the idea is to economize when sniping, I got a few rounds with 4 colorless stones and one with 5 is rare but can happen.

Once I’m done, I’ll continue doing my best to save for Spring Idoun.


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The End

Updated: 1/20/2021, 4:25 p.m.

I’m sorry for… the not-so-encouraging news in this summon marathon… but finding positives I got Sara and already started to invest on her so that’s nice, she’s my lead now so feel free to try her to your heart’s desire, she can be useful to learn about how [Kia Staff] works but I’ll make sure everything about it is covered in my coming review.

Seeing that I’m no longer pulling on her debut banner, I shall be posting updates on her as well as fan #art any form of appreciation, feel free to track this thread anytime to stay updated, to do so, scroll to the end of the thread and follow the schematics below:

You’re welcome to post your own forms of appreciation to Sara too, big or small, it doesn’t matter, anything counts! And you’re welcome to revive the thread anytime, if you need to find it quickly, you’ll see it somewhere in my profile.

At any rate, thanks to everyone for their kind words, encouragement, mentions in the banner’s thread and for looking forward to this chance by voting on the #poll linked earlier and/or expressing it in other ways.

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I wish I got a sara while pulling, trust me I pulled colorless each time they weren’t any blue orbs and that happened a lot.


Big F.

I hope you get her soon enough, she’s great.


Still feel pretty great to get Thracia content, I almost feel like playing the game again.
I remember hoping that Sara had an epic prf.


Congratulations on finally getting Sara! I hope you have better luck getting more copies before the banner ends. Which IV are you hoping for?


Spent a ton of orbs and only got pitybreakers and the Spark of Sara Squad rise up! ;_:

Oh my god you even got hit by Larum and Nina too, what is this banner’s problem?

So sorry to hear the overall session didn’t go so well. Fortunately the banner’s up for a while, and there are a lot of free orbs we should be able to collect yet, so hopefully later pulls turn your luck around. Godspeed, friend.


Sorry pulls weren’t great but glad you got the spark!

Yeah, Larum is the only one in her game which is why I haven’t foddered her B skill… yet.


Thanks! For now I’ll aim for a +1 but maybe I’ll go and get more. As for the IV, +attack feels great, I usually like working around super assets but +spd is a tempting pick too…
But I’m leaning towards that extra of attack since her healing skills are great with that high base and more doesn’t hurt.

(Here's a comparison done on the builder)


Really though, this banner has been a letdown in terms of summons but I’m happy the spark system was of help for us to get Sara. I wish you all the same and that we can +10 Sara soon enough. :feh_excidunn:

Thinking about submitting an emoji based on her. :fgo_mordredthink:


Man, 54 atk before merges, dfs, and neutral. Not counting the push

Fully merged with an atk boon would be NASTY


45 base speed is a beautiful thing to see. I’ve honestly been tempted too. 63 is an amazing attack stat, but 59’s pretty solid too and I don’t know if she needs the extra attack? Honestly, with how the summoning went, she might be a Legendary Julia scenario, where I just cannot draw what’s considered their optimal boon, and go with whatever I get and find out it’s still great.

At least we know which banner we’ll be voting to get a rerun as soon as it’s available. Gonna need that second spark at this rate.


Hey look, it’s me :fgo_ereshwoah:

Anyway, it really sucks that you got so many pity breakers and only the one Sara, I know how much you were looking forward to her. Major F for that :feh_elisad:

She looks great right now tho, and thank God for the spark system. Hopefully when you finally break pity you get multiple Sara’s in the circle


Very impressive! Honestly, I think it’s nice to see people so attached to characters from video games. One of many ways to show how much they love and appreciate the game. And, Sara is definitely one of the most powerful staff users in the game with that Spd of hers.


Nice pulls but sad for Sara :feh_ikecry:

If I could, I’d take that Ellie and summon a Sara to compensate

At least you got one though. You’ll get more of her though so don’t give up :fgo_ereshlove:


I would give her to you if I could, anything for best FE5 girl.

Also, thanks everyone! Even if it wasn’t a great summoning session, I’m enjoying Sara and I’ll be looking forward to showcase a +10 one someday with all manners of skills inherited.


I look forward to it :feh_hridexcited:


Linoan hype :feh_catria:

but rip on the summoning :fgo_meltpensive:


Good future luck.

I share your pain, having also summoned a helbindi I really don’t want.


Many thanks everyone! Honestly, I’ve missed getting this badge, it feels like I’ve contributed to something people really enjoyed despite the adversities, I did too, writing this post was a pleasure and best FE5 girl deserves it. :fgo_ereshlove:
After the emotional hit this banner landed on me, I’ve slowly started to recover and now I feel fired up, ready to finish up my review.

I want to share my Sara in FE5 but I lost my old files and I’m making a completionist run, currently I’m at chapter 5 and resuming the plot however I can for my understanding, I can share the PDF once it’s done, however.


Day 1. :blush:


Thank God for the spark system but man you deserve more Sara. Especially with this huge appreciation you have for her and the one year wait you did.

At least you got her and are happy with her! So congratulations to you! I hope more copies of Sara are fated for you in the future! FEH did a good job translating her in voice and combat. A lovely unit with a solid and unique prf is great for any 5 star and Sara got well treated.

I’d spark for her but I have a lot of priorities for my current units but maybe she’ll come to me during a free summon someday? I can only hope she hears my inner voice for her.

Why is Nina still in the regular pool IS? That one hurts me seeing that. Should’ve been Sara