@af1899 reviews [A Star Is Born] --- second New Heroes banner of Jan/2020! 🎤

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:hammer_and_wrench: This review was done in cooperation with @L_Arafrench who mainly wrote the biographies for everyone and helped me think about certain parts (mainly due to not having played the banner’s origin game yet) so special thanks to them

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Hello everyone!, I hope you’re having a good day.

Well, this day we get a rather unusual banner, this time, heroes from the Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE game join… and no they’re not Duo Heroes thankfully.
:feh_bklul: Anyways let’s S L A P P onto it:

[A Star Is Born]

LINKS Open the video in a new tab View the japanese trailer

List of additions:

  • Eleonora
  • Kiria
  • Mamori
  • Tsubasa
  • ◍Itsuki


LINKS Source Enlarge

:warning: Regarding Itsuki’s stats: He has only superbanes in HP and SPD but the colors are wrong there (both numbers for these stats should be red)

New Heroes


EPITHET Shooting Starlet
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

:warning: Regarding ☆[Mirage Longbow]: in its original description it says that passing a speed check stops follow-ups, that’s incorrect, passing the speed check prevents counterattacks (official announcement here). For your convenience I’ve edited the picture listing the skills as a fix of sorts


Eleonora is a 17 years old (16 is the japanese version) actress working at the entertainment and production agency Fortuna Entertainment, her birthday is January 29 and she is of Japanese and Scandinavian descendants which explains her blonde hair and blue eyes, her friends call her by the nickname Ellie.
She was in the entertainment industry and awakened her Mirage, the archer Virion before the rest of the other Mirages Masters, which make her more experimented as a Mirage Master and act like a big sister towards the others despite being younger than them except Mamori, but her advices often lead to a misquote.
She feels insecurity from being biracial as she feels it makes her stand out so she aims to be a star in Hollywood in hope of finding her own place.
Her relationship with her Mirage Virion is quite complicated, he desires to see Ellie become a refined young woman while she strives for her dream of becoming an Hollywood actress.

Ellie is really invested in her actress career, she often trains and experiments things like going on a date or handle her fear of horror films so she can improve her acting skills


In FEH she arrives as an infantry colorless bow with a damage/support role at base:

  • ☆[Mirage Longbow]: with this weapon she can run more offensive-oriented sets as passing the speed check will let her safely pummel down or weaken any enemy slower than her without fear of retaliation… except if that enemy has [Null C-Disrupt 3] — though this skill is infantry-only.
  • [Atk/Spd Push 4]: with this she gets attack and speed +7 during battles if her HP is equal or above 25% of her MHP, but after any combat started with the HP check passed she survives she gets 5 recoil damage, this compliments
  • [Rally Atk/Spd+] and ☆[Spd/Def Ruse 3] will let her buff an ally’s attack and speed by 6 for a turn while inflicting speed and defense -5 along with [Guard] (to stop special charges) to enemies sharing their X and Y lines in the map, this’ll give another offensive ally the edge to double even more reliably, you can also use any {rally} on her and it’ll help her a ton


This is her statline:

  • Superboons: attack, speed

With it Ellie stands out more offensively than defensively, this and her weapon make her a great player phase but her enemy phase potential is quite low, do note how her offensive stats are even superboons so you can go for more speed or attack and it’ll be an easier decisions as both grant an one-point BST boost.

The most similar candidate for comparison of her kin is S!Nephenee:
They fill different roles? Yes, but their statlines are mostly similar, with a flavor for player phase, both can be potentially offensive but S!Nephenee will be harder to build offensively due to lack of PRF and lower offensive spread.
We can also include Igrene who’s likely a stronger comparison point:
She also has a statline gearing her up for offensive sets like her base kit and a powerful PRF that can compete but she’s a red bow unlike Ellie who’s colorless

Statline rating: 9/10

Inheritance options

[Atk/Spd Push 4] is still a rare still which is also on B!Camilla as of today, you can take it alone or… combo [Rally Atk/Spd+] with ☆[Spd/Def Ruse 3], this is my recommended combo… in that case a rundown of what to do:

  1. Give your recipient [Rally Attack], [Death Blow 1] or [Darting Blow 1]
  2. Get [Rally Atk/Spd] from SM!Eirika (also take [Swift Sparrow 2]), we all get one for free from [Heroes’ Path] so if you’ve been waiting to use her as fodder this might be your chance
  3. Doing all this gives your recipient the chance to get the [Rally Atk/Spd+] and ☆[Spd/Def Ruse 3] combo with optimal SI while they can get a rare skill on their way

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH



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EPITHET Cool Façade
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page


Kiria is a 21 years old japanese chart-topping singer popular with young people who goes by the name “KIRIA”, her birthday is July 12.
She is the first Mirage Master met by Itsuki and Tsubasa, while protecting them from a Mirage ambush.
She is a senior to Itsuki and the others, often aiding them as a Mirage Master and an entertainer. She’s often referred as the “cool beauty” but not many people really know her personally and her private life is a well-kept secret.
Despite her cool atitude, Kiria secretly loves cute things but she but she seems to want to keep these feelings secret believing that such interests are shameful and may be bad for her career.

Her Mirage is the dark mage Tharja who uses her magic to aid Kiria in her daily life, they’re both great partners but that doesn’t prevent Kiria from thinking that Tharja can be sometimes weird


In FEH she arrives as a red tome infantry unit with strong one-shotting potential:

  • ☆[Mirage Rod]: it grants [Attack +3] alongside debuffing these stats to any enemies’ that are within 2-square radius of her: attack and resistance by -6
  • [Iceberg]: it has a CD of 3 and will add 50% of all her RES for some strong special attacks
  • [Atk/Res Solo 3]: lets her take more magic damage while increasing her offensive prowess. Attack and resistance +6 during battle if she has no adjacent allies at the start of combat.
  • ☆[Lull Atk/Res 3]: it reduces her target’s attack and resistance by -3 during battle alongside negating blue buffs to these stats. It’s an amazing skill to give to The Rein :feh_reinyes: and also Sonya can make excellent use out of it.

To fill remaining spots I can recommend [Atk Smoke 3] as C-skill, [Warding Stance] seal and [Smite] or [Shove] assisst (either will help on her retaining her [Atk/Res Solo 3] active and it can make great synergy with Mordecai’s [Sabertooth Fang])

Inheritance options

Take ☆[Lull Atk/Res 3], Flora has [Atk/Res Solo 3] so I’d not worry about it but you can take the LV1 version if you want to give your recipient [Atk/Res Solo 3] alongside any of Flora’s skills like [Quick Riposte 3]


This is her statline:

  • Superboon: attack
  • Superbanes: HP, defence

Her statline and kit allows her to become an one-shotter for either phase (did you see her base 41 attack?) and also a magic vacuum but she may also take some physical attacks since her kit can reduce attack and resistance by -9 each on top of disabling blue buffs to these stats. She’s beaten several of the units but none turns out to be really obsolete.

A candidate for the comparison? Lyon:
Both can fill similar roles and have PRFs that help them take less damage but Lyon’s [Naglfar] is more specific as it grants WTA towards colorless, while Kiria can reduce by a great margin two key stats on her targets

Statline rating: 8.5/10

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH



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EPITHET Microwavin' Idol
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page


Mamori is a 11 years old japanese elementary school student and entertainer that also works at Fortuna Entertainment. She’s mainly working as the star of a childrens’ program called Microwave Idol Mamorin. Her birthday is the August 11.

Mamori is initially unaware of Mirages and Idolasphere but she is hired by Maiko for her strong Perfoma, she can’t fight because of her young age though.
Mamori is proper and polite but she can occasionally shows an obedient child-like side of her at times. She’s fond of traditional Japanese ballads and old-fashioned Showa Period.
She is adored by Fortuna trainer Barry Goodman who she call Oji-chan in return.

Her Mirage is the heavily-armored soldier Draug, who prides himself of his absolute defense, he wishes to protect Mamori with all of his might


In FEH she arrives as a green armor unit with this kit:

  • ☆[Mirage Axe]: it grants [Resistance +3] and checks if there’s at least one ally within 2-square radius, if that’s true she gets defense and resistance +6 during any battle alongside follow-up prevention, this sample illustration will explain when the weapon activates or not:
    With a weapon like this it’s best you give her a mixed tank utility
  • [Bonfire]: with this special she can return high amounts of damage due to her potentially high defense by taking 50% out of it in a CD of 3
  • ☆[Shield Session 3]: this skill will grant her defense and resistance on enemy phase and during battles based off the number of enemies that moved, this is the formula:
    :hash: Bonus = 9 - Enemies that moved × 3
    :eight_spoked_asterisk: Bonus is the value added to her DEF and RES during enemy phase battles, it’ll always have a minimum value of 3.
    This table will help understanding:
  • [Vengeful Fighter 3]: it giver her guaranteed doubles and extra special charges if foe initates and her HP is above half her max, any enemy that attack her and she can counterattack will most likely get one-rounded because the first attack will be normal but on the second the special procs


This is her statline:

  • Superboons: speed, defence

Mamori is another unit with an incredibly solid statline, you can make her speedy since this stat shines at full merges but you’ll still need to put your part with the skillset.
Her physical defense can also be improved greatly with a superboon on it and she’ll still have a great mixed bulk with the help of her kit.

For comparison point I chose L!Hector who has similar statline, is also a green axe armor and [Thunder Armads] having a way to stop follow-ups like ☆[Mirage Axe]:
Hector has higher offense and HP but lower defenses, mainly resistance by 7 points.
He’s been powercrept as a mixed tank but the biggest powercreep is the weapon, ☆[Mirage Axe] is much easier to activate than [Thunder Armads] and it also grants defensive buffs just by having an ally nearby, it’s a much easier requeriment to meet.
L!Hector will still be viable and he’s a Legendary Hero with his useful [Ostia’s Pulse] but an even more defensive unit has stomped him flat.

Despite that I like Mamori’s statline and how she can stack defenses, she’s going to be a really fun unit to build

Stat rating: 8/10

Inheritance options

☆[Shield Session 3] is a good skill to take, I can easily recommend it as [Vengeful Fighter 3] is getting easier to find, you may take the LV1 version if you need it

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH



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EPITHET Madcap Idol
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page


Tsubasa is a 18 years old (17 in the japanese version) Japanese high school student who started her idol career after attracting the attention of the director of Fortuna Entertainment Maiko Shimazaki, her birthday is December 2.
Five years prior to the story of the game, Tsubasa was involved in an incident where her sister Ayaha and the entire audience mysteriously disappeared during a concert her sister was holding, Tsubasa was the only survivor of this event. After this accident, she developed a dream to become an idol and learn the truth behind her sister disappearance.

Her relation with her Mirage Caeda like a sisterly bond, where Caeda is the older sister and Tsubasa the younger.

Tsubasa is an optimistic and kind but clumsy person, she seeks to improve herself, even though her methods can be sometimes considered abnormal or unusual, she also lacks self-confidence and suffers of minor social anxiety when she is around new people


In FEH she arrives as a blue lance flier with a nearly complete set:

  • ☆[Mirage Feather]: it’ll grant her [Speed +3] and armor/cavalry effectiveness. It also may grant boosts to attack and speed of +6 during battle along with a [Desperation] effect if at least an ally moved
  • [Moonbow]: will help her ignore 30% of her target’s DEF in a CD of 2, it’s a cheap but fairly effective
  • ☆[Blade Session 3]: if she initiates combat it’ll grand her bonuses to attack and speed based on this formula:
    :hash: Bonus = 3 + Allies that moved × 3
    :eight_spoked_asterisk: Bonus is the value added to her ATK and SPD during player phase battles, it’ll always have a maximum value of 9.
    A table will help understanding:
  • [Chill Spd 3]: it’ll inflict SPD-7 at the start of the turn on the foe(s) with highest visible speed, foes with same speed will also get debuffed, it’s useful to help her use the [Desperation] effect from ☆[Mirage Feather] on a speedy threat
  • [Hone Fliers]: it grants her flying allies ATK and SPD blue buffs of +6 at the start of the turn only if they’re adjacent to her


These are her stats:

  • Superboons: speed, defence
  • Superbanes: HP, resistance

Tsubasa is the strongest unit in the banner, her mixed bulk is fairly decent, high speed, good base attack but mainly ☆[Mirage Feather] empowers her by a great margin.
The speed superboon will help her double some recent threats and evel older ones.

A unit I thought to use for comparison is Tana since they’re the same kin and also have similar stats, Tana’s refine also helps to stand:
Tsubasa is potentially faster and less balanced while Tana is a more solid unit with workable stats.

Still both are great units but both are 5★ and are mostly set apart by a PRF weapon that gives them different uses.

Stat rating: 8.5/10

Inheritance options

☆[Blade Session 3] and maybe [Hone Fliers] is a great combo for your flier unit, you may want to choose a flier as recipient as the latter skill is still 5★ exclusive for whatever reason…

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH



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:warning: Important: Due to space constraints (limit of 32k characters) the section for Itsuki was moved to the part 2, please read on!

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Part 2/2

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EPITHET Finding a Path
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

Itsuki: Chris Patton | Chrom: Matt Mercer


Itsuki is a 18 years old (17 in the Japanese version) Japanese high school student who lives in Tokyo, he was recruited by Fortuna Entertainment due to his Mirage powers, howevers he does not aspire to work in the entertainment industry like the others Mirage Masters. His birthday is July 30.

Itsuki grew up as a normal teenager, he is friends with Tsubasa since childhood and is currently classmates with both her and Touma Akagi. One day he is invited to a live idol audition but it quickly degenerated as the audition is attacked by malevolent spirits called Mirage, he and Tsubasa proceed to be dragged by a Mirage into a strange space: the Idolasphere.
He awakened his Mirage Chrom inside this place and managed to escape it with Tsubasa, quickly after this event they drew the attention of Fortuna Entertainment, this marks the start of Itsuki Aoi’s adventure with his friend.

Itsuki is the Lord of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, he is honest and responsible but also quiet, he likes to be around his two friend Tsubasa and Touma and later extends is friendship with his Fortuna coworkers like Kiria and Ellie. Itsuki is a great leader and his fellow Mirage Masters place a great deal of faith in his leadership qualities.

His Mirage is the Prince of Ylisse Chrom, who, like his Awakening counterpart, is brave and has a strong sense of justice. Chrom is a pillar of support for the inexperienced Itsuki and gives him advice about how being a good leader


In FEH he arrives as an infantry sword unit with this skillset:

  • ☆[Mirage Falchion]: it grants [Defense +3], dragon effectiveness and one of the following boosts depending of the phase (Bonus = ATK/DEF boost during battles):
    :arrow_forward: Player phase: Bonus = 3 + Allies that moved × 2
    :atom_symbol: Enemy phase: Bonus = 7 - Enemies that moved × 3
    :eight_spoked_asterisk: Bonus will always have a maximum value of 7 and a minimum of 3.
    I’ll include a chart that illustrates these bonus calculations:
  • [Swap]: it’ll let him exchange positions with the ally it’s used on from the direction it’s used on. It’ll activate his [Atk/Def Link 3] which grants blue buffs to attack and defense +6 to both user of skill and ally on which a movement assist was used, only if one of them is used
  • [Sol]: it’ll recover HP = 50% of damage dealt upon proc in a CD of 3.
    It’s really useful to help him stay healed when tanking dragons as the damage would escalate and increase the healing
  • [Drive Def 2]: it grants DEF+3 during battles to allies within 2-square radius, not really useful but you can take it for collecting or buff stacking


This is his statline:

  • Superbanes: HP, speed

He has a well-balanced statline, his primary focus with his weapon is ATK/DEF but his resistance can also be increased to give him great mixed tanking utility, that can be of help when contending with dragons since his weapon is effective against them.
His BST grants him great potential to score in [Arena].

For comparison point I picked Joshua:

Joshua has less BST but his [Audhulma] grants him RES+5 on top of a {slaying} effect so it helps a little, he’s not really left obsolete by Itsuki.

Statline rating: 9.5/10

Inheritance options

He has [Atk/Def Link] at 4★ which is amazing, I recommend taking it alongside [Swap].
If you also want to fodder his 5★ version given for free on the [Tempest Trials+] this banner is asociated with I recommend to do this:

  1. Give to your recipient [Drive Def 1], the skill is on Nanna and Roderick at 4★
  2. Fodder [Atk/Def Link 3] and [Drive Def 2]

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH



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Duration: 2020-01-20T07:00:00Z2020-02-07T06:59:59Z



Well, I think the choice is fairly good, I was discussing this with a friend who finished the game and they thought about other characters we could have such as Touma, that’d favor gender ratio at cost of color sharing which isn’t good for fans of one of them.
The colors at least are well-distributed, one for each unit and a new sword infantry as grail unit.
This banner also lines up with the release of the Nintendo Switch version of the game, making it a good part of the release celebration


Arts… they’re so acurratelly drawn yet again, I’m debating between all but Mamori’s designs since I really liked the precision in each of the drawings. Not going to lie, I even admire Itsuki and Chrom’s designs here but particularly the latter’s aura of coldness.
Tsubasa’s design is gorgeous and adorable and Caeda impresses me overall, possibly my favourite but I also love Ellie’s cute arts with Virion…
There are a few nitpicks which include the style of the artist but it’s not entirely bad, it just clashes with the style of the game in general, at least with the banner itself, but it’s not terrible… it’s well done for the most part, liking more Draug’s designs.
I also noticed Caeda’s hair being darker in FEH but other than that she was well-translated with her Mirage Master.

Voice acting is also very likeable, this is my first time hearing the voice of the Mirages and I’m impressed with it and the added reverb, Virion’s probably the one I like the most but I’m also at a debate — also all of the Mirages have their original VAs like Caeda being voiced by Cherami Leigh


Banner rating: 8/10
Artwork: 7/10
Voce acting: 9/10

Associated event data

  • Event type: [Tempest Trials+]
  • Name: “Mirage Vortex”
  • Duration: 2020-01-21T07:00:00Z2020-01-31T06:59:59Z

Bonus units and seals

LINKS Source Enlarge | Datamine page

Build recommendations

To make up for my inability to write the bios due to lack of knowledge of the game I decided to include a build recommendation for each unit and an explanation, depending on how this feature is received I may include it on future reviews.
I know that most of the kits are premium but on here I thought of giving them builds that might work better and have some synergy involved.
Feel free to provide any input or opinion about them or this feature, thank you!


This build focuses a lot on her player phase by attempting to increase the damage output with her attack superboon, she’s already pretty fast so she won’t need the speed superboon.
Remember her weapon prevents counterattacks if she’s faster than the enemy so unless they have [Null C-Disrupt 3] (infantry-only) she won’t have to fear retaliation, it’s really premium however but you can go more budget and she’ll still perform greatly.


Really budget but effective, this build makes use of her mixed bulk and attack/resistance reduction abilities for dual-phase nuking and tanking


This build makes use of her [Mirage Axe] which grants DEF/RES +6 alongside preventing follow-ups from the enemy so I felt dumping her speed is a good choice, it’s actually salvageable but with her weapon I’d forget about it.
If you’d like to make her speedy you can give her a [Slaying Axe (+spd)] and the speed superboon, that’ll give her 36 speed at least


She’s another unit with player phase use like Ellie, I gave her a support-offensive role to make use of [Mirage Feather] effects, she won’t need [Desperation] when you can just make an ally act since the effect will activate along granting ATK/SPD +6 during battles she starts.
You can also choose an attack asset to improve on her damage output but her inability to use {lull} skills will probably need some compensation to keep up with the recent speed powercreep


He was the hardest one to build because his weapon has dual phase utility and dragon effectiveness, I decided to give him this set to make him more of a generalist role since he can get beefed up all-around with it

The End

This review was harder to do alone as I never played this game before but barely heard of it, anyways I’m happy for its fans that it gets a banner in FEH and an Encore version just released for Nintendo Switch.

Again, special recognizement and thanks to @L_Arafrench’s work for writing the biographies for everyone.

Feel free to leave any feedback or ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.
As always I hope this review proves to be a nice read of thoughts and a useful resource!

:bookmark_tabs: Temporary central glossary/symbology (will be replaced later on here and the other reviews)
:clock230: Click/tap here to check my other reviews

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How much time and edits did this took?


Part 1/2:


Part 2/2:



Such dedication to this banner is great. :+1:

Even though you weren’t familiar with these characters, I think you gave a good description of them.

From what I heard the game is pretty good but at the time us fans were kinda disappointed and angry that it wasn’t the SMT x FE crossover we were thinking it was (and it was on the not strong selling Wii U so it was under the radar) which was a bit unfair since the developers were trying something new with the crossover and they did work very hard on it. I’ll look into later when I have some time.

Since we’re probably not gotten any tickets on this banner, I hope to free summon Kiria or I’ll come back later for Kiria if the Valor skills banners doesn’t have Maribelle.

Speaking of Kiria, she powercreeps Henry’s refine except she hits way harder than him and he just got it now. Big oof. Kiria does look pretty cool though, she looks fun to use and her voice lines and being paired with Tharja is a great bonus to me. But man her skills are just too tempting to inherit immediately :feh_inherit:

Which unit would you like to get on this banner if you could?

Thanks for the review and have a good night.

Edit: Thanks @L_Arafrench too.


Thank you so much!.

Actually @L_Arafrench wrote the bios since I don’t know about who the characters are but needed some help without risking to see major spoilers.
Still, thanks a ton, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the compliment for the most part :feh_hridexcited:

It seems the game had a rough start! I’ll have to get it at least for Wii U so I can formulate an opinion, I look forward to the result of your research but don’t feel pressed to do it right away!

I hope you can get her quickly! Just a friendly reminder to pick up her DF when you do :+1:.

I was thinking of talking about Henry’s refine which got powercrept but I quite forgot about it, oof…
You’re right, I like her designs! And the most important thing, the fodder :feh_inherit:

I’d love to get Tsubasa but I’m also thinking Eleonora would make a fine addition too, I’m quite puzzled but the former calls more my attention.
What about you?.

Have a good night too and much obliged for reading! :feh_caspar:


Mirages be wack

Well as always great job!


Ah yes, Mirage Masters seem to go through some temporary alterations when they enter into this “combat” form, some physical aspects such as color of hair seem to change during this mode!.
In the case of Ellie she’s light blue hair in the “combat” arts but in the normal arts it’s blonde:

Here's the normal art

Anyways thank you! I’m glad you liked my review :feh_excidunn:


Yeah assumed it was that.


I had fun working on this review, I’m available if you need help for a next time :eyes:
jumps on a plane to Scandinavia to look for a Scandinavian wife


This is a really nice rundown of everything I appreciate this, especially since I’m going to be pulling at 2am(Going for Kiria and Tsubasa).

I got the game on release a couple days ago and it is really fun so far. I always forget that it’s mixed with FE so the weapon triangle kicks my butt


Woah great review as always, very in detail I only dream of the day I run out of characters on GP. How you know so much stuff when you no play game? You must be smat smat very. Well done, I personally am pulling for 1 copy of tsubasa or Eleanora, both for Caeda (well the rally for Caeda or Caeda as a mirage). Keep up the good work!


Thank you! (You’ll eventually be able to, the secret is to use HTML a lot and Notepad++! :feh_annawink:).

Oh, actually I know nearly nothing of TMS#FE but @L_Arafrench who has played the game wrote about the characters — if you mean about FEH I’ve been learning a lot thanks to GamePress and, to a larger extent, its FEH community!.

Good luck getting Tsubasa! I hope it’s soon, she also has Caeda who you could keep but it’s alright anyways :catroll:.
Once again, thanks for reading!


I meant TMS#FE, thanks for he luck, I’m supposed to be saving right now😅

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Neat. :feh_bigbeauty:


Wonderful analysis as always. Even those who haven’t played the game (like me) can get an overview of what it is all about.

As for the banner, I’m still deciding whether to spend orbs or not. I will probably ignore it completely, as I am saving the orbs for units that I like or actually need.

Great job! :clap::clap::clap:


Those are awesome as usual.

Is there a reason why you went for L&D4 and FD/R3 over the new session skills? They have the potential to grant a higher bonus (which seems to be easily achieved) while not having to deal with the permanent stat loss.


You saw nothing

(Fixed it, oop… :feh_legion:)


Thank you! I hope it helps.

Probably you’re going to prefer saving orbs for your projects, if you want to +10 a 5★ exclusive it takes months of planning and constant saving for a F2P, Godspeed

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Thanks! I think [Life and Death 4] is a more consistent buff and it’s not really convenient to let her allies move first while she’s last, [Blade Session 3] is idealistically better for [Grand Conquests] or [Rival Domains] since you can bring eight (8) units!.
Also Ellie and Tsubasa don’t really need their bulk and prefer constant offensive power

I’m not following…

Blade Session seems like a better L&D4 as you will get 6/6 once someone have moved (smiter for example). It feels especially great for the usual dancer strategies. But I can see why you might prefer L&D4. However, Shild Session gets 9/9 and you substract 1 for every enemy that has moved (it works on the number of enemies that have not moved yet, not on your allies; which makes it way worse on GC/RD). If you put that on someone who can kill on retaliation, you could always have 9/9 active on them. That seems way stronger than FD/R.