@af1899 reviews Claude --- Legendary Hero of Feb/2021! :feh_claudesmugger:

Hey guys!

Here’s yet another review on a rather nice Legendary Hero and his well earned spot.

Let’s get right into it.


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Japanese version
BGM: «God-Shattering Star» (Rain variant, Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

EPITHET King of Unification
DESCRIPTION «Hero who left Fódlan. Bringing peace to Fódlan, he returned to his homeland.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Three Houses
WEAPON TYPE Bow (Colorless)
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
MEDIA INFO azu-taro

Joe Zieja


HP+3, Pair-Up, BST push to 185

PREV. RELEASES 2 (Original, Brave)
DATAMINE Click/tap to view in Reddit.


:briefcase: Written by: @nobody625


☆[Failnaught]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It grants faster special skill activation by reducing the maximum cooldown for all skills of that nature by a point, it’s also naturally effective against flying units (you may refer to this article for information on weapon effectiveness calculation).
The game also checks if, when entering a battle, Claude starts with at least a quarter of his maximum HP, if that’s true, then he gets a boost of +5 to all of his attack/speed/defence/resistance stats, and the [Null Follow-Up 3] which negates the “guaranteed follow-up attacks” from foes (granted by skills like [Bold Fighter 3] and the {breaker} B-skill family) or effects that prevent the user from making a follow-up attack (such as [Mirror Impact] from a foe), this means that it not only negates follow-up prevention effects from the foe, it also negates the drawback on the two {sweep} B-skills, as well as anything that would impede him from making a follow-up attack.

[Luna]: :feh_inherit: Non-Staff users only | :rewind: 36 | :feh_special: Cooldown: 3
Upon next strike, user ignores half the target’s total of defence.
If given to a unit that targets resistance, ignores half resistance instead.

Whichever is the case, the DEF/RES reduction accounts all kinds of stat boosts to the targetted stats.

☆[Atk/Spd Catch 4]: :feh_inherit: Cav./Fly. only | :rewind: 0 | :crown: High cost

:bulb: Side note: if this skill is equipped at Lv.3, the game only checks if the foe has either a [Penalty] or is at full health for a bonus of +5 to attack/speed during battles.

☆[Fallen Star]: :lock: Pref. | :crown: High cost
It activates only on battles started by the user, on such battles, damage received from the first strike the foe lands on Claude is reduced to ⅕ the normal amount, and also, the [Gravity+] staff effect activates, meaning that the target foe and any foe(s) adjacent to the previously targetted foe will have the status that reduces movement to one square.

Also, after using for the first time in the turn, and when initiating as well, it grants the [fallen_star_status Fallen Star] status, the shown icon appears on his sprite in-map at the lower right corner of the square he stands to indicate the effect activated.
While active, on the first combat of the next enemy phase, Claude receives ⅕ the normal amount of damage on the first strike.

On initiation, which is possible by refreshing him, the status effect DOESN’T stack with the skill that grants it as the description may hint, this means that, if stacking was possible, Claude would get 96% of damage reduction from foe’s first strike for initiating if both the status and the skill’s damage reduction effect activated simultaneously, right? But the description can be actually misleading, here’s a test I ran to be sure:
In this scenario, I’ve specifically made sure that Claude initiated and obtained the [fallen_star_status Fallen Star] status, then, refreshed him and made him target another foe strong enough to withstand the first attack to see how much of the damage is lowered:

I’ve made calculations with the help of this percentage calculator and it came to my attention it’s not possible to reach 96% of damage reduction, just the 80% granted from the base skill when initiating and the foe strikes Claude for the first time in the match.
The calculated reduction from the sample scenario above resulted in an exact reduction of 78.94736842105263%, which was rounded to the nearest even integer that’s 80, matching the skill’s description.
I mean, it was obvious, since he can’t receive the status without attacking first, which invalidates the “unit’s first combat in player phase” part, because when he attacked to get it, said combat already went by, #sothis effect only works when the foe initiates. :)

Do note the [fallen_star_status Fallen Star] is NOT granted if a foe initates on Claude instead, and it wears off at the start of the user’s next turn.

[Spd/Def Rein 3]: :feh_inherit: Flying units only | :rewind: 2
Allows the user to constantly reduce the speed and defence of all foes within a 2-square radius of the user by -4 during all battles those foe partake on, allies can benefit from this effect.

Stats & gameplay

Legendary Claude is a prominently fast unit with a modest attack value and alright mixed bulk, offset by his incredible player phase potential that allows him to slow down his foes’ movement pace to a square, symbolizing his scheming antics.
On player phase, his greatest asset is the large amount of damage he can absorb when receiving the first blow from the foe’s counteract, an {impact} skill makes for an ideal choice since that’ll block several speed based follow-ups and has synergy with the ☆[Fallen Star] skill, unless the foe has [Null Folloe-Up 3], the {impact} skill will work nicely, thinks like [Swift Sparrow 3] also do well, you’d rather leave the rest of his default skills intact though, and add a movement/boost assist depending of your needs and willpower to invest on him.
For assets, you’d ideally take more speed, there’s never enough of it and your Legendary Claude can absorb a ton of damage already, making a resistance asset redundant but still a good choice — do keep in mind his BST will be 185 regardless, so you don’t need to worry about having a superboon or not, he’s also rather flexible to build and a weapon imbued with [Null Follow-Up 3] and {slaying} weapon is pretty strong, this allows him to double foes even if using {sweep} skills, should you want to go all offensive on him, [Windsweep 3] is arguably the better choice as it covers more weapon types.
As for flaws, anything goes for him, even less speed, he doesn’t have a superbane, and no bane to dampen significantly his performance.
Overall, he’s a well rounded unit that can soak a lot of damage when used right regardless of IVs, and great right off the bat for scoring at [Arena].

:arrow_double_up: Spd, Res

For the comparison, I chose his Brave self from the #cyl4.
Legendary Claude’s statline is slightly better optimized for offensive overall, Brave has minimal differences and same base stat total (BST) as Legendary, Brave has the ability to quickly recover his health in place of Legendary’s [Null Follow-Up 3], both are great but if using both, I personally think it’s best to give them separate roles, Brave can become a tank of sorts, while Legendary an offensive unit that tramples enemy formations when used right.

:arrow_double_up: Spd, Res | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-08-18T03:00:00Z

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[Atk/Spd Catch 4]

This is his most valuable skill at the moment, it’s pretty good and works at its best for units that make use of debuffs (well, everyone but I mean, on their weapons, like Ursula when her preference weapon is refined into +Effect).
As you know now, this skill can be inherited onto any cavalry or flying unit, regardless of what they use, it’s recommended the recipient doesn’t use [Savage Blow 3] or any skill that deals area damage, because when the user is refreshed and attacks someone else, the effectiveness is reduced a little, so it’s recomnended on someone who focuses on damaging a single target.
For me, I thought of Ursula because her refine relies on visible reductions on the foe, and this new skill goes perfectly with her to help her deal even more damage in an easy way.

feh_review_rcd [Spd/Def Rein 3]

Not as valuable but still… very valuable, it’s useful on fliers that go all out on offence and use physical weapons like swords or daggers, it’s definitely well justified to prioritize this skill.

Aesthetics reference

Original artwork:

(Non-flipped up picture here)

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

(Click/tap for quotes)


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:arrow_down: COLORS :arrow_lower_right: UNITS
:red_circle: RED
:large_blue_circle: BLUE
:green_circle: GREEN
:white_circle: COLORLESS


  • Duration: 2021-02-26T07:00:00Z2021-03-05T06:59:59Z

  • Red: I’d like to think of it as the third best color to pull, really good value on it, two Legendary Heroes that aged well and a Mythic Hero that remains a queen of the skies even amidst powercreep, it also offers great fodder such as [Distant Counter] from two of the units, which is a scarce but effective skill for your favourite tanks.

  • Blue: the worst? Yeah, but not terrible, two of the units may not be as great as before but with enough love and care like with any character, they grow into powerful additions, that’s the power of favourites. But anyway, Legendary Young Tiki continues to be a very unique individual as we haven’t gotten a single blue “dragarmor” (armored dragonstone user) before and after her, she might be what you need, whether it is for a balanced team, a thematic team… or both. It’s also pretty good loking in fodder with the currently unique [Fierce Breath] and Melady whose skills grant something to those sturdy fliers to feast upon.

  • Green: I would say second best, strong fodder choices such as [Spd/Res Rein 3], [Distant Counter] and two Mythic Heroes for [AR-D] as well as a regular pool unit that offers great support capabilities in the form of extra movement to anyone that’s not a ranged cavalry unit and [Def/Res Ruse 3], skills that would come in handy for [Røkkr Sieges].

  • Colorless: here, it’s the MVP and I’m not saying this because of bias. Actually, I think it’s the best because of the great value on it, Mila is a very useful unit for [AR-O] during Light seasons as she increases the turn count for your [AR-O]'s by 1 and offers DEF-based [Isolation] to block several supportive threats like Legendary Azura or ever some tricky formations. Legendary Leif continues to be a potent dual phase unit not short of Jugdral references, capable of clearing so much content with the right investment. And Legendary Claude, well… we’re reviewing the man himself. :feh_legion_miso:
    It’s also topped with excellent fodder like [Bracing Stance 3], which is still unique.

Calendar of returning L/M Heroes




Man, his artwork is definition of quality, not a single detail that has been overlooked or made worse altogether, his beige outfit compliments his hunter-like appearance perfectly like in #fire-emblem-three-houses, the golden/yellow/black in every piece blend beautifully and shows cutting edge precision, Azu-taro is another one of those artists that Imo, the moment I see their name printed in the video when a character is released, I know will deliver across the board.
The voice acting is not bad at all, his iconic VA voices him with top notch quality as ever.

Claude is also not a surprisingly broken unit, I mean, he is, but not to the point he can be extremely annoying, but on the players hands he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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The End

I thought about why not making a little reference to a famous meme in the review, specially since this is the first time I get to review my favourite of the three leaders. (I’d have probably flipped up every picture if I had the energy for it but settled for just one)
I knew that I’d like him the most out of the trio since his ideals were the most agreeable, he was the nicest out of the three, and he looked really cool to me, besides, some of his students have grown a lot on me, like Lysithea, Marianne, Hilda, Raphael and the very Claude himself, so that’s why he’s a favourite and by extension, the Golden Deer is my fav route in the game.

I got him on my alt the other day and under very few [Orbs] (10 or so), with the intent to go for Legendary Leif and Mila since I don’t have them there, I was both surprised and happy with Legendary Claude coming instead, not only I like him, getting him enabled me to test in first person how he plays out and how his ☆[Fallen Star] B-skill and eponymous status worked in-depth.

Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoyed this review and found anything of use, if there’s anything wrong, you’re welcome to report it here and I’ll look onto it ASAP.

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Great review! :feh_claudesmugger:

While I do prefer Edelgard or Dimitri over him, Claude is still a great character and fun guy overall. Plus Golden Deer has a lot of my favs as well.

I couldn’t free pull him on the banner but maybe another time.


I live for this line


Great evaluation for those involved, I liked it a lot. I went out with an L.Claude and a copy is very strong, imagine him +10.


Good work as always. I always asked myself how you make all of your reviews? Not to copy them, only because I am interested how are they created.

I saw him a few times already in Arena and AR and man was he pain to deal with most of the time. At least Kempf does an amazing job with shutting him down, if he does not has a way to counter him.

Claude is not my favourite of the three but maybe interesting to know that it took me more than a year to understand the upside down joke. I simply never noticed it^^

I am interest in trying to pull a bit for him. Could be a nice addition to my teams but if I look at the shedule up ahead I need to save for June. Maybe I throw a few bucks at it.


I would be more than delighted to share how I do my reviews, I was thinking about promoting them on YT while explaining how they’re done… with a little surprise mixed in ;)
But I think that’s best left for when I’m alone with my PC since my laptop has crappy specs for screen recording. :feh_tooobin:

I can make a post though:

First of all, I occasionaly take some time to maintain 4 different templates (note the modification timestamps), each related a specific kind of review:

The mini review template could also be considered but it’s there should I run into another problem like last year.
Here’s a quick glance of what’s inside each template file:

This is the HTML table for each of the character charts, I’m well versed with HTML in general so it’s less complicated than it looks.

The first step is to identify what’s the kind of banner we’re getting based on #feh-calendar data, and open the respective template.
Once that’s done, I select all the contents of the template file and create a new file, then paste the template contents in that new file, I do this at a random point ahead of the expected datetime for the initial reveal in the game’s SNS but it’s never too ahead, and I plan according to how busy I think/know will be.
I use the Notepad++ because it’s easy on resources but is a powerful tool that keeps my drafts saved, and, as you can see below, I can keep track of how long the review is getting, because there’s a limit of roughly 32KB per post (I’m not sure about this because VARCHAR type variables in SQL (for databases) support strings containing up to 65535 characters, but that’s more or less what I suspect)

Moving onto the next step, once the trailer is out, I share my first thoughts and impressions as it’s customary for me, on the respective discussion threads and start populating the template copy once I’m free, here’s a sample with my review on Claude:

:bulb: As a side note, this review was 24545 characters long and the template takes roughly a third of that.

As for the data I input, I take what’s on the trailer and add it to each table, as it was shown above the draft’s summary, then add what’s known of the character and fill it on the review, and contact people I know like the character(s) getting the alts or making it in FEH via PM, in which we coordinate anything related to character bios… sadly, not all the time I have someone to write for a specific character, like with Díthorba/Deet’var so I did it myself… and try to carve some inspiration in to do it, bios are left for last to give the most time to the writer(s) of the bios, normally, I ask the writers to avoid spoilers unless called to, and give them iconic examples from past reviews, once they get the hang of it I don’t need to go in details and they know their way around the writing norms.
Then, I write about unit(s)'s kits and explain with a chart if I think the skill needs elaboration with a graphical example.
We all know how sloppy @Intelligent_Systems is at wording skills so someone has to step up and solve their mess. :fgo_rinlaugh:
I also look up inheritance limits on the #gamepress wiki and count how many units prior to the new user of the skill had this, and link the article of the skill.
If it comes down to make a chart to explain a skill, I open Microsoft Excel and use a previous file as base to create the required charts for the coming batch of Heroes, I often take longer to do those charts, I remember 2 hours on average:

I have an Excel 2007+ spreadsheet file (.xlsx) stored for each banner in which I had to make 1+ chart.
Once a chart is finished, I screenshot it, most of the time, I have to hide the toolbars because I apply zoom of 130% so that they can be clear enough for #gamepress to allow enlarging. I use my favourite screenshoting tool, ShareX.
I go back to the trailer and upgrade the quality to HD/720p so that the screenshots will be clear, ShareX allows me to set shortcuts so, I put the trailer in full screen, and press [Prt Sc] (AKA: [Impr Pant PetSis] in Spanish keyboards) whenever the unit is shows and whenever their respective kit is listed, also I take shots of the banner, since they’re full screen shots I post process the pictures with ImageMagick, since I can only use screens with a 1366×768 configuration, I have a command to use already memorized, as all FEH banner trailers are released in the same format:

Now, how do I place the pictures if I’m editing on a local text editor? I upload them to my “scratchpad” PM on a message at which I recurrently backup my review draft, and accordingly copy the markup #gamepress generated for the pictures to the draft in Notepad++, in desktop I can easily identify which code shows which image:

I do that for any screenshot I take, artwork I fetch, etc.
I also fetch a quote per character from Gamepedia, here’s an example for Idoun:

I copy the clip’s URL and paste it, but I have to remove a part of it, like so, otherwise it doesn’t appear:


I tend to pick one of the 5★ quotes because they usually have the character speaking for at least 5 seconds and in a more vibrant way, allowing the reader to listen to it in a quick way to get an idea of how someone talks.

Then, I begin talking about inheritance recommendations, it’s probably my favourite part because I’m obsessed with efficient inheritance and want to help others make the most out of their fodder unit but not without being borderline childish, just orienting the people that seek to fodder the character.
Gameplay commentary goes after and not encouraging foddering unless it comes down to that and keeping in mind that the power of love can do miracles, I go to the Heroes list in #gamepress to pick the Heroes that play as similarly as possible to the unit I’m covering, and screenshot their statlines.
I also write up the final thoughts after inspecting aesthetics and reading other’s reactions to understand how other people feel, I feel it’s important to have more opinions so as to avoid overlooking important details.
I proceed to try identifying the music used in the trailer, and extend it if it’s from one of the SNES games, this is for anyone that liked the music used to introduce the characters… for Claude’s review, a lot of people started to react to “God-Shattering Star” lol, so it was easy.
Finally, I create the rating chart in Excel and upload it, then remind the users that haven’t sent their bios to do so, once all of them are done I paste their bios on the respective character sections and appropiately crediting the writers.

I paste the “final” draft on my private scratchpad to check all is OK and correct mistakes on the fly, once that’s done, I go back to the copy of the draft in Notepad++ which has the errors fixed and try to look for the right points to divide the review in parts, as I said earlier, there’s a limit per post and my reviews are getting longer as I want to make them more elaborate, only two so far have required me to divide in 3 parts instead of the usual 2.
I go to #gamepress and create the thread with the first part of the divided draft pasted in, then I copy the second part in advance to quickly add it as a reply on the thread.

That’s more or less it, I tend to change the orders of the tasks but this is roughly it, I hope this has been the answer you were looking for. :)


I forgot to mention how I pick the sample quote, now I corrected that. :)

This refers to one of the two status quotes that are unlocked at 5★ rarity.


No this is more than enough^^ Thanks for the explanation of everything, now I can appreciate your work even more now that I know, how much time and effort you put into your reviews.

I actually regonized a lot of what you are talking about and got even a little flashback, as I was more into HTML myself. Have not used it much in the last years but I can easily regonize and understand HTML Code, so you did not lost me there.

What I am really surprised about is, that you make the explanations of skills in Excel. Thought you were using something else, but getting surprised is always nice right? Overall I know every software you are using, so this is funny aswell.


Neat! Most importantly, I’m happy to read the positive feedback as always, I can see I’m doing things in the right direction. :)

I didn’t know you used to learn HTML, but if you decide to keep learning, it’s quite useful here. Sadly, JavaScript and CSS can’t be used but that makes sense, coloring is also impossible even with the deprecated color property. :feh_tooobin:

I agree, surprises can be really welcoming, I do all my charts in Excel, to be specific, the 2010 one.
It may not have the latest features but it has the ideal balance of features and ease of resource consumption.
There’s still a lot that can be done with it.

Oh btw, the animated charts are done in Photoshop, I just paste the two screenshots in one picture and create an animation.


If I see good work, I am ready to give some positive feedback. It is as easy as that^^

A lot of time passed since I actually used it. I am more into C# and C++ at the moment and can do some cool stuff with it, but since I am not using it for work, I am a bit rusty. I know Java Script and Java too, but I am not as experienced with them. At least the languages are very similar so as long you know one, it is not too hard to learn a new one. If I find the time, I should be thinking about trying HTML again.

I am using Libreoffice myself, because I am to lazy to buy a license key for 7 bucks or so? If you know the right people, it is not too hard to get access and If I really need to use Excel than I can use my notebook from work.

Never did anything with Photoshop, but you can do so much cool stuff with it. Wish I had the time to actually look at it, but I am working more with VMWare right now.


Neat, I did study a little C# as well, it’s used on Xamarin, a technology Microsoft designed for creating mobile apps, tho what I learned is very little and I forgot.
Java and JavaScript are used on different areas but I agree that once you get the hang of a coding language, learning more is an easier task as the syntax can be similar in other languages, like PHP.

Oh, VMware was familiar to me, I once tried their virtualization software, though nowadays I prefer Oracle’s VirtualBox.
Do you use it for more recreational stuff like nostalgia or to run older programs/games?


I use VMWare mostly at work, because it is the software we use to create and manage our virtual machines, but I use some of them at home too. More of security reasons than anything, but maybe I should make one for older programs and software? I have to think about it again.

I used a bit of Virtual Box aswell, but because I am using VMWare at work, I simply switched to it. I know both good enough to work with them.


I see, it’s best to look first if there’s any need for an older OS, I remember creating a Windows 95 VM because it can run 16-bit games, among those, there was a very obscure series of horror RPG-esque games called Labyrinthe, I got instructions here:


That is not untrue. Sadly most of the old games I really like to play, can easily be installed on Windwos 10. Fallout 1 & 2, Morrowind, Gothic 1 & 2 and even Daggerfall, but only with the open source project. Need to look into those games. Did you looked into Labyrinthe?


I see, it’s just that I clearly remember trying to run the Labyrinthe games and they never worked without running them inside VMs with OSes that support those games, 16-bit executables aren’t supported anymore since years…
I did investigate about the Labyrinthe games before and even tried them a little, they all play the same way more or less but are very difficult to move around since the hints aren’t obvious, and they’re rather unknown because they were made by a company that Idek if it ever existed to begin with, since only the name floats around… otherwise they seemed really interesting, the third one had a cool soundtrack.


There are some old games that require something like that. The only game I know where it is required is Fallout 3, that needs adjustments to run on newer systems. Everything after Windows XP has trouble to start this game.

16-bit executables aren’t supported anymore since years…

That is quiet sad…

I need to take a look into those games, If I find the time. I am trying to write more instead of playing in my free time, because I simply let it slide.


Understandable, I also have responsibilities so I’m trying to play less.

Whenever you try them, you can lmk, even if it comes down to a PM. :feh_nini:
I remember you telling me about your situation with [In the Mind of] so I’d like to read your analyses whenever possible, and maybe how you do them too, I think it’d be really interesting to include that as a special of sorts in the next release but regardless, I excitedly look forward to it.


I can do that in the next analysis. I am simply waiting for tomorrow to see what the new Heroes are and hope that I know them. Then I would do one of those mini “In the Mind of” for all of the new characters I already mentioned once. All of your feedback will be required after I have done one of those. If you all like it, I am going to continue with it.


That’s for granted, as always I’m your subscriber so I’ll be sure to read it and give you my input! I would be delighted to continue reading more of your work.