@af1899 reviews Dagr --- Mythic Hero of Mar/2021! 💪🏻

Hey! We get another Mythic Hero, this time, Dagr from the [Book V] of the very FEH graces us with her presence and is now available to the player, so let’s get started with my review on her.


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Japanese version
BGM: «Boss Theme» (Fire Emblem Heroes)
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EPITHET Sun's Radiance
DESCRIPTION «The younger of the princesses of Jötunheimr, and Nótt's twin sister. Cheerful and big-hearted, but also ready for a scrap when the time comes.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem Heroes
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
MEDIA INFO Kozaki Yusuke

Alex Cazares
Appears as «Alejandra Evette», which is part of her birth name.


The following effects are granted to the units in your active [AR-O] team during Light season:

  • HP+5 and Res+5: any ally blessed with the Light element (excluding Mythic Heroes and Dagr herself) will obtain a boost to their base HP and RES by +5 each, this effect stacks with other boosts of this nature.
  • Extra slot: for as long as Dagr is in your [AR-O] team and in Light season, you'll be allowed to place an additional ally on the team, you can move her to the extra slot or place her there right away if desired. Whoever is placed on the extra slot will not grant additional [Lift] per victory.
PREV. RELEASES This is her debut, prior to this banner, she was an enemy-only original character for [Book V] making her first appearance at B5C4P5.
DATAMINE Grab bag by u/Banpei-kun.
Assets for this update should be bundled with the next ones for the update in early April, you may refer to refer to this thread for all the previously available assets.
INITIAL REVIEW Click/tap to see the thread here.


:briefcase: Written by: @NickofTime80


[Skinfaxi]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might: 16

:film_strip: Animation: frames = 3, frame duration = 15s, view frames individually here.
:arrow_left: Minor notice: this is a minor revamp of my chart on this skill from back on my review on the [Enduring Legacy], which is linked above, feel free to compare both charts side to side. Frame duration increases by 3s and coloring+explanation has been updated, there’s also a new page to explain a newly found effect interaction and one flag was removed while another one got replaced since [Skinfaxi] was already in the game’s data.

[Dragon Fang]: :feh_inherit: All non-Staff users | :rewind: AA: 8:8 • LI: 5 | :feh_special: Cooldown: 4
Upon next strike (immediately after activation), user deals additional damage based on half their total of attack stat.

[Atk/Spd Push 4]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: AA: 6 • LI: 4 • V4: 10/13 (1:2)
This skill activates each time the user enters in a battle with at least a quarter of their maximum HP, if true, for the duration of the match, the user gets boosts of attack and speed +7, since they’re in-battle boosts, they stack with other boosts of that nature, like from {drive} skills.

☆[Sun-Twin Wing]: :lock: Pref.
This is Dagr’s personal B-skill, being a preference skill, it helps with her scoring as it costs 300 [SP] and we don’t have inheritable Lv.4 skills in the B-slot for all classes.
This skill has the same HP requirement as [Atk/Spd Push 4], but the effects it grants while the condition is met are the following:

  • [Null Follow-Up 3]: Dagr negates abilities and effects that prevents her to make follow-up attacks, and guarantees those of the enemies she faces.
  • Stat reductions: during battles, foe’s speed and defence is reduced by a fixed 5 points each.

☆[Even Tempest 3]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Fly. + range = 1 weapon users | :rewind: --
This family of C-skills initially debutted with Legendary Dimitri and his [Odd Tempest 3].
It grants the [Movement Up] status to the user on even-numbered turns (2, 4, 6, 8, …), which gives the user an extra square of movement (in Dagr’s case, she can move up to 3 squares), if the user is inflicted with [Movement Down] status through skills like [Gravity+], the user still moves a square until that ailment is removed.
[Movement Up] doesn’t stack, preventing you from further increasing the unit’s movement.

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Atk/Spd Push 4] + ☆[Even Tempest 3]

Both skills are rare but the latter is unique as of this review, it’s locked to melee infantry and flying units which still gives a lot of picks. If you can afford [Atk/Spd Push 4] that’d be great.
We’re bullying Petrine once more as a sample of the source for the prerequisite which is [Atk/Spd Push 3].

feh_review_rcd ☆[Even Tempest 3]

If you don’t care about [Atk/Spd Push 4] then that’s fine, it’s not a must to get and not every flier uses their speed stat, so taking ☆[Even Tempest 3] alone is all right as well, you definitely should be prioritizing this skill!

feh_review_ncf [Atk/Spd Push 4]

Big nope since it’s more common to find, I highly recommend to practise patience getting another source of this skill.

Stats & gameplay

Dagr makes her appearance as a playable Mythic Hero, her weapon, the [Skinfaxi], has a stat boost effect that works in the same fashion as that of [Chaos Ragnell] from Fallen Ike, which reverses visible stat penalties into buffs, in short, debuffing her more only strengthens her more, but, unlike Fallen Ike, Dagr can’t naturally counterattack at range so she’d need [Distant Counter], but still, she’s a really well packed unit with high offenses, her default ☆[Sun-Twin Wing] gives her [Null Follow-Up 3] and a stat reduction on foe during battle to further boost her offensive prowess.
Since three of her skills work with at least 25% of her HP, some good skills to give her include:

  • [Sacred Seal] or B-skill: [Renewal], [Mystic Boost]. Or the following two options comboed together:
  • Special: [Noontime], [Sol] or [Aether].
  • A-skill: [Flashing Blade] (the higher the level, the better), but best used with the last of the two special skills since their cooldowns are longer.

Dagr also grants a boost of HP and RES +5 to all her allies blessed with Light (excluding herself and fellow Mythic Heroes of her season) during [AR-O] in the matching seasons, making of her a hefty addition to your offensive formation, this is coupled with the fact that [Skinfaxi] bestows [Pathfinder], an effect constantly applied on her that in general, it allows her allies to move further if used right, which holds true most of the time anyway, you just need to be mindful of the terrain, i.e.: cavalry wouldn’t go through forest tiles. Anyway, this effect allows for more effective hit-and-run tactics, when used with movement skills like [Draw Back] or [Pivot], this helps an ally to easily extend their movement range to either attack or run away to safety.

All in all, she’s a solid unit, despite her skillset, she’s not someone astonishingly broken but proves to be a strong unit to add to your barracks whenever you can afford it… or luck out.

:arrow_double_up: Att, Spd, Res | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def

For comparison, I pick Valentine’s Alm, their statlines are very similar and they play out somewhat similarly too, except they’re decked out pretty differently right off the bat and offer different kinds of support, while the Duo’s skill has a more powerful option, it works only under the player’s hands and is more limited to use (1 time / map).
Dagr’s support utility is less present but not less useful, just different and usable anytime — anyway, that’d be their most glaring difference asides their differences, the Duo continues to offer a very effective support ability when used right, and they are very fast, being able to constantly use {damage migitation} B-skills really well in general.
:arrow_double_up: Spd, Res | :arrow_double_down: HP | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-02-06T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Aesthetics reference

All the artwork
Normal + Combat

Facial expressions

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  • Duration: 2021-03-30T07:00:00Z2021-04-06T06:59:59Z
:arrow_lower_right: THOUGHTS PER COLOR
:red_circle: R
This is the weakest color to pull for, but even then, it’s not as bad as you may infer, it has two of the older Legendary Heroes who grant stat boosts, which come in handy in a good number of cases, plus they’re bonus units occasionally. The fodder isn’t terrible either, and [Infantry Flash 3] is still somehow a unique skill, so you may not want to miss on it.
:large_blue_circle: B
Blue boasts strong fodder value through Guinivere for your favourite mages and Duessel for your mixed tanks. Legendary Lucina’s fodder has been decaying in value and she’s still a really good unit to have. The other two are no weaklings by all means, on the contrary, understimating them could lead you to a fatal performance in battle, magic effectiveness is very rare and Guinivere easily dispatches her enemy magicians like cutting through butter, and Duessel is a fearsome mixed tank in the battlefield.
:green_circle: G
Green wins the trophy to best color to pull on, extreme fodder value as are the units themselves to merge them up if the player desires so, with Legendary Edelgard being known as a “2×[Galeforce]” user per turn and a competent {solo} fighter. Freyja has proven to be a tough contender and a good addition to your Light team and Dagr is no pushover either.
:white_circle: C
Colorless feels like the second best color to pull on, while it has only a regular pool unit and each of a Legendary and Mythic Heroes, Sara is a powerful support choice and she carries valuable form through [Return+] which heals and uses the [Reposition] effect, Legendary Corrin is a really good mixed tank and Bramimond packs a strong punch right off the bat.

Odds breakdown


:bulb: For an analysis on odds and how summoning works, refer to this video.

Calendar of returning L/M Heroes




One thing I’ve noticed while reading people’s opinions and thoughts on Dagr as our Mythic Hero for March/2021 is how OCs (the original characters from FEH itself) are taking over the role of Mythic Heroes, their original premise was to introduce “godlike characters from the Fire Emblem series” to the game and I’m well aware @Intelligent_Systems has broken free from this premise long ago, just letting any OC take in the expanding roster of Mythic Heroes (specially if they’re a good looking female character) while introducing the extra slot thingamajig in [Aether Raids].
Over time, I’m picking up how useful is to have an extra ally for attacking others and defending, that opens up new tactics, and the like, that’s not the major concern for me and we’ve been adapting just fine to this new mechanism, although not everyone can easily deck out their [AR-D]'s with the new Mythic Heroes to balance things so it can be troublesome at times — the problem itself is the controversy generated by @Intelligent_Systems’s choices, I agree in that we should be getting more actual “godlike” characters as Mythic Heroes, but I think they should be getting input regarding how do we feel about the continued addition of OCs as Mythic Heroes.
That said, I don’t really hate any of the lately OCs, just feeling like they shouldn’t hog the spots rather quickly and that we do deserve some characters from the older games… not because simple treatment fairness, but because this helps getting said characters — even the most obscure ones — some well deserved recognition and to remember the Fire Emblem lore from the classics and not-so-classics, I’m not really waiting for someone in specific other than a potential Mythic Idoun, she has the story elements to become one but I’m not really mad about such alt not being a thing, far from that actually, since it’s an irrealistic possibility, but that’s another story — I would actually like to see some of the well wanted “godlike” characters to make it in, such as Ashera, although I’m not specially attached to them.

In any case, this is just more or less my thought on the situation. :feh_nino:

Onto Dagr herself, I’m loving her development as a character, thanks to her quotes, we get a few more bits of info and now I’m kind of curious for her mother — she’s leaving a really positive impression, she heavily reminds me of Tailtiu (who I also really like) when it comes to personality: bubbly, talkative and friendly… I see, with all reason I’m liking Dagr, and her fodder looks passable as I mainly use units that can’t inherit the {Tempest} C-skills lol, so I see myself merging her someday, the idea of stacking [Pathfinder] seems like fun but my OCD wouldn’t allow me to deploy more than one copy of the same character and just merge 'em soon as I can.
Art… the #art is beautiful, expressing her bravery and strength in combat perfectly and sporting a rather calm pose in her normal artwork, I just come to… almost adore it naturally overall, I stay with the normal piece as the most likeable one, there’s a minor detail that’s impossible to ignore, and is the placement of her mouth in the attack/special pieces, it’s a tad too high and it feels… kinda out of place, I can’t put my finger on it.
As for her voice acting, I love it as well, it’s just what I’d expect from her type of character, letting us know something more about her and her family, not much, but I guess we’ll find out over time! Still, I’m thrilled to make of her a project someday.

Overall, Dagr herself is very likeable and is a valuable addition to your barracks.

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The End

Thank you for checking out my reviews as well as supporting their continuity! I’m currently looking forward to see who will be our coming New Heroes and review them like always, we didn’t get them this night as it was initially thought by some users, so it’s possible the next one, either way, it’s known the software update will roll out at 2021-04-04T23:00:00Z.
Anyway, I’ve summoned on the day of the banner’s arrival and managed to pull Sara rather easy, I’ve decided to get ready for the potential coming New Heroes banner, with the addition of [Celestial Stones], there may be a New Hero worth looking forward to get for me while also getting an extremely valuable item.

Also, in this occassion, I’ve added a few new terms to the central glossary, no new entries in the [Characters] section for now though.

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Great review like always. Keep up the good work.
I managed to get a copy of her what is nice, but sadly I could not pull a Duessel. She is a nice addition to your team and is easy to use. Not the biggest fan of her, but it is nice to have her as an option now.

And thanks again for the template. I am going to use it when I am done with everything else right now. I am excited to use it for my own threads.