@af1899 reviews [Dark Desert Rituals] --- Special Heroes (2/2) of Jan/2021! :feh_dorotheawink:

Hey guys!

So… new seasonal thematic for this month… this time, Heroes from different worlds are sporting Plegian attires, Plegia is one of the kingdoms where the plot of the Fire Emblem Awakening game develops, it’s at the west of Ylisse.

Let’s get started.

[Dark Desert Rituals]

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Everyone’s stats


Special Heroes


EPITHET Florid Charmer
DESCRIPTION «A mage of Plegia who commands powerful dark magic. Wearing particularly enchanting attire to a festival celebrating her homeland's culture.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem Awakening
WEAPON TYPE Tome (Green)
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES 3 (Original, Winter, Bridal)


:briefcase: Written by: @Souljini_Bitchiani


☆[Plegian Torch+]: :feh_inherit: | :crossed_swords: Might = 12
The game first checks if she’s NOT fighting next to an ally, if so, then the targetted foe will suffer in-battle penalties to their attack and resistance, equal to:

5 + visible reduction on the stat

The reduction to each stat is calculated separately and only applies during battles the user fights alone.

[Reprisal]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 8 | :feh_special: Cooldown = 2
Upon next strike, user deals additional damage equal to 30% of the following formula:

Maximum HP - Current HP

So it gets stronger the less HP compared to the maximum the user has.

[Swift Sparrow 3]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 10 | :crown: High cost
During battles started by the user, user’s granted a boost of attack+6 and speed+7.

[Spd/Res Rein 3]: :feh_inherit: Flying units only | :rewind: 1
This skill constantly allows the user to reduce the speed and resistance by -4 to all foes within a 2-square radius of the unit during all battles those foes engage, meaning that allies can take advantage of the reductions inflicted on the nearby foe(s).

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[Plegian Torch+] + [Swift Sparrow 3]

Much as it hurts, you’d have to part without [Spd/Res Rein 3] because you’d need a Triandra who’s best foddered for the full skill and [Atk/Spd Push 4].
But I can attest this combo will be well preciated by its recipient, and it’s the least restrictive (you literally have freedom to pick any green tome user!), plus, you can even summon a Naesala/W!Felix if desired (or use a spare copy you might have lurking around), for [Swift Sparrow 1] at 4★ without needing to promote the source.

feh_review_rcd [Swift Sparrow 3] + [Spd/Res Rein 3]

I think it’s a pretty good combo, you need [Swift Sparrow 2] but any magical flier will find it excellent for an offensive take.

feh_review_ncf One skill

☆[Plegian Torch+] would be the best of them all, but I’d recommend to exercise some patience to at least get my recommended inheritance chain.

Stats and gameplay

Plegian Tharja is a powerful player phase unit, not meant to take hits often as she’s really frail, thus making of her a righteous user for [Desperation 3], specially since that slot is empty at base, her kit, specially hints at that as she even comes with [Spd/Res Rein 3] and [Swift Sparrow 3] to obliterate foes, specially those unfortunate enough to receive resistance penalties.
For assets, there’s never enough speed, so I recommend it more unlike Katarina as Tharja’s weapon only doubles the penalties on the foe’s attack and resistance — but a boost in attack is about as good to, the ideal banes are obvious, but you’d prefer them in this order: HP > Def > Res, with HP being the best if you run a build based on skills that require the HP to be lowered, and a lower maximum means quicker way to get into the thresholds, but also more risk involved in getting the right HP losses, on top of that, HP is a superbane (which reduces the stat by 4 and effects a little her scoring potential in [Arena]), but her HP is still decently high and, with the help of [Plegian Torch+], she’ll get in the treshold without much trouble, so long as it’s used with the appropiate attack reduction on the foe, or with some skill that keeps her safe from enemy harm like [Fury 4].

:arrow_double_up: Att, Spd | :arrow_double_down: HP

For comparison, I chose Spring Veronica.
…Yikes, not only in stats but in base kit, Plegian Tharja is better, Veronica’s weapon is alright and it gives her some edge in battle, it’s good, but for offensive sets that involve [Desperation 3], it’s mostly anti-synergistic as the boosts are granted when she’s at least ¾ healthy… yeah, I can only recommend her in case she’s one of your big-time favourites and/or a collector, but Plegian Tharja will do better overall.

:arrow_double_up: Res | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-03-19T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Torchlit Wanderer
DESCRIPTION «Knight of Altea who joined the new recruits of the 7th Platoon. Currently deployed on a mission.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES 1 (Original)


Katarina is a young girl that debutted exclusively in the Nintendo DS remake of the second book of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, she and a couple others like Kris signed up for becoming knights of Altea, Prince Marth’s kingdom in the Archanea continent, and she was asigned to the 7th Platoon — a group of fellow aspiring to-be knights — together with Kris, Luke, Roderick and Ryan, her aspiration is to become a tactician.

(She has a true name, if you want to know what it is...)

Reese, which is also given away in her OG version’s weapon: [Reese’s Tome].

There’s not much known of Katarina’s past, but what’s known is that she was an orphan back in a town called Knorda, there, she was beaten for fun, but she was found by Eremiya who raised her to be an assassin, Clarisse and Legion were her work partners.
She’s tried to play the role of older sister to Clarisse, but she always ended up giving orders to Katarina.
Before the beginning of the war of Heroes in New Mystery of the Emblem, she’s been tasked with the assassination of Marth with her real name remaining concealed and infiltering as a student that claimed to have no special skills.
After a failed ambush by Eremiya’s assassins, Katarina retreats with them, and as the game progresses, there are instances at which the focus shifts to Eremiya’s assassins, like on Chapter 3x when Marth’s army goes on Wrys’s rescue as he was going to be killed and Marth is unable to abandon any of his companions from the Wars of Shadows.
Later on, Katarina losses Clarisse — who she deeply cared about — as she was defeated by the Altean Army and ordered to not to attend to her wounds, and, as the army advances, Marth and his army meet Katarina, despite Marth and Kris having voiced not having any intentions of attacking her, she’s decided to carry out with her mission, but Kris manages to stop her attacks and reminds her of the days on the 7th Platoon, she claims she’s far from salvations because of all her sins, but Kris offers to help her redeem herself, she’s also asked for her execution, but Marth and his company refuses to, and she eventually joins the army.

Katarina is portrayed as a kind and caring girl, even while serving Eremiya’s assassins like when she tried to become Clarisse’s big sister, treating her kindly despite her harsh exterior — Katarina specially exhibits those traits towards her assassin comrades since she was raised with them.

She arrives to Askr dressed in Plegian attire due to a “mission”, and gets a few bits of development, she wishes to be like Tharja, Dorothea and Lene, and not wanting to be left behind and also, to keep working with our Heroes.


☆[Fell Flambeau]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It grants accelerated special cooldown of -1, enabling special skills to activate faster. The game also checks if, at the beginning of each battle she engages, she’s fighting without adjacent allies, if that’s true, then each of the foe’s stats (all but HP ofc) will be reduced by this formula:

5 + visible reduction on the stat

With the reduction on each stat being calculated independiently.

[Luna]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 35 | :feh_special: Cooldown = 3
Upon next strike, the foe’s total of resistance will be treated as if it was a half lower.

[Atk/Spd Solo 4]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 4 | :crown: High cost
The game checks if the user enters in a battle without adjacent allies in the map (on either phase), if that condition is met then the user is granted with a boost of attack and speed +7 during the battle… that’s all.

☆[Chill Def/Res 2]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 0
Completing the family of {dual chills}, the last of them is added in a seasonal.
At the start of each turn, the game checks who has the highest base defence and resistance in the enemy team, and inflicts a reduction of -5 to those stats until the affected foe(s)'s next action.
If there are multiple foes with the same sum of defence+resistance, it’s considered a tie, so all of them get the reductions.

[Atk/Res Rein 3]: :feh_inherit: Flying units only | :rewind: 1
This skill constantly allows the user to reduce the attack and resistance by -4 to all foes within a 2-square radius of the unit during all battles those foes engage, meaning that allies can take advantage of the reductions inflicted on the nearby foe(s).

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Atk/Spd Solo 4] + [Atk/Res Rein 3]

It is restricted to fliers and it’ll have the most use on magical ones, but it’s an effective combo to take and offers the most utility, all you need is [Atk/Spd Solo 3].

feh_review_rcd [Atk/Spd Solo 4] + ☆[Chill Def/Res 2]

While not the most useful, you combo two rare skills in one inheritance section, recommended more for collectors!

feh_review_ncf One skill

Out of all the skills you should extract from her, [Atk/Res Rein 3] sounds like the best deal, followed by ☆[Chill Def/Res 2] due to its rarity.

Stats and gameplay

That’s sick… so many superbanes on a unit after a long while. :cold_face:
Her BST is alright for scoring, but she’ll definitely need merged to shine in [Arena], as that also benefits her performance.
But back onto her gameplay elements, she’s a very fast unit that can take of every single penalty on the foe and also, fire special skills faster, she’s also pretty frail physically, but decently resilient magically, still, with an attack penalty inflicted on the foe, that can be circumvented in most cases.
For boons, I feel more speed is good on her to keep up with the metagame, but more attack is as good too because, when fully merged, she (like everyone else) gets an estimated +5 to all the stats, and with clever use of her weapon she’ll still double plenty of enemies.
Banes that are alright include all but attack and speed, those stats are important on her, but even if she takes a bane on either of them, she’ll still perform well, specially with the power of penalties that allies may inflict on foes, backing her up.

:arrow_double_down: HP, Spd, Def, Res

A unit that compares well… and does have super assets, is Spring Est.
Her speed difference is quite big with Plegian Katarina, but she can reach a modest level with her kit alone and support, still, if you seek a good seasonal to make a project of in terms of gameplay, Katarina is a better pick, but if you really like her then you know what must be done. :sunglasses:

:arrow_double_up: Att, Res | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-03-18T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Muscle-Monger
DESCRIPTION «Eldest son of the Kirsten family of the Leicester Alliance. Wondering what kinds of food will be served at the festival.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Three Houses
WEAPON TYPE Bow (Colorless)
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


Raphael is a commoner student at the Officers Academy and is part of the Golden Deer, he’s 17 years old and has a minor sister called Maya.
His parents were killed by monster attacks at a younger age, so he’s been orphaned for two years, after which, he closed his family’s merchant business and resolved to become a knight.
Despite his parents’ deaths, he maintains a cheerful and easygoing personality, he’s also friendly and optimistic, he enjoys sparring with others and takes pride on his physical strength, on which he prefers spending time to hone his skills.
His appetite is rather strong too, and it’s his main motivation for participating of the Plegian “festival”, he arrives to Askr sporting an attire originary to the country.


☆[Plegian Bow+]: :feh_inherit: Bow users only (any color) | :crossed_swords: Might = 12
It works very similarly to Tharja’s weapon. The game first checks Raphael is fighting alone (no adjacent allies) and if that’s happening, then during the battle, the foe’s attack and defence will be reduced by:

5 + visible reduction on the stat

The reduction on each stat is calculated independiently.

Also, because ofc it’s a bow, it deals extra damge to flying units, unless they have [Iote’s Shield] or a skill with its effect.

[Smite]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :wheelchair: Type: movement | :rewind: 8
[Smite] allows the user to push an ally up to 2 squares in the opposite direction from which it was used, but if there’s a wall or any form of impassable terrain for the target ally on the way, it can’t be used from that direction, expect if it’s non-walkable terrain (in that case, the target just “flies” over that square).

This may push the target one square instead, if there’s something on the second square the ally is suposed to land at, like a course of water or an ally.

[Odd Follow-Up 3]: :feh_inherit: Armored units only | :rewind: 1 | :star: Available at 4★
Initially debutting on Duo Hector, this skill grants guaranteed follow-up attacks as well as follow-up prevention from foe’s attacks when the turn is odd-numbered (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, …).

It can be completely nullified with [Null Follow-Up 3] or a skill imbued with its effect, or partially nullified with certain skills like [Dragon’s Ire 3].

[Atk Smoke 3]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 6 | :star: Available at 5★
After each combat, the foe that attacked the user (or got attacked by the user) will suffer a reduction of attack-7 until their next action/turn, this also applies to any foes within a 2-square radius of the target foe.

Stats and gameplay

Raphael is our first armored archer that’s available at lower rarities and also the first of his class in a long time, his greatest asset is his high HP, attack and defence, making him extremely durable against physical attacks, in return, he’ll struggle absorbing magical attacks without hard investment and team composition dedicated to boost him.
However, his selling point is his status as the half demote unit of the banner, making him easier to merge as well as a solid project to work on, his base kit will make him harder to take down when facing several foes nearby and allow him to deal follow-up strikes on foes when fighting on odd-numbered turns.
For IVs, his best combo is +attack/-resistance to keep his scoring potential to the attainable maximum while still dumping a stat that takes additional investment to function, -speed is a superbane, but if you don’t care about [Arena] at all then this is the way to go, as it’s the safest bane gameplay-wise, to take.

:arrow_double_up: Att | :arrow_double_down: Spd

For the comparison, the best candidate in mind is… Valentines Faye.
Welp her statline is better optimized for general use, so they play out quite differently, that said, they can be built the same way with the idea mentioned earlier, and, unlike Raphael, all she needs is the [Brave Bow+] because the rest of the skills are already part of Faye’s base kit.

:arrow_double_up: Spd, Res | :arrow_double_down: Att | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-02-06T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[Plegian Bow+]

Out of all the skills he has and with the current limitation of 4 inheritance steps per session, this weapon seems like the best deal as it offers a noticeable improvement to your archer of preference, and it’s not limited to armored ones.

feh_review_rcd [Odd Follow-Up 3]

Situational but still pretty useful to have if you manage to have your skill holder to attack more on odd turns.

feh_review_ncf [Atk Smoke 3] and/or [Smite]

Ofc, anything else not mentioned above, including either/both of those least valuable skills is highly recommended to avoid even if you’re desperate for [Atk Smoke 3].

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

:globe_with_meridians: Source: Fire Emblem Cipher. Artwork by Soeda Ippei.

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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Part 2 is right below!



EPITHET Twilit Harmony
DESCRIPTION «Women of beauty worthy of the pride of their respective worlds, winning the hearts and minds of all they meet.»
  • Dorothea:Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Lene:Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
HARMONIZED EFFECT Increases score gain on [Resonant Battles] during seasons where Fire Emblem: Three Houses and/or Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War are bonus titles.

Animation info: 4 frames, 15s/frame. Click the "individual frames" button to see each frame individually (external link).
PREV. RELEASES Dorothea got 1 (Summer)
Lene got 1 (Original)



:briefcase: Written by: @Souljini_Bitchiani


:briefcase: Written by: @Petra.286


☆[Fell Candelabra]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14

[Dance]: :lock: Pref. | :dancer:t2: Type: refreshment | :rewind: 32
Upon use on an ally that has already acted on a turn, said ally gets to move again to do any available action.

Cannot be used on ally that has equipped [Sing], [Dance] or a skill that’s treated as either, like [Frightful Dream].

☆[Swift Impact]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Fly./non-Staff users | :rewind: 0 | :crown: High cost
Whenever the user starts to fight a foe, they get a boost of speed+7 and resistance+10 during the battle, as well as the ability to stop follow-up attacks from foes (not double strikes from weapons like [Meisterschwert]) unless [Null Follow-Up 3] or a form of it is at play on the foe.

[Firestorm Dance 2]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 2
Upon using an assist skill like [Sing], [Dance] or a skill that’s treated as either, like [Frightful Dream], on an ally, that ally gets a visible boost of attack and speed +3 until the next turn.

[Atk/Spd Rein 3]: :feh_inherit: Flying units only | :rewind: 1
This skill constantly allows the user to reduce the attack and speed by -4 to all foes within a 2-square radius of the unit during all battles those foes engage, meaning that allies can take advantage of the reductions inflicted on the nearby foe(s).

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[Swift Impact] + [Atk/Spd Rein 3]

It’s the most useful combo, offers two rare skills to make your player phase fliers a lot harder to take down with magical attacks (mainly via dragons for melee units and tomes/staves for ranged), that’s quite situational, however.
All you need is [Swift Strike 2], available from 5★ Legault who you can promote with 20k [Hero Feathers].

feh_review_rcd Either of the following
  • [Atk/Spd Rein 3]: It’s a nice skill to have and while your picks are still limited to fliers, it’s kinda less restrictive, I’d still try to add ☆[Swift Impact] though.
  • ☆[Swift Impact]: alone is fine, and your choices open up to infantry units as well.
feh_review_ncf [Firestorm Dance 2] and/or anything else

While rare, it’s not really urgent to get, and it’s on 4★ Groom Rafiel who is expected to return in five months.

Stats and gameplay

Dorothea+Lene are our latest Harmonized Hero and their skills centers them as a refreshing duo that can grant up to two actions on her own to a single ally or two different ones, assuming they’re from the same game as either character conforming this duo.
Despite the minor gimmicks involved in the Harmonized Skill, it’s actually effective when used right, which isn’t hard.
IVs generally won’t matter much since this unit is support oriented and mainly physically frail, but unlike a Duo Hero, Harmonized Heroes don’t get a {duel} effect, as a result, taking an attack asset is preferred to boost their scoring potential as well as damage output if they’re the only bonus unit outside the Askran Trio on their arsenal for this season and the next one, otherwise more speed is ideal.

:arrow_double_up: Att | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def, Res

For the comparison, I chose Soirée Ishtar, although her offensive potential is better overall due to her base weapon and , the duo offers a better support capability as well as a slightly better optimized statline for attacking, still, for Ishtar fans like me, she makes a fine project if decidedly so, but ultimately, her fodder will grow more valuable.
:arrow_double_up: HP, Res | :arrow_double_down: Def | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-09-05T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Their artwork in FEH

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Japanese version

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EPITHET Ardent Firebrand
(Also known as...)
DESCRIPTION «Knight of Altea who advanced to become the leader of the 7th Platoon. Currently deployed on a mission.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article

Phillip Reich

PREV. RELEASES 1 (Original)


:briefcase: Introduction by: @Monica

He enters the Altean castle a year after the War of Shadows comes to an end to become a recruit and potential knight, when entering, he stumbles upon Katarina, who also signed up to become a knight for Altea, and they become fast friends.
After reuniting in a hall to hear Marth’s speech, he heads out to take on a test where he fights Jagen, one of the veteran paladins of the castle, and then, Kris takes on 4 more trials while working with a few trainees, eventually passing the test and becoming a knight.

Kris shows steadfast loyalty to his liege, Marth, to the point that he can harbor a grudge towards anyone who at least shows little disrespect to the prince.
He enjoys getting stronger, but doesn’t want to abandon his quest to become a well revered knight.
His cooking was so terrible that even his grandfather advised to give up, but Kris never listened to his grandfather and eventually, trained to become a better cook with Caeda. He also has a terrible sense of direction, but until someone points it out he wouldn’t admit it.

His birth, as well as gender and traits, are customizable by the player, but in this iteration, he’s sporting a Plegian attire and expresses to like it, he’s still the same servicial knight, willing to protect Marth and Kiran no matter the place.


☆[Plegian Axe+]: :feh_inherit: Axe units only | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It works like Tharja’s and Raphael’s weapons.

During combats he participates in, his foe’s attack and defence are reduced by the following amount:

5 + visible reduction on the stat

With the reduction being calculated separately for each stat.

[Draconic Aura]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 32 | :feh_special: Cooldown = 3
Upon next strike, user deals more damage calculated by 50% of his total attack stat (includes visible and in-battle boosts to the base stat).

[Spd/Def 2]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 1 | :star: Available at 5★
It grants a boost to the user’s base speed and defence by 2 points.

[Chill Atk 3]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 12 | :star: Available at 4★
At the start of each turn for the unit, the game check who has the highest base attack in the opposing team, and inflicts a reduction to attack of -7, if there’s a tie between 2+ foes, they’ll all get the reduction.

Inheritance recommendations

  • ☆[Plegian Axe+] + [Chill Atk 3]: One of your better combos and actually somewhat synergistic with ☆[Plegian Axe+], it requires at least [Chill Atk 1], if you have gotten one of the free sources from the past, you can take the skill from them and also take another one of their skills at the maximum attainable level and accordingly to your recipient’s statline… like Conrad, you could get [Chill Atk 1] and [Bracing Stance 2] perfectly fine on a Ninja Hana because she has a well distributed statline all-around, and then get the aforementioned combo from Plegian Kris.
  • ☆[Plegian Axe+] + [Spd/Def 2]: if you checked the list of sources for the latter, you’ll be kinda surprised that only Tana has it… and she’s a 5★ unit mind you, if you seek to collect this skill, now’s a good chance for that, but for utility, the former is more recommended. All you need is either [Speed +1] or [Defense +1].
feh_review_rcd ☆[Plegian Axe+]

Alone is fine because it’s a really good weapon and it’s not easy to come by [Chill Atk 1] sources, I do recommend to at least try for [Spd/Def 2] however.

feh_review_ncf One of the skills alone, other than ☆[Plegian Axe+]

Even if it’s [Spd/Def 2] alone, it’s hardly recommendable to sack him for this skill, except for that dire circumstance in which you won’t need ☆[Plegian Axe+] at all and seek to collect a new skill.

Stats and gameplay

Kris’s first alt is a cavalry axe version of the male version, fast and physically durable, he makes a solid project with high potential for [Galeforce]/offensive builds or physically defensive builds, his lack of superboons will not hinder him and his BST will still make of him a good scoring alternative in [Arena] for the coming two seasons.
Seeing that you can customize his IVs to leisure when using 100 [Trait Fruits] on him, I recommend +spd/-res on him to get started, it’s the most flexible of his picks and resistance is safe to dump.

:arrow_double_down: HP | :feh_traitfruit: IVs can be changed with [Trait Fruits]

For the comparison, I picked one of the oldest units of his kin: Groom Marth.

Yep, that’s it, gameplay-wise, Plegian Kris does outperform Groom Marth by quite the bit, that said, if you really like the latter he’ll still be good, but if you seek someone for pure gameplay/meta then Kris is the way to go.

:arrow_double_down: HP | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2018-05-21T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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Duration: 2021-01-18T07:00:00Z2021-02-18T06:59:59Z

GENDER RATIO 1(+1) 3(+1)


This is a weirdly specific thematic, for a banner that’s themed as one of the key places in Awakening, only one of its characters got an alt, the other five being entirely random picks — speaking of them, I’m fine with them, but it’s weird how only one of them actually comes from the same game as the thematic.
Not that I’m complaining, I actually like its concept and this makes up for some new interactions between Heroes from different realms, was it necessary? No, could we’ve gotten New Heroes instead? Definitely — that’s why I’m not entirely comfortable with this banner, but not to the point of blindly hating it.

Raphael’s introduction is specially noteworthy, Fire Emblem: Three Houses formally introduced the {gauntlet} weapon type to the series, which is imbued with a dual strike effect akin to {brave} weapons and comes in different variants like {iron} and {steel}, but since it’s such a new feature to the series, introducing it in FEH would be rather redundant with so little Heroes actually using it, in addition to that, I recall a reclassing feature in Three Houses, but even so, I think they might take too long to even add more and more {gauntlet} users in FEH, even slower than beast units… #sothis is how they went with him instead and I fear that’s how he’ll be in the game alone, for a long time, on the plus side though, as the banner’s half demote unit, he’ll be much easier to get, and a pretty fine project too.


My favourite artwork in this batch is Dorothea+Lene’s, the Plegian thematic does match beautifully with their roles as entertainers with similar pasts that work together to conquer the stage, quite revealing? Yeah, but that’s part of the charm of a performer, and the colors in their robes blend well, specially with Dorothea. Also, the shading specifically reminds me of Hidari’s style.
As a neat little detail, the artist kept in mind the Three Houses eye design, in which everyone’s eyes have a small outer circle surrounding the pupil.
The rest of the artwork is pretty good too, but my honor mention goes to Katarina, she’s looking really cute with the attire and the blue/purple color blend in her special artwork has conquered me, it’s so cool.

For voice lines, I think they’re all perfect, but this time… while I’ll admit I’m no big fan of Tharja, her voice was specially alluring as always, and reminds me of Sonya.

Overall, pretty aesthetics, despite the so-random nature of this banner, it was pleasing to see this Plegian thematic for a change.


Associated event data


  • Event type: [Tempest Trials+]
  • Event name: “Love of Family”
  • Duration: 2021-01-19T07:00:00Z2021-01-29T06:59:59Z
  • Seals: [Brazen Spd/Def], [Air Orders]
  • Tempest unit: Kris: Ardent Firebrand

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Also, I’m sorry for that Raphael’s bio was too short, it was mostly based on what was wrotten in the Wiki and his quotes in FEH, and asides personality, most of his info was hidden in spoilers, which I shouldn’t be reading since I haven’t finished the game nor I can’t… :grimacing:

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come home dorothea, please


I hope she visits you soon!

I’m trying for her on my alt account but no luck so far. :fgo_seiba:


Good job af! As well done as always :feh_faedance:

I didn’t know anything about Lene before now but, wow. I feel bad for her

Also I thought I’d point out but on Kris’ stat line chart it says he’s a red tome infantry. Just thought I’d let you know

Nice job tho. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! This issue was just addresed so the chart now says he’s an axe cavalry unit… this mistake occured because I overlooked it and I copy previous charts instead of a template… but now I see I should definitely have templates. :grimacing:


Great review as always!

I didn’t know that Dorothea and Lene had such nasty pasts. Kinda feel bad for them now. :catcry:

When I first saw the thematic for the banner, I was secretly hoping for Validar to be on the banner since he resides in Plegia, but alas it wasn’t the case. But I don’t mind, he’ll get in someday!


From when ya started to make these giant reviews?
Cause that is really impressive!

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The beginning of it all. :feh_bigbeauty:

And from there, I started to make them bigger bit by bit, as I honed my skills and came up with ideas to improve the reviews themselves, sometimes I enjoy thinking how much they’ve evolved. :fgo_gudako: