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Hey! New banner, new review, and a rather flabbergasting one in a good way.

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[Enduring Legacy]

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BGM: "Dance by the sky" (FE4)

Everyone’s stats


New Heroes


EPITHET Knight-Defender
DESCRIPTION «Leader of the Four Heavenly Knights of Silesse and Erinys's elder sister. Conceals her longing for Lewyn and fights to her last breath.»
(Also known as...)
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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PREV. RELEASES This is her debut.


:briefcase: Written by @CrystalElemental


☆[Unbound Blade+]: :feh_inherit: Lance users only | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It works if the user starts participating on battles without any adjacent ally to her in the map (regardless of initiator), were that the case, her target foe suffers a reduction of attack and defence -5 during the match, as well as the negation of any field boost to those stats for the duration of the match (basically, a slightly better [Lull Atk/Def 3] but with the condition of a {solo} skill).

This kind of weapon exists since the Pirates banner from 2020, but the sword is brand new and part of the regular pool.

[Moonbow]: :feh_inherit: Can’t staff users | :rewind: 44 | :feh_special: Cooldown = 2
Upon next strike after activation, user ignores 30% of the target foe’s defence by -30%.

The description of this skill is rather generic because Annand’s a flying unit and she’s NOT the first unable to use [Sorcery Blade 3] or receive the boosts from [Inf. Hexblade 3], but it can still be inherited onto a unit that can target RES.

[Sturdy Impact]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Fly. and non-Staff users only | :rewind: 4 | :crown: High cost
Upon combat initiation by the user, they’re granted a boost of attack+6 and defence+10 for the duration of the match, and also, foe’s follow-up attack negation (even if the skill on them that allegedly grants “guaranteed follow-up attacks” is active), this effect may be countered with [Null Follow-Up 3] or any skill that disables follow-up attacking.

[Guard Bearing 3]: :feh_inherit: Sw./Ln./Ax. flying units only | :rewind: 2
On each enemy/player phase of the unit, the first combat the unit participates will reduce damage taken by ½.

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[Unbound Blade+] and [Sturdy Impact]

Yes, if there’s a solid combo, it’s this one, while limited to sword units, you still have plenty of picks from infantry and flying swordies, and it’s easy to get too, all you need is a 4★ Athena for [Sturdy Blow 1], then you’ll be set!

feh_review_rcd ☆[Unbound Blade+]

The only reason to recommend this weapon alone Imo, is that you’d like it on an armored/cavalry swordie, otherwise you’d rather wait for the best inheritance chain.

feh_review_ncf One skill or the [Sturdy Impact] + [Guard Bearing 3] combo

One of the skills would be sub-optimal, but not an entirely bad idea still, I don’t blame you since they’re rare, [Guard Bearing 3] was a seasonal and Mythic Hero only skill and it’s a great new B-skill for melee fliers using the classic weapon types (sword, lance and axe).
As for why you’d rather not fodder her for her full passives… I feel Summer Ingrid is best for that, since her weapon is personal unlike Annand’s which is inheritable, and the former has much easier to pass up fodder ([Odd Spd Wave 3] which you can get from a 4★ Halloween Rolf).

Stats & Gameplay

Annand is a fast unit with a modest attack value and excellent potential to excel at dual phase thanks to her high speed and moderately good bulk, which allows her to use skills like [Pegasus Flight 3] regularly, although investment will improve the reliability of such an skill since it’s not guaranteed to work anywhere.
She’s primer for player phase close range combat, denying follow-up attacks from most foes.
For stat IVs, you’d like HP only to help her at [Arena], but with the arrival of Lv.4 {duel} skills, you can expect a [R Duel Flying 4] at some point, not only to raise her scoring potential significantly as well as the stats in a minor degree, but also to allow you to pick a better IV set without any repercussions to your scoring. Anyway, a speed asset works great for general use and more or less future proofs her, but she’ll appreciate some team support to keep up, otherwise, attack to help her hit harder is about as fine, or defence to balance her bulk.
Any bane is fine, I’m using a +attack/-speed Annand of my own at no merges and 2 [Dragonflower] boosts and she reaches 44 speed before any boost with just refine to speed and [Life and Death 3], [Guard Bearing 3] helps her stay safe unless battles start to prolongate.

:arrow_double_up: HP | :arrow_double_down: Def

For the comparison, I chose Bridal Sigrun… and ofc we can observe quite the step-up in Annand’s statline, as further backup, she’s a regular pool unit that starts with a great weapon and kit to boot, requiring minimal inheritance.
Unless you’re a big fan of Sigrun as a character, I would recommend against making of this version a project and fodder her instead.
:arrow_double_up: HP | :arrow_double_down: Def | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-05-21T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Youthful Flame
DESCRIPTION «Half brother to the head of House Velthomer, Arvis. Compares himself to his older brother and suffers from an inferiority complex.»
(Also known as...)
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


:briefcase: Written by @NickofTime80


☆[Sparking Tome]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It grants a base stat boost of [Speed +3] to Azelle.
In addition to that, if he starts a fight with his foe’s HP at ½ of the maximum or more, then the foe gets penalized according to the formulae listed below, with each penalty calculated separately:

  • Speed:
    ([field boost to SPD on foe] × 2) + 6
  • Resistance:
    ([field boost to RES on foe] × 2) + 6

[Rally Up Spd+]: :feh_inherit: Non-Staff users | :arrow_double_up: Type: booster | :rewind: 1 | :crown: High cost
When used, the target ally is granted a field boost of speed+6 for one turn, allied units that are within a 2-square radius of the targetted ally will also get the boost.

It has the same [SP] cost as a {dual rally} skill, making it another optimal choice for [Arena].

☆[R Duel Infantry 4]: :feh_inherit: Red & Inf. units only | :rewind: 0 | :crown: High cost
It grants boosts of [HP +5], [Attack +2], [Speed +2], [Defense +2], [Resistance +2], directly boosting the base stats by said amounts so long as it’s equipped.
In addition to that, the unit’s stat total, which is part of the unit’s scoring potential at [Arena] is treated as a higher value if the base value is lower than the new one, depending of who’s using this skill, the boost may vary, as shown below:

  • If the unit is a Legendary/Mythic Hero: the boost goes up to 175 if the unit’s total of stats is lower than 180.
  • If the unit isn’t a Legendary/Mythic Hero: the boost goes up to 180 if the unit’s total of stats is lower than 185.

Do note that the stat total is counted as far as 1 merge if the unit has any amount of merges, so if the first merge still leaves the stat total value lower than what’s specified above, then the unit gets the stat total boost.
The [Arena] score calculator is available here was used to record this sample animation of how his original BST goes up as merged.
Also, if the unit has a super asset, that stat total is 1 point higher, so let’s think of another unit: if Fallen Julia had an attack asset the total would be 165 and not 164, when merged.

[Spd/Res Ruse 3]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Cav. only | :rewind: 1

[Joint Hone Spd]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 2 | :crown: High cost
At the start of each turn, if the user is next to an allied unit, they both get a field boost of speed +5, otherwise this skill does nothing.

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd ☆[R Duel Infantry 4] and [Rally Up Spd+]

It’s arguably the best combo Imo, however, you’re required to fodder a Summer Helbindi who possessed [R Duel Infantry 3], from him, you’d extract the Lv.2 version and [Sandfort Spade+]… ofc, this would be useful only to a sword unit that is a tad lacking in scoring potential and possesses a workable DEF.
Once you got that, you can add [Rally Speed] to your recipient and finally, the two aforementioned skills from Azelle.
If you want to fodder the skill(s) to a red tome/beast/dragonstone/archer unit then by all means you can and there are some nice picks out there such as Adult Tiki, you’re just missing a weapon, it’s an okay one at that too but chances are the previously mentioned ☆[Unbound Blade+] will do better for you.

If you don’t mind foregoing [Sandfort Spade+], overall, adding [Joint Hone Spd] will be possible, the fodder can be given to any infantry red unit and makes the most out of Azelle’s fodder, you just need to give [Hone Spd 3] to your recipient beforehand, one of the sources is 4★ Eirika.

feh_review_rcd [Rally Up Spd+] and [Joint Hone Spd]

With this combo, not only you have more freedom with your choices (anyone that doesn’t use a staff), it’s also far easier to attain as all you need is [Hone Spd 3], and the former improves the recipient’s scoring, while the latter is a rather rare skill in nature.

feh_review_ncf One skill

If there’s one skill you should absolutely take with you, it’s ☆[R Duel Infantry 4], otherwise, not much else that’s noteworthy for general use, except for maybe [Rally Up Spd+] as it’s a decent skill on its own and it’s now on the regular pool (the previous holder is Halloween Duo Young Tiki… yes, a seasonal).

Stats & Gameplay

Azelle could be classified as a glass cannon — his offenses are high, and his weapon primes him for that, too, and his bulk is actually decent as well, with the help of his base ☆[R Duel Infantry 4], he’ll turn out to be an okay unit for dual phase combat, he doesn’t have enough durability without proper investment, for prolonged combat sessions.
Sadly, he has no super assets, but he doesn’t even need to worry that much about it since the difference is marginal when he comes with a skill that boosts is stat total anyway, he makes a perfect candidate for [Arena] as he already comes with an almost full pack specifically for this game mode, you’d only need to add a high cost skill like [Aether] and a fully upgraded asset.
Back onto the IVs topic, his weapon will help him gather plenty of speed, foes that have speed/resistance field boosts will suffer important reductions

:arrow_double_down: HP, Def

A unit I figured compares well, is Lysithea, she’s still a powerful addition to your army and a popular character, as well as a capable individual for firing faster specials, but Azelle overall gets more speed in exchange for slightly less attack, his weapon, however, got his back.
:arrow_double_up: HP, Att, Res | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-03-05T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Young Blade
DESCRIPTION «Second son of Duke Lombard of House Dozel. Joins the army under Sigurd's command along with his friend Azelle.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


:briefcase: Written by @Souljia_Bitch


☆[Goddess Axe]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 11
It confers a +5 boost to Lex’s base defence, however, his speed and resistance will be reduced by 5 points.
In addition to that, he strikes twice per attack, regardless of whether the foe or he initiates the battle.

[Reposition]: :wheelchair: Type: movement | :feh_inherit: Non-Staff users | :rewind: 19
Target ally is moved to the opposite adjacent square of the user on which said ally was standing.

[Atk/Def Push 3]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 4 | :star: Available at 4★
Unit gets a boost of attack and defence +5 during battles they enter at full health, but if that’s the case, unit loses 1HP after the match is over.

[Axe Experience 3]: :feh_inherit: Axe units only | :rewind: 1 | :star: Available at 5★
This skill doubles the [Experience] gain for both the user and any axe-wielding units on the team, so long as the user is still on the battlefield.

Due to word count constraints (32k limit per post), Lex’s section had to be cut in-between, fret not, as his section continues right below, on part 2/3!


:arrow_double_down: Here continues Lex’s section.

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Atk/Def Push 3] + [Reposition]

This skill is excellent for future inheritance, it’s a godesend it’s the 4★ skill of the demote because you’l need it to make the most out of Bramimond and Duo Líf’s fodder, the latter is specially noteworthy as he offers [Fatal Smoke 3], which invalidates any form of healing on the foes it targets ([Deep Wounds] status) for a turn if the usesr survives.
[Reposition] can be taken also, and you won’t need to sacrifice another unit too, the only reason you’d forego it is that you’re giving the [Atk/Def Push 3] to a healer.

feh_review_rcd [Atk/Def Push 3]

Alone is about as good but the only scenario it’s recommendable is if your recipient is a healer… or if you really need it urgently on someone who already has [Reposition], but I’d rather prioritize the former if possible.

feh_review_ncf [Reposition]

Thanks to Selena(FE14), Ferdinand and Norne, we have sources of [Reposition] in the other colors, Lex completes the gang but you’d rather add [Atk/Def Push 3] even if you’ll never use it.

Stats & Gameplay

Lex is a slow and magically weak unit but a sturdy dual phase contender, he makes a great project and recipients of a wide variety such as [Lull Atk/Def 3], [Vantage 3] and anything that boosts his key stats, which are attack and defence.
If choosing a different weapon, you can tryhard to improve his dump stats, but in his case, I think there’s merit on improving his strengths.
For IVs, it should be easier to fish for the asset you’d like to, +attack is my personal recommendation, and works the best for him regardless of the build.

:no_entry_sign: No super stats

Even though their weapons are different, I figured Frederick could be an interesting candidate, he’s one of the first units in the game and his statline is roughly similar.
His refine isn’t stellar, it’s [Death Blow 3] with armor effectiveness, and tbh, gameplay-wise, Lex will outperform Frederick, the former has an arguably better preference weapon, fifth generation statline… he has it all.
I would only recommend Frederick if you’re a fan of his character, otherwise you’re better with Lex.
:arrow_double_up: Spd | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2017-02-02T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Earnest Knight
DESCRIPTION «One of the Four Heavenly Knights of Silesse and Annand's younger sister. Has a serious outlook that Prince Lewyn teases her about.»
(Also known as...)
Romanization: Ferry
Dark Twilkitri's translation: Fury
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is her debut.


:briefcase: Written by @Souljia_Bitch


☆[Silesse Frost]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 16

[Harsh Command+]: :arrow_double_up: Type: booster | :feh_inherit: Non-Staff users | :rewind: 4
Upon use on an ally, it removes the stat reductions on the ally and makes them field boosts of the same amount as the previous penalty.
In addition to that, it also removes status ailments like [Panic], and the skill can be blocked from use with [Isolation] status.

☆[B Duel Flying 4]: :feh_inherit: Fly.+Blue units only | :rewind: 0 | :crown: High cost
It grants boosts of [HP +5], [Attack +2], [Speed +2], [Defense +2], [Resistance +2], directly boosting the base stats by said amounts so long as it’s equipped.
In addition to that, the unit’s stat total, which is part of the unit’s scoring potential at [Arena] is treated as a higher value if the base value is lower than the new one, depending of who’s using this skill, the boost may vary, as shown below:

  • If the unit is a Legendary/Mythic Hero: the boost goes up to 175 if the unit’s total of stats is lower than 180.
  • If the unit isn’t a Legendary/Mythic Hero: the boost goes up to 180 if the unit’s total of stats is lower than 185.

For more info on BST, check the insight for the skill ☆[R Duel Infantry 4] on Azelle’s section.

[Chill Atk/Spd 2]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 2
At the start of each turn, the game locates the foe(s) that have the highest sum of base attack+speed, and inflicts a field reduction of -5 to both stats until their next turn or action.

[Atk/Def Rein 3]: :feh_inherit: Fly. only | :rewind: 2
Foes within a 2-square radius of the user suffer a constant reduction of attack and defence -4 during any battles they partake, enabling allies to benefit as well.

Inheritance recommendations

  • ☆[B Duel Flying 4] and [Atk/Def Rein 3]: this combo requires the very rare [B Duel Flying 3], fortunately, [B Duel Flying 3] is in one of your free units (Peony), you could very well fodder the skills to her or… fodder her to your actual recipient, and you have quite the flexibility with this combo too, but the most optimal use is in a lance or blue dagger/bow flier because of [Atk/Def Rein 3].
  • [Harsh Command+], ☆[B Duel Flying 4] and [Chill Atk/Spd 2]: yes, this combo is possible, but it’s requires even further inheritance as you need a holder of each skill of: [Harsh Command], [B Duel Flying 3] and either [Chill Atk 1] or [Chill Spd 1], surprisingly enough we just got Valentine’s Veronica, who has [Chill Spd 3] and [Pact Blooms+] to offer at 5★, taking the former at Lv.2 and the latter will be ideal BUT you’re extra limited to blue tome fliers, we’re not short of those, but still, plan this combo ahead and fodder accordingly.
feh_review_rcd [Harsh Command+] + [Atk/Def Rein 3]

Another great combo but just limited to fliers in general.

feh_review_ncf One of the skills

If there’s only one skill you should take, it’s ☆[B Duel Flying 4], it’s perfect for [Arena] as it sharply raises the user’s BST and is a high scoring skill, costing 300 [SP] on Erinys and 450 on the recipient.

Stats & Gameplay

Erinys plays out at her best as a player phase quad goddess, give her a flying partner with [Goad Fliers] like OG Palla and they’ll synergize beautifully, specially on a flier team. :feh_flaynfire:
You can even add [Dive-Bomb 3], it’s such a perfect skill for her but it’s expensive and seasonal locked to Pirate Tibarn.
For IVs, you’d like to capitalize on her attack power for stronger strikes, you can always power her speed up via support and even top some debuffs as well, mine is -hp/+def and so far I had a lot of fun obliterating several foes, she still struggles with the toughest greens ofc, but generally, she’ll be a blessing to your flier team.
And fortunately, if you use her on [Arena], her base A-skill got her BST part covered, so you can even own her with a wacky +res/-hp and still score as optimally as possible with a low to null merge count.

:arrow_double_up: Att, Spd | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def

My pick was Young Palla because she functions very similarly despite their glaring speed diferences, the only thing about her is that she relies a lot on flier teams as she needs 3 additional members that are also fliers to keep everything in her [Whitedown Spear] active, this makes her rather situational to use, however, if you can get those fliers to use [Goad Fliers] and one of them shares a bond with her then she becomes a powerful quad goddess, it just can be hard because some maps make it impossible or very difficult, so Erinys sorta solves that and only requires you to have her partner nearby.
:arrow_double_up: Att | :arrow_double_down: HP, Spd | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-04-20T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Cutting Knight
DESCRIPTION «One of the Four Heavenly Knights of Silesse. Comes to serve Lord Myos, youngest brother of the late king.»
(Also known as...)
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
[GHB] DURATION Feb. 17th, 2021 — 4 a.m. ▸ Feb. 25th, 2021 — 3:59 a.m.

Timezone: GMT-3 or America/Montevideo.
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article

Megan Shipman

PREV. RELEASES This is her debut.


Díthorba is one of the four Heavenly Knights of Silesse, a group of four knights in charge of protecting their mountainous and cold country (located in the north of the Aed Desert), they’re also sisters, the others are Annand, Erinys and Pamela. She has a daughter called Misha, who’s a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.
Díthorba used to be a loyal defender of her country, but eventually, she ends up siding with the rebellious faction led by Duke Myos of Tofá (AKA: Tovae, a dukedom located in the far north of Silesse), in which he, together with his brother Daccar, wants to overthrow Queen Lahna, who was watching over Silesse during and prior to the events of chapter 4 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, they also wanted to murder Prince Lewyn, who’s the legitimate inheritor to [Forseti] and the next king of the country together with whoever he was paired up with in the game.
Díthorba is fiercely loyal to Myos and sees Erinys as an inferior individual and her rival, she also thinks that defeating Sigurd will fetch her a hefty reward, she’s shown to have and bitter exterior most of the time, but she has a great deal of affection and care for her daughter, Díthorba doesn’t want her daughter to lead a life in which she only knows how to hold a weapon in hand.
Eventually, as Sigurd and his army repels the rebellion in Silesse led by Myos, she falls in battle.


[Firesweep Lance+]: :feh_inherit: Lancers only | :crossed_swords: Might = 15 | :no_entry_sign: Unrefinable | :rewind: 2
It disallows counterattacks from foe if initiating or counterattacks from user if foe initiates a combat on user.

If the user gets [Null C-Disrupt 3], they can counterattack even if the foe initiates, if the foe has it, this weapon will not prevent the foe’s counterattack nor remove the drawback from when the foe initiates.

[Glacies]: :feh_inherit: Non-Staff users | :rewind: 17
Upon next strike, ⅘ of the user’s total resistance is attributed to user’s attack power.

[Flier Formation 3]: :feh_inherit: Flying units only | :rewind: 8 | :star: Available at 4★
Allows user to move to any adjacent square of a flying allied unit within a 2-square radius of the user.
If the user is inflicted with [Gravity], they can still move further but only if the flier is exactly close to the user.

[Spd/Res Oath 3]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Fly. only | :rewind: 1 | :star: Available at 5★
At the start of each turn, if the user is next to an ally, they get a boost of speed and resistance +5 for a turn.
Does nothing if starting alone.

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Spd/Res Oath 3] + [Firesweep Lance+]

Since both skills are available at 5★, might as well include them both in one go, for this, you’d like a 4★ Roderick to get his [Firesweep Lance], if you want to add something else, go on, but it’s not really needed, he has [Rally Def/Res] though, which is rare and useful for future inheritance.
Once you’re done with him, fodder Díthorba with the aforementioned combo to the unit that received Roderick’s base version of his inheritable weapon.

You can also use Cynthia as the source, but be sure to include [Spd/Def Link 3]!

feh_review_rcd [Flier Formation 3]

Fliers, specially ranged ones, really need new B-skills, and I give you that, if you need something else than [Desperation 3] or a {chill} skill, how about [Flier Formation 3]? It’s at least very helpful for mobility on a flier team, a flying refreshed like Legendary Azura or Peony will appreciate it so much if you tend to mix them on flier teams.

feh_review_ncf [Spd/Res Oath 3]

Surprisingly enough, we get this skill 1 month after its firs user (Asbel, a 5★ only unit) makes it available, she has it at 5★ though, so I recommend against it unless your recipient really needs this skill and is not a lance flier.

Stats & Gameplay

Díthorba makes a fine project with a good deal of flexibility, being rather frail physically and magically resilient, as it’s customary for several pegasus-riding units in the series.
Her greatest strength is her high speed which gives her the ability to reliably follow-up on many foes, but she faces strong competence from other units like the very Erinys on this banner who possesses a powerful preference weapon.
For IVs, seeing that you have complete control over them, I feel she needs to hit harder as her attack rests at a slightly modest spot and to take advantage of the no-counter effect in [Firesweep Lance+], [Life and Death 3] is a fine skill for her if you seek for her to have some sort of dual phase liability and it gets even better with [Guard Bearing 3], otherwise there aren’t many choices for B-skills, an issue that’s been persistent for long but is slowly being rectified.

:no_entry_sign: No super stats | :feh_traitfruit: IVs can be changed with [Trait Fruits]

I chose Sigrun since she’s also a [Heroic Grails] unit, and… Díthorba has a little more sloppy statline, overall higher with the expection of DEF.
Sigrun, in exchange, is well rounded but has a lower stat total, and as with anyone, I don’t think she’s not a completely lost cause, just not recommendable unless you care enough for her.
I have one at +1 and I’m really happy with using her, and she has a lovely personality and role in her home games too.
:arrow_double_up: HP | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-08-16T03:00:00Z

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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Progress on the story

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Book V    →


:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Bahuvrihi: it’s a class of compound words, as defined here.
:bulb: IVs: This unit has super stats, in the chart shown above, an arrow pointing downwards indicates the unit losses 4 points of a stat instead of 3 were she to take a bane on that stat, similarly, an upwards arrow indicates a super asset.

All the artwork
Normal + Combat

Facial expressions

Understanding Dagr’s weapon

[Skinfaxi] is a somewhat complex weapon if you look at the description…

…Yeah :feh_tooobin: @Intelligent_Systems’s wording with skills can leave one confused, unable to understand how a skill works… or whatever obstacle you may find, I’m hoping the chart will help but if you find any mistakes, as always you’re welcome to report so and there’ll be a notification in the comments.

But here’s a chart to get you started:

:film_strip: Animation: frames = 2, frame length = 12s. Click/tap here to view frames individually.

Strategy tips for B5C4P5

Despite how loaded her weapon is, and how fast she is for [Close Call 3], she’s not much of a threat, your best bet is to use any magical red unit to easily pick her off, on turn 1, the only unit that’ll move 3 squares with the help of [Pathfinder] is Erinys, so if you can’t one-round Dagr, you should try doing so with Erinys instead, as she’s a dangerous unit that can pick of your nearest ally to the danger zone, which is 1 square above your top-left unit stands on… regardless of who you attack, if you did, retreat, [Reposition] and [Draw Back] are a good help in this map, and you won’t need to worry about :feh_rein:forcements.
Foes move automatically upon their first phase, even if you didn’t try to bait them, and preferably, avoid employing debuffs, or at least, try for them to not to reach Dagr, her weapon has a part that works like [Chaos Ragnell], she can’t counter at distance though, so that helps.

What’s known so far?

Our Heroes meet with Eitri, a short, blonde-haired Dvergr (same race as Reginn) known as the Forest Sage of Niðavellir — as her epithet implies, she’s a wise individual that lives secluded in a forest, little venture into her place as it’s riddled with traps she has been carefully placing, she loves her country but decides to support the Heroes after witnessing Fáfnir’s actions.
Our Heroes eventually make it to her abode after Eitri rescues them from a devastating attack led by Fáfnir himself, who was being completely safeguarded with [Niðavellir Axiom], a special veil that takes the form of a [Sacred Seal] and deflects any form of damage. They try to ask Eitri for advice on how to free Fáfnir from this curse, Reginn is specially zealous about it since she cares a great deal about her brother, even after what he said while being possessed with the [Crown of the Dvergar], the relic that suddenly appeared in his head back when we saw the [Book V] and that caused him the seizure, in return, it gave him unparalleled strength… but it seems there’s something more to it as it was meant to be a relic that grants strength to protect Niðavellir.
Eitri also mentions a special sword called [Gramr], which only those belonging to the royal bloodline of Niðavellir can draw its powers, and because they have seiðjárn, Fãfnir gave Jötunheimr — a neighbouring kingdom we know little of so far — the sword, as a token of peace, long ago.
This sword became Reginn’s ray of hope, and so, our Heroes march onwards Jötunheimr in hopes to claim [Gramr].
Before entering the place, they met upon one of the princesses of the kingdom, called Dagr, she’s an energic grown-up girl with a great deal of physical strength and a cheerful personality. The inhabitants of Jötunheimr, the jötnar — including Dagr — are normally peaceful, but here, Dagr and a few of her subordinates were expecting our Heroes in battle formation, eventually, she admits defeats and recognizes the Heroes’ strength.
She then, access to explain the reason of the attack and it turns out she’s trying to prove her strength to her mother, Dagr has a twin sister called Nótt, who’s one of the two candidates for the country’s next queen.

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A Jugdral banner, and it’s truly blessed. :fgo_medealove:

Yes, I’m a big fan of all things Jugdral, to the point it can be argued it’s an obsession (although I’m not completely acknowledgeable about the subseries), but I won’t get into that here since it’s a banner opinion — so, onto the banner, I loved the character pick, for the most part, I’m really glad Lex and Azelle made it in, they’re such great partners and very entertaining and compelling characters.
And then, Mahnya (Annand) and Erinys… when I saw them, oml I was in awe shook, like, I was really happy to see them both here, but I’ve been hoping to see Mahnya a playable at some point, and I’m truly glad she’s here, befitting of the banner’s thematic.

I’ll still rate the character choice 8.5/10, there’s a certain extent to which I should be biased on a review, but more importantly, I agree Pamela would’ve been a more fit choice for [Grand Hero Battle], what’s more, she’s been unable to be voted in past #cyl events.
There’s another reason that’s made me feel bad for a certain grand admirer for Luthier most of the regulars here are familiar with, a character from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, he’s still missing in FEH and admittedly, I would like to see him soon enough since he was a fun character with Delthea and he looks cool, the game has been also overdue for a banner for over a year, so I can agree it should’ve been the game chosen for this month… oh well, in the next two weeks we’re getting the next batch of New Heroes, so maybe by then. If not, I can always call out @Intelligent_Systems on the review for that banner. :feh_obotank:
Finally, there’s the dreaded red colorsharing, which divides odds on the banner, this also adds two 5★ units to the already bloated red pool, fortunately, @Intelligent_Systems partially fixed this issue by “demoting” the old 5★s as we saw earlier.
Still, I’m not complaining, because imagine me feeling annoyed for new Jugdral content and, once something is announced, it remains unchanged and there’s nothing that can change how a unit will be added, or how the banner will be conformed.


I wouldn’t say Azelle’s voice is perfect in character, it feels like it should’ve been a tad higher-pitched to match with his younger age, other than that, his quotes are well on character and hearing him doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, just not completely in character Imo.
The rest feel perfectly fitting and on character, I want to mention Mahnya’s artwork not simply because I like her a lot, but it’s come to my attention, I always was charmed by her hairstyle, not much of special but there’s something I find on it enticing, I can’t quite grasp it:
Nonethless, Mayo made an outstanding job out of what little there was of Mahnya, a few #cipher cards, the portrait in-game, OG artwork, and crafted this masterpiece, she’s portrayed as a more carefree girl but she’s still the Mahnya we know while exploring new horizons.
Erinys is gorgeous too but I’ve read mentions about… her thighs. :catroll: I wouldn’t say anything in her artwork feels off of place and I think it’s perfect at encompassing what was she like.
The rest were done greatly too, Tobi is that right artist to draw the young cute boys of the series like the very Azelle or even Forrest, a very precise and not too cartoonish styling, as if it came from a painting.


Associated event data


  • Event type: [Forging Bonds]
  • Event name:Enduring Legacy” (click/tap here to review conversations and rewards)
  • Duration: 2021-02-16T07:00:00Z2021-03-02T06:59:59Z
  • Bonus accesories:
  • Note: As with all banners that add New Heroes, after pulling 40 times, you get an one-time chance to redeem one of the advertised Heroes of your choice for free, for potential [Orb] cost breakdown, please check this review.


  • To date, Pamela, one of the four Heavenly Knights of Silesse, can’t be voted in the #cyl events, this may change in the sixth edition or in any future one, however.
  • Sharena’s website introduces Díthorba as one of the four Silessean pegasus riding sisters that fought Annand in battle, HOWEVER, it’s actually Pamela who does that, making of her the more fitting choice for the [Grand Hero Battle] and why some fans question Díthorba’s addition, what confirms this minor mistake is the illustration below, taken from said website:
  • One of Erinys’s older fan translations of her name is “Fury”, like the A-skill in FEH.
  • This chapter is mostly based on chapter 4 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, it develops in Silesse, a country in the far north of the Jugdral continent, notorious for its harsh and cold climate.
  • The two remaining OCs from the [Book V] trailer now have names:

    Eitri (1) was already known and we learnt a few more things about her in this chapter, but the remaining ones are Dagr (2) and Nótt (3).
  • Knowing Nótt is the green-haired girl, and that the [Gramr] sword was gifted by Niðavellir reyoalty to Jötunheimr as a symbol of peace… we can infer the sword Reginn holds is the very [Gramr], and that she’s allowed to use it despite her not being related by blood to the royal family of Niðavellir.
  • Lex has [Axe Experience 3], it’s a reference to his origin game, in which he starts with [Elite] (known better as [Paragon]), this skill doubles the experience gain:
    Citizen skills are inherent to the unit, there are also the Soldier ones that are granted by the class ([Great Knight] doesn’t grant any).
  • To start with this fact, you can take Lex to a very specific spot in chapter 1, to be exact, check this video for said spot’s location and the small dialogue that triggers: in short, he drops his [Iron Axe] into the lake and a goddess presents in front of him asking which axe did he lost, Lex gave her a honest answer and was rewarded with the [Brave Axe], which has the stats shown below and strikes twice per attack:
    As pointed out by Souljia_Bitch, this little side story is based on an actual written work, which you can learn about in this article.
  • In addition to that also, this side story is referenced in Lex’s level C and B conversations in the eponymous [Forging Bonds] event (named after the banner), in which Lex drops his axe twice onto a lake and is greeted by one of the Heroes to prove his honesty by answering which axe did he lose, he always answers truthfully.
    The Heroes in each conversation belong to two different groups of axemen that envision the importance and use of axes in different ways, called “CHOP” and “HACK”.

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The End

First of all, thank you as always for checking out my reviews and for your kind feedback on them, as well as for your patience on their occasional slow progress, I hope to continue delivering quality work in the future that’s accessable for everyone and keep it a resource that can be of help for as long as possible.
In commemoration of yet another blessed banner, here’s a music that I’ve extended for this occassion, the chapter 4 theme from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War:

I’ve also pulled a little in this banner, most likely, if you’ve been following my updates on the site, you’ll know/remember how things went but here’s an “AiO” video with pulls and builds:

Also, during the development of this review, I was able to use my PC for a few days before it was sent to a familiar’s house for their studies, I’ll head back there eventually, but for now I’m enjoying my stay in the countryside near my hometown, and I intend to make the most out of the opportunity rather than to get anxious and return just because I want to use my PC more. :feh_ilovelucy:
During the time I’ve been able to use it, not only I found out everything was indeed, safe…

(Yes, I take pics of my trips, a lot of them)
I also found out the “new” models of my GPU and processor, shown below:

According to this website… oof, there’s a large diference in performance (the older one VS the new one):

Nonethless, my PC still runs about as fast.

Those specs have shown to be enough for Genshin Impact to run… yes, that one game, I downloaded it this past 20th and wow, I’m astonished by its superb quality (even tho the graphics settings were lowered to adjust to my specs), so much content and things to do, a vast universe to explore and characters to grown fond of… if you would like to add me, my code will always be on my profile but you can also copy it below (server is also listed):


Only thing, I don’t know when I can accept you, because of what’s been commented earlier, but I can keep you updated if desired.

And yes, my favourite character is none less than Lisa. :fgo_jeannyes:

I could stay F2P forever, Idk. :feh_byleeeth:

Back to FEH, Legendary Claude is out and here are my earlier thoughts:

Now, to review him. :feh_obotank:

And if you find any errors, be them in the charts or not, big or small, please notify me and I’ll address them ASAP.
Finally, be sure to clear Díthorba’s debut [Grand Hero Battle] as it ends in about an hour! You can check later here if there’s any use you’d like to give her.

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Good job as always. You never disappoint with these ones^^
As always take your time and do not rush them out. We can wait for your reviews and when they come out they are even more exciting to read through. Have not read everything but I hope I can do it in the next days.

Also, during the development of this review, I was able to use my PC for a few days before it was sent to a familiar’s house for their studies

So your friends does not have a pc themself? Anyway enjoy the time outside for your normal shedule. Things like this can work wonders sometimes.

Nice that you can run Genshin now. Did not even knew, that it was on the PC. Thought it was only a console and mobile game.


Thank you! As always, take your time to read the review. :feh_florina:

I don’t even talk to my Irl friends. :fgo_seiba: So I don’t know, and besides, I’m on the countryside near my hometown so I don’t have anyone nearby that has a PC.
Thanks though! I’ll be sure to.

As for GI, yes, it has a version for Windows, one for Android, another for iOS and a last one for PS5 IIRC, there’s also a Nintendo Switch version but I haven’t found out if it was released, not that I can play it.
Do you play the game?


I don’t even talk to my Irl friends. :fgo_seiba:

That is sad. At least you have us and other people right? Now that I think about it, it only makes sense. Not many have a pc in the countryside.

Nope I am not playing it. Maybe wanted to try it out, but I have my hands full with other games like Nioh 2 (finally a pc release) and Yakuza Kiwami. I do not have an PS4/PS5 but I have a Switch, so I have the option here, where I would like to play it.

How are you holding up?


Indeed! I have my friends here, I’ve lost communication with my Irl ones mainly because I just keep procrastinating on writing to them but I would like to think of it.

I hope you can get a chance to play GI soon, it’s a masterpiece and it’s free — I’m still surprised it is free actually lol.
What are the games you mentioned about? Would you recommend them?

I’m doing pretty good! Spending time on the countryside feels so good and knowing my PC is safe along with all the info lifts a huge deal of worry off my shoulders.
My course’s second semester started this week and I’ve set a goal to keep up with homework from now on.
What about you? Do you have any planned updates for [In the Mind of]?


Thanks af! Great review as always :fgo_ereshwoah:

It’s always fun reading the reviews for characters I don’t know and learning a bit about them

Looking forward to you next one :feh_birbpeek:


Indeed! I have my friends here, I’ve lost communication with my Irl ones mainly because I just keep procrastinating on writing to them but I would like to think of it.

That is the spirit. Since Corona I am mostly daily in discord with my friends. This is how I spend my time with my right now.

I hope you can get a chance to play GI soon, it’s a masterpiece and it’s free — I’m still surprised it is free actually lol.

Only heard good things about it so I am always ready to try it out. I am trying to look into it today after work, because I have not really decided what to do this evening.

I’m doing pretty good! Spending time on the countryside feels so good and knowing my PC is safe along with all the info lifts a huge deal of worry off my shoulders.
My course’s second semester started this week and I’ve set a goal to keep up with homework from now on.

That is awesome! Keep up the good work and you can easily do it. Enjoy your time in the countryside!

What about you? Do you have any planned updates for [In the Mind of]?

More of an rollercoaster trip than anything lately. Most of the time I am in a good shape, but sometimes my bad thoughts try to take over. In one sentence: Depression sucks.

I am not going to start again with “In the Mind of” until April or May. They are some other things I am working on. Perfain asked me to help him out with his little project and I am working on that one right now most of the time. At the moment I am working on getting the information that I need from an ingame script, but it is really tedious. If I have the time, I am going to make a new script for that game, because I can’t really work with this one^^
Then there is something new I am working on, that I wanted to release here aswell. Something similiar to Calamilex, but for now you all have to wait on this one.
If I would start with “In the Mind of” right now, I would have three projects at once and that is a bit much for me to handle^^

Edit: Forgot to talk about Nioh 2 and Yakuza Kiwami. I can recommend both of them. Nioh 2 is a Soulslike with Diablo components and a complex battle system. If you can get into it, it is a lot of fun, but always gives you a nice challenge.
If you are interested, here is a bit of gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFzvuetDUcA&t=1058s

Yakuza Kiwami is the remake of Yakuza one for the Playstation and after I finished Yakuza Zero, I decided that the perfect time to play it is right after Zero. Can’t really call the genre here, but it is a lot of fun. Here some more gameplay to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO8EBZup420


I’ve read mentions about… her thighs. :catroll:

Are you calling me out :catroll:

Fr tho great review af :fgo_ereshwoah:


you’d like a 4★ Cordelia to get only her [Firesweep Lance]

Cordelia has Brave Lance, though :feh_eirikathink:

Roderick has Firesweep Lance as a summonable unit while Cynthia is a Grail source of it, so you could replace her with those two instead :feh_catria:


Thanks! I must’ve mixed her somehow but you’re right.

I just ran a check to ensure I didn’t miss anyone and only Cynthia and Roderick have the the weapon prior to Díthorba, then I reworded that part of the recommendations to match Roderick’s and Cynthia’s fodder.


Please, don’t overwork yarrself!
These reviews must be hard to create!


Believe me, they are, I still enjoy writing them, but that’s another reason why they may take long, I take pauses to avoid overexerting myself.

Thanks for the thought though!


Hey guys! I was finally able to update this review after I noticed a few issues, minor as they may have been, it’s my duty to steer clear of them and provide the best quality standard I can on my reviews.

Here’s what what was addressed:

  • Annand’s [Sturdy Impact] skill section didn’t have a count of previous users nor the base article to #gamepress linked, now it was.
  • Missing inheritance restrinctions for: [Sturdy Impact], [Axe Experience 3] (now the restrinctions were added).
  • Erinys’s [Silesse Frost] explanation chart was tweaked up a little.
  • Dagr’s [Skinfaxi] explanation chart was tweaked up a little as well, in addition to that, I had to create a new link for the album because I didn’t know ImgBB deletes albums once you clear any pictures on them, here’s the new link and it’s also on the post.
    Duration of frames has been reduced from 15s to 12s, feel free to lmk if that’s still good for you or 15s was better.
  • Missing stat charts for the following units used in comparisons: Frederick.

Btw, I’ll use the opportunity to mention the associated [Forging Bonds] for this banner ends tomorrow at 4 a.m. of Uruguay, please be sure to check you got everything done, or at least as much as you could/want.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for sticking with me as always! :)

(GIF from official Azur Lane PV — character is Murmansk)



“Imagine if this thing was ranged, it could be disgusting…”

Really though, the moment I’m done with the pre-datamine stuff for the next review, I’ll be sure to create some templates because for me it sucks a lot to miss even the smallest of details lol.
Once again, sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused, it’s fixed both in the review and on the ImgBB album.