@af1899 reviews [Feh Channel] of Apr/2020 :fehbirb:

Good day/afternoon/evening/night!.

With a [Feh Channel] — the real one now — now available, it’s time I review it.

:clock1030: Before proceeding: PST isn’t observed as of the time of this post, instead PT is being observed. Meaning that dates align with those of my country and, likely, with more of us too.

With that said let’s S L A P P onto it:

LINKS Open in a new tab Japanese version

Listing of news

Click on a timestamp to see in which part this is announced

(Resume of the announcements)
(MM:SS in the video)
30th anniversary celebration 1:16
[Limited Hero Battles] are introduced 4:45
Filter feature for «Edit Teams» screen 5:43
[Lost Lore: Spoils] 7:27
[Fortress (O)] low-tier tuning adjustment 8:23
Demotions 8:48
New Heroes for Apr/2020 announced 10:05
New feature for New Heroes banners 11:03
FEH has Facebook page (here it is) 13:15

:studio_microphone: Feh’s voice has changed, her new VA is Cassandra Lee Morris. Previous one: Kimberly Tierney

Now, I’ll do a breakdown of what we’ve got in this Feh Channel
:framed_picture: You may click/tap on the pictures to enlarge them

30th anniversary celebration

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light was the first Fire Emblem game released (at April 20th, 1990), we can see a resume about that and learn about what plans I.S. has to celebrate it in FEH, all while an old TV showcases the classes available in FE1:

Feh makes emphasis on four of these items:

[Grand Hero Battles] will make their return from 2020-04-08T07:00:00Z until 2020-05-01T06:59:59Z.
Each of these Heroes represent a game in the series (barring remakes), starting with Mystery of the Emblem, each battle will last for two days.

Reward maps — 26 orbs

Next we’ll be given maps with Normal and Hard difficulties on a daily basis that are gradually made available and dissappear a few days after.
These will start to appear on 2020-04-08T07:00:00Z, the last one will dissapear at 2020-04-23T06:59:59Z — be sure to go for these orbs! :feh_bartre:

[Fire Emblem Leads] — random free 5★ Hero

Next, we’re given the chance to get a random free 5★ Hero out of this pool:

Oh damn, did you hear what Feh said back then?.. my recommendation is to avoid red if you can unless you feel lucky and want to bet (or you have red and/or colorless stones in your sole round), it does have a big presence and a good amount of these units are at 3★/4★. I’d go for green, it has only three units and all at 5★ with a 33% to get [Distant Counter] too.
Blue make a second best choice as it has two units that also appear at 3★/4★ while the others are solely at 5★.
And even with all these units red is better than colorless which has 2 units not even at 5★
If you need a more clear view of this:

5★ ONLY 10 5 3 0
ALSO AT 3★/4★ 9 2 0 2
TOTAL 19 7 3 2

As for my priority of color, it’d be: G → B → R → C

Special Heroes

And last but not least, a heads-up of who are the new Special Heroes, available from 2020-04-20T07:00:00Z until 2020-05-19T06:59:59Z — they’re going to be younger versions of Heroes coming from the world of Akaneia:

These designs are a reference to their original arts, fashion from the early 90s:

[Limited Hero Battles]

The name may imply they’re limited on time, not only that but also — and mainly — because they’re a new kind of [Special Maps] in which you fight with restrinctions:

In this sample we can do Lyon’s map only with units from the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones game such as Eirika:

The schedule for each battle was announced (PT timezone):

We’ll get 5000× [Hero Feathers] and 220× [Divine Codes] in total from all of them:

Filter feature

Coming with the next update we’ll get a new feature for the «Edit Teams» screen:

As you can see, this feature will let us easily search the Hero(es) we want throughout our barracks, we can filter by:

  • Name (can be wrotten partially)
  • Color(s)
  • Weapon type(s)
  • Movement type(s)
  • Blessing(s)
  • Origin game(s)

The Hero(es) matching the criteria you specify will appear at the top with a pink check as shown above.

Filters are rather flexible and can be easily cleared

[Lost Lore: Spoils]

It’s basically [Lost Lore] but with minor changes.
This mode, like the original, consists of sending Heroes to scout worlds from the different Fire Emblem games and wait 4, 12 or 20 hours until they return with rewards, it’s possible to read a quick resume about what happened in the original game as well:

The differences are:

  • There’s going to be actual dialogue
  • We’ll get [Divine Codes (Ephemera 4)] used for limited time manual compilation, among other rewards the original [Lost Lore] gives
  • There’s no Strike map, meaning you don’t send 4 units at the same time to “fight” an army initially unidentified

It starts at 2020-04-27T07:00:00Z

[Fortress (O)] low-tier tuning adjustment

This is a change that’ll affect players in Tier 17 and below in [Aether Raids] — this’ll expand the “duration” of the boosts given to the [Fortress (O)] based on the player’s tier, the higher that boost the more stats your units can potentially get when attacking another player’s map:


It’s a fan term used to refer to units that were on higher rarities and are taken to the lower ones, in this case the following units that were available at 5★/4★ will no longer “pitybreak” you (break your summon rate) and appear at 3★/4★ rarities:

Altena hasn’t demoted sadly, she’s still obtainable as a 4★ or 5★ unit in the blue pool

New Heroes announced

The New Heroes were also announced, they come from the Revelation route of Fire Emblem Fates which allows players to recruit characters from both Hoshido and Nohr:

To note that Forrest will also be the instant demote of this new batch, meaning that once the banner is over he — yes, he — will be available at 3★/4★.
Also, his stats and base kit at 5★ and Lv.40 were revealed:
Uh-oh, that’s… getting the short end of the stick isn’t it?

But at least he’ll be more accessable so that’s good


  • Rinkah seems to have a form of [Distant Counter] as an enemy red archer is initiating on her and she can counter them
    • Because she's show to have [Bonfire] with a cooldown of 2 it's implied she'll come with her eponymous club which has a base 15% critical rate, and because that's the sprite of the weapon she's holding
    • Said weapon is unlikely to include a [Distant Counter] effect as it has range 1
  • Midori is on a similar state, since she's a red **archer** she comes with a form of [Close Counter] and what seems to be a personal bow, we see her countering an axe enemy unit that initiates on her
  • Forrest is summonable as a 5★/4★ unit, his stats and kit were revealed above
  • There's NO release data but it's expected a separate video will give us further info about the whole banner, including GHB unit

So, the list of new units

Rinkah Axe 5★ FANDOM | FE Wiki
Lilith Blue Dragonstone 5★ FANDOM | FE Wiki
Midori Red Bow 5★ FANDOM | FE Wiki
Forrest Staff 3★/4★
(After banner is over)

Summoning feature for New Heroes banners

Starting with the upcoming New Heroes banner and subsequent ones of this nature a new feature will be present which consists on allowing you to pick one of the focus units for free after pulling on their banner for the 40th time, a counter will appear below banners with this feature to tell you how far you are to claim the free Hero of your choice:

Yes, free summons count too so you’d have to do 35 summons with orbs before reaching 40 if you use all of the free summons:

This’ll appear once you hit 40 summons, tap it:

As shown here you see the New Heroes that were revealed above being available for choice:

After choosing it you can exit or watch some of their animations:


About the orbs cost

To reach the 40 summons required to claim your free summons I’ve prepared this chart.
Provided you summon full rounds:

(Orb cost indicated below stone number)

1 2 3 4 5
1 -- 4 4 4 3
2 --* 4 4 4 3
3 --* 4 4 4 3
4 --* 4 4 4 3
5 --* 4 4 4 3
6 5 4 4 4 3
7 5 4 4 4 3
8 5 4 4 4 3

That’d total the cost to 135 which is the minimum required to spend, the maximum would account only yolo pulls (summoning only on a stone per round) all the way to 40 with only one free summon which is the initial one (leaving 39 yolo pulls to do each costing 5 orbs), with that we obtain the maximum which is 195 (if you use tickets it’ll be 175).
As for New Heroes banners associated to a [Tempest Trials+], the minimum would be 155 since [First Summon Tickets] aren’t available on these, the maximum stands at 195 though.

My recommendation is to either come with a big stash to merge up your favourite unit of the batch or have at least another liked focus unit, that’d help minimize the cost of orbs in the long run.
A combo of the two would lead to better results as you’re using more stones with the resolve to merge your favourite character as much as you can while being perfectly fine to get the other focus unit(s)

So, minimum and maximum orb cost in a table

Minimum with all [First Summon Tickets] used
(You summon full rounds all the way to 40 pulls)
Minimum with no [First Summon Tickets] used/available
(This'd mainly apply with New Heroes banners linked to a [Tempest Trials+])
(The most amount of orbs you'd have to spend to reach 40 pulls)

What I think of this Feh Channel?

That it was great, look at the stream of good news, we’re given more challenges, rewards and tweaks that really can be of help — honor mention to the addition of the feature I last explained about summons, it might promote summon temptations but it does help those that plan to summon.
We also get a banner with a random free 5★ Hero and lots of rewards coming our way as April passes.

And Feh’s new VA gives her a “new life,” it just takes to hear it and see how relaxing and clear it is without going in the screechy range the previous VA would go at times (though I’m one of those that didn’t dislike it but miss how iconic that was).
As you know the new VA happens to be Cassandra Lee Morris, she also voiced Sothis, Clarisse and Julia — just dropping a random quote:

But well… back on tracks, the channel has been truly good — better than a certain one with QoLs behind a paywall right?.

The bad of this channel? Consider these nitpicks but…

  • Demotes: adding Altena would have been great and there was a free spot in the video’s layout too right?
  • Balance of colors in the [Fire Emblem Leads] banner: it’s the random free 5★ banner we have, it’s unfair how red is all over the place even on here, balancing the colors a bit more while just offering 5★ only units and not pre-promoted ones as well would favor us all in a way — just think of someone that wanted, for example, a Deirdre, but had only colorless stones and they get Sothe

Again these are my nitpicks — things I’d rectify in the future — but despite that it was a great channel, likely the best we’ve got in a while and with the blessed voice of Cassandra Lee Morris too.
And of course the rewards are highly appreciated as always.

I rate it: 9/10

Previous [Feh Channel]

LINKS Open in a new tab Japanese version

We also had this one the past March 30th, 2020 entirely in 8-Bit as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series. Just having announced maps awarding retro accessories:

  • Accessories marked in green: obtained as log-in bonuses
  • Accessories marked in orange: obtained from [Special Maps] → [Retrospective]

  • Availability: 2020-04-01T07:00:00Z2020-04-14T06:59:59Z

Also, after these were announced, several main characters were described a little, some of them with a comic relief included too:

Well, as a result she’s… .

Not much that can be said compared to the one I’m reviewing but it’s a 10/10, it was an entire reference to the first Fire Emblem game and not the full batch of news too, being more of a channel to enjoy until every pixel and melody

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:envelope_with_arrow: Third feedback round
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The End

Thank you as always for reading my reviews and showing your support! It helps me keep going and with your input we can work towards better reviews in the future.
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Now to prepare the stuff for the New and Special Heroes’ reviews


Didn’t everyone saw the FEH channel?
Like why make a review of it that provides no new information?


They did, but I still feel like making one that gives a further breakdown of the news, what I think and even share some insight such as the min/max cost of orbs to get to the 40 pulls.
It’s also an alternative to those who don’t want to watch the video too



I was actually going to do the orb calcs for the new summoning system, but u already beat me to it so never mind I guess :feh_legion:

Once again, review is very organised, simple and sweet, like what u always do. I mean why watch a 14 minute vid when I can look at ur review for like 6 minutes :feh_legion: SPEEEED


It did generally seem that this Feh channel was positive to most people which is always good!

They definitely needed to balance things out (insert Thanos meme here), since of the Feh Pass last time. And I didn’t mind the Feh Pass but I know that it upset many.

But the Feh channel was good all around! Good review once again!

Now I eagerly await the review of the new heroes! :feh_nino:


I’m going to summon for lilith (rinkah will be a secondary option) :feh_catria:


The comment didn’t age well it seems :catroll:.
Good luck if you’re going for it in the end then!


I’m weak :fgo_ereshdistress:
Also @Thehalohedgehog since you’re merging ech and rinkah just came which one are you going to keep in your main team (if you have one) :feh_maethink:


That’s alright, it used to happen a lot to me too

Lately I’ve been showing more self-control with the latest [Double Special Heroes] banner being the latest of my bad spending decisions

He’ll likely share with us a more accurate answer once we have her stats, for now not even the video has been released but the review template is already ready with some data populated in the blank spots


I had self control for a while but not knowing when vika will show up especially since she isn’t popular and seeing new units show up makes it hard to save :fgo_ereshdistress:


Relatable, the Spring version of Idoun was an unexpected surprise but I’m glad I had a good amount of orbs for her banner.

You’ll never know when Vika will surprise you (what I mean is that she can appear anytime) which is why I recommend to save, or at least have a minimum of orbs, like… 200? :thinking:


I’ll find a use for both. But I don’t really have a main team anyways. I’ve got 2 for each movement type, 2 mixed, a beast and a couple other teams.


2 af reviews so close together :feh_flaynsmile:

Anyways thanks you must have been putting in a lot of work recently.

Thanks for the chart about those free character picks.

Here’s my thoughts on the FEH channel I’ll post it here because why not.

30th anniversary GHB and stuff are nice. Free orbs too. Pretty stock standard but we take those. The limited heroes battles are very nice and will likely take some tactics too with dancers being banned.

Filter edit is… ok I guess??? Ditto for lost lore
Fort changed are nice for lower tier AR which is a much needed improvement.

No more terrible Python pitybreaks :feh_flaynsmile: yay

Don’t really have an opinion on the new heroes banner. But I’m happy for the fans who got who they wanted.

THE 40 SUMMONS IS SO GOOD. I’m glad it came before Marianne’s debut. It also means summoning for fodder is so much easier now.

AND MARTH AND CAEDA AAAAAAAAA they’re sooooo kyoot.

The bios for them are… a work in progress. I’ll try to get some work in today.

And the new VA… she’s so good. We got old screeching birb replaced with L!Julia VA??? We really take those

Really really good FEH channel imo, probably the best I’ve ever seen. A few things such as fort tuning and the new summoning feature are definitely steps in the right direction. We’ll have to see if feh keeps going more towards this and if it does that’ll be great.

Aaaaa Veggie I’m trying my hardest to stay on topic here so I’ll keep it short.

But Davie504 gang ftw.

now I just gotta find another 2set watcher


Thanks! They really came pretty close, the most fun I’ve had in a while :feh_obotank:.

Yes, this [Feh Channel] was truly good, I sure like it.
I’m waiting for Caeda’s and Marth’s bios but they don’t have to come that quickly since we need to wait two weeks actually :catroll: but it’s highly appreciated nonethless

I do too, very noice

Let’s S L A P P onto it :guitar: and ask @hiphiparray to add a :b:ASS emoticon (that’s a guitar :feh_almbruh:)


Yeah. Too bad he’s MIA atm and the emoji thread has been abandoned…

:4stringedguitar: jk that’s sacrilegious

The Davie gang is growing :feh_flaynsmile:

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Also af: … ExTrEmElY fOrBiDdEn


oh no the FBI will find me and arrest me for saying these things

Davie told me that all instruments should be slapped. Especially if they have 4 strings.

Me as a violin player: as you command sire

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“The duality of man.”

But well, as of today I’m alright with a “little” derail for as long as the involved users are interested on my work, it puts me at unease when uninterested users come to chill :feh_hecstare:.

What’s forbidden is the guitar though :catroll:

Really? He doesn’t like guitars though :feh_bigbeauty:


2 reviews back to back from AF in a week! Possibly 3 when the Revelations banner comes. :feh_sothishook:

Your dedication is great regardless!

This FEH channel feels like an actual anniversary and the positive updates left me feeling good about the game.

But I’m still rather cynical that the devs added these features as one time damage control (from FEH Pass and other decisions) rather than them trying to improve the game. I can only hope I’m wrong and that they’ll steadily improve the game’s quality.

Thanks for the review and I’ll look forward to the next one!